Since Donald J. Trump was sworn in as President on January 20, 2017, the howls from the Democrats, Leftist, Communist, Socialist, and Anarchist has been deafening. Never in modern American history has there been such a widespread visceral reaction to a Presidential election as there is with the election and inauguration of Donald Trump.

Few people elicit either total love or total hate feelings, but Trump is one of those people. Whether it is due to fame and fortune before his entering the political sphere or whether it is due to his faux pas on the campaign trail, the strong feelings for this man or real and palpable. 

One of the major problems in America that’s being reflected today is, we have raised a generation of inherently weak people. The generation we call ‘Millennials‘ is a generation that grew up with cable television, I-Pods, remote control, microwave t.v. dinners and many other amenities that are normality for them and were luxuries for the older generations. This is a generation that learned early on; words don’t necessarily have to have definitions. They are defined by what “you think they mean, rather than the actual meaning” (IE; What “IS” means or sex, does oral sex actually constitute real sex).

The sad truth is, millennials don’t have a moral barometer, they don’t have internal character because it was never formed or taught. Our (meaning the older generation) tried to make life easier for these spoiled cry babies who grew up ‘stomping their feet’ to get what they wanted and we stupidly gave it to them. 

What began as a march against free speech (Milo Yiannopoulos) turned violent at Berkeley, California.

Donald Trump is from the older generation. He is 70-years old and was raised in an era where you work for what you get. If you fall, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back in the saddle. This President was raised where a handshake meant something, your word was your bond, and you were given nothing except an opportunity to make it. Donald Trump was raised to honor the flag, stand for the National Anthem, and he was taught about the prices paid by our ‘Founding Fathers’. In other words, he is tough, and his character has been tempered by fire, failure, success, hard work, and tenacity. The children of the millennials have none of the above.

(Please don’t give me the garbage about Mr. Trump giving Donald a $1 million dollars. We all know it, and it was a loan to get him started. The fact is, Donald Trump went to college, then graduated from the prestigious Wharton School of Business. He paid back his starting loan with interest and grew his empire from there. There are plenty of cases around this nation where wealthy fathers have “helped” their children get started, but it was up to the kids to make it work and grow it into something successful.)

What’s happening in America today is; millions of spoiled millennials are spoon fed news from liberal news outlets, movie stars, recording artist, talk show host and bogus liberal websites like the “Daily Kos.” On top of this, these same spoiled rotten juvenile delinquents are being egged on by organizations owned and operated by multi-billionaires (IE; George Soros) to create chaos in an effort to overthrow our government or at least throw it into disarray.

I want to stop here for a moment and offer a heartfelt “You told me so” to radio host and activist Alex Jones from! For years I have given Mr. Jones a hard time about being a grenade thrower, fear mongering and sensationalism. Please watch this video that Alex put out the other day. In it, Alex launches into a couple of tirades with a few profanity laced moments, but he explains what is actually happening in our nation today. I want to tip my hat to Mr. Jones, I am now a believer that much more powerful forces are at work in this nation, and their goal is without question the takeover of our country. How do you get millions of people with the same message in dozens of different cities to show up at the same time and riot? To accomplish this, you must have a vast network and boatloads of cash. Enter George Soros!

Disclaimer; I have not personally verified some of this, but I do know the Tweets from celebrities such as Sarah Silverman are accurate.

Sarah should be getting a visit from the Secret Service for this. This is criminal and I want to know why something hasn’t been done.

It is incomprehensible to me that celebrities such as Madonna, Silverman, Michael Moore and so many more are allowed to go out and call for the death of the President, blowing up the White House or a Coup de Ta against our government. Where is the punishment for such activity? It is one thing to stand in front of the White House, hold up your sign and scream your dislike for something. It is quite another to be someone of influence with millions of followers and call for the overthrow of the government or worse yet, “dream of blowing up the White House” and nothing happen to you for doing so. At the very least, Madonna should have been handcuffed on national television, hauled in for questioning, tossed in front of a judge and ordered to pay a hefty fine. That should have been the least that happened to her for what she did. 

Then we have United States Congressmen and women praising the destruction of private property at Berkeley? Yes, yes, they have! 

My fellow Americans; President Donald J. Trump is our duly and fairly elected President of this nation. He might not be perfect in your eyes, but he was in the eyes of tens of millions of voters. Our country was founded on principles, laws, and a Constitution that has withstood the test of time for over 240 years that millions upon millions of brave Americans have fought and died to protect and preserve this Republic for you to live in.

It is time we put partisan ideology aside and restore our nation. If you want to protest, fine, but do so in an orderly and respectful manner. Hold your sign up, yell at the top of your lungs, but do so in a legal manner. When you start calling for the overthrow of our government, you’re in effect calling for the destruction of this nation. It is at that moment when in my eyes, you’re no longer an American. You have just become an enemy of the state.

Know this my little snowflake millennial protesting rioter, there are millions upon millions of Bible hugging, gun toting American patriots who will make your life miserable if you keep this up. We love this nation, we support our President and we will fight to preserve all the above. Keep this up, and you will end up having a very bad day.

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