A New Chinese Destroyer is launching missiles. China now has a full arsenal of Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers.


President Trump’s taking a hard-line position on China was one of the focal points in his campaign for the Presidency. Rally after rally, town hall after town hall and interview after interview, he referred to China in less than flattering terms. Trump knew America needed jobs, and he knew the American people were tired of going to WalMart only to find that some 85% (approximation) of the goods sold at the retail giant’s stores are “Made in China.” In fact, one of then-candidate Trump’s economic advisers Stephen Moore in an interview about China stated; “Screw China,” he didn’t care what they thought.

It is no secret that China has lured hundreds of America’s top corporations away from our shores over the past 20-30 years. Below is a short list of just a few of these companies. For a more in-depth list, check this link out

One of Trump’s more devastating attacks against China, came last year at the Republican National Convention. In that speech, he promised a 45% tariff on all goods being brought back from China. These were mostly attacks on China for their currency manipulation and trade practices. He did stay away from the human rights abuses, Taiwan, and other hot-button issues.

Here is my issue with all of this tough-talking rhetoric against North Korea and China. Let’s break this down for a moment and analyze each piece to this puzzle.

  1. As a candidate (it is one thing to be a candidate and quite another to be the sitting President) Trump could get away with saying some rather inflammatory rhetoric to rev up the voters. That’s fine, no problem there. However, after you’re sworn in, the game changes and you’re now the leader of the free-world. At this point in time, one must be careful what you say and ‘how you say it.’ IE; “If those islands are, in fact, in international waters and not part of China proper, yeah, we’ll make sure we defend international interests from being taken over by one country,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer confirmed this week
  2. One of the very appealing aspects to having Donald Trump as Commander and Chief of the United States was his ‘John Wayne Tough-Guy’ style. There is zero doubt that this approach attracted millions of voters to the real-estate mogul’s camp during the campaign. In fact, I am one myself that was tired of wimpy leaders, and I wanted the Duke in the Oval Office. Again, we must say “however.” When dealing with a 4,000-year-old civilization, we have to know their culture, know their language, the nuances, meanings, etc. to properly know what and how we can communicate with them. So far, what we have said has been met with some very troubling responses such as the Chinese Military is now warning China’s residents that war with America is nearly inevitable.

    American made Bradley Fighting Vehicles being shipped to South Korea.


Currently sitting on the South Korea/North Korean border are approximately 25,000 American troops. North Korea has a standing army of something well over 1,000,000 men ready at any given moment to invade South Korea. As we all know, China is the only thing stopping North Korea from wreaking havoc in the region. North Korean crazy-man Kim Jong Un will only listen to China, and that is a well-known fact.  

At present, President Trump has and is strong-arming many corporations to come home. By doing this, he costs China thousands and tens of thousands of jobs. Personally speaking, I don’t have a problem with this and think it is good. These companies should come home. But publically flogging China while doing this is nothing more than rubbing salt in the wounds. If you’re defeating an opponent, it is not smart to humiliate that foe on top of crushing them. All you accomplish by doing this is embolden that enemy and cause to give them more reason to fight back that much harder.

As the White House keeps blasting China, what happens if this scenario happens. Yes, I’m speculating here, but this is actually the most likely event to happen if China decides to pull the trigger and fight back. Remember this; China is a very proud nation with thousands of years of history, and at some levels, they are a very arrogant people.

The Chinese President picks up the phone and green-lights Little Kim to march South. The same could also happen with Taiwan, and the Chinese government could simply say, “it’s time to put down the rebellion and bring them back home to the fold.” At this point, what is the United States going to do? If North Korea marches into South Korea, we will lose 25,000 American soldiers almost instantly.

The Chinese currently have one of the top front line fighters in the world with the new J-20.

Keep in mind that for the past 20-30 years, China has had an enormous amount of cash. They have spent a ton of money on the latest military hardware. They have the ability to tell young Kim; “no problem Kim, we have your back, go have some fun down South.” Is the United States truly prepared for a proxy war with China? Keep this mind; China has a new fighter jet that is 2-generations ahead of our F-22, F-16, F-15 and our F-35 isn’t combat ready yet. China has thermo-nuclear weapons, tens of thousands of tanks, aircraft carriers and millions of troops they can send in to fight America. At the very least, this war today would be nothing less than a massive bloodbath.  

It would seem to me that nobody in our government would want this. It would also seem to me that our officials would be doing everything to prevent something this horrific from happening.

I honestly do not believe that I have painted a bizarre, conspiracy laced theory in the above scenario. The fact is, China is proud, our government has been insulting them on a global stage, we are stripping untold amounts of jobs (thusly hurting their economy), and we have challenged them regarding some of their military decisions.

I am not in anyway saying “bow down, acquiesce, appear weak” or anything close to that with China. I am merely saying that China must be handled with diplomacy rather than threatening or challenging them militarily. China is not a nation to be trifled with. They are now one of the big dogs on the block, and we need to respect that.

The history of the Tea Party along with “how” the rebels will be making the Tea Party the most powerful political power brokers in America in the coming years.


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