Michael Moore is at it again. Only this time he did fail in his efforts to shut down Donald Trump’s Inauguration as he had promised he would do. What the rotund activist did do was to get over 200 of his fanatical arrested on Friday in Washington, D.C. As the sun was setting on Friday, and the parade was cranking up, across town, the activist were gearing up for a big day on Saturday. 

Over the past two days, the new President has repeatedly thanked “We The People” for his success, and I truly believe that he knows that it is the Tea Party and Grassroots activism that sent him packing his bags for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The President is fully aware of what the Conservatives concerns were in this election and even made a point to mention it in his inaugural address on several occasions. His principle theme of his address was “Returning power back to the People, ” and he would ensure that this is done in his tenure as President. The other primary theme of his 1400 word address was “America First, ” and this is where the rub comes in for “who is backing and why” these hundreds of protest are happening.  

Women March on Washington yesterday had an estimated 500,000 attendees. Oscar-winning actress Scarlett Johansson and multi-Grammy winning singer Madonna both addressed the overflowing crowd. Actress Ashley Judd and many other high profile women showed up to throw plenty of red-meat at this near violent crowd who for some unbeknownst reason despises our President.  

Washington was not the only ground-zero site for women to voice their fears, frustrations, and anger yesterday. Chicago’s Women’s March ended up having to be canceled partially of the way through it because the turnout was so high, the Police Department and city became fearful.

The Women’s Marches were not just local to the United States; these marches were scheduled to be global in over 57 other nations. The irony here is; apparently these marches were not “just directed toward Donald Trump.” One of the organizers claims for having these global protest for women is;  “Nationalist, racist and misogynistic trends are growing worldwide and threaten the most marginalized groups in our societies including women, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, the LGBTQIA community, and people with disabilities,” states the Facebook page for the march in Copenhagen, Denmark. “The violence of the global capitalist system only upholds and strengthens these dangerous trends.”

What we have here are women marching globally for “injustice” (as they see it). They seem to feel the world is against ‘gays, women, Muslims, immigrants, and the little guy.’ They feel as though capitalism and “if you’re American (Republicans) Oh, by the way, we hate Trump also” have taken over. This is the closest thing I can glean from these protest as to what they might actually be about. In other words, I am not sure they even know why they are marching, and if they do, then their messaging is horrific, and they need to hire new and improved public relations firms because I am literally lost about what this thing is supposed to be about. 

This now begs the question, so “who can organize” protest in 57 different nations and a hundred cities across America? Who has the power, connections, and ability to get liberal grassroots activist motivated and organized enough to pull something like this off? Who can bring in Oscar-winning actresses, Grammy-winning international superstar singers, political figures (such as Elizabeth Warren) to give speeches and bring hundreds of thousands of angry people literally together to shut down cities? Then you have to ask yourself “WHY.” Why does someone or a bunch of someone’s want to do this? If you research who is sponsoring these protest, you can trace nearly all of them back to Soros as he owns hundreds of non-profit activist groups.  

Reuters News Service of course immediately pounced on the protest as being “all Trump motivated” and even listed why millions turned out to protest. 

I believe that if we return to Donald Trump’s original campaign themes, then revisit his Inaugural Address; we can do a little deductive reasoning to figure out why this sudden vitriol and hatred toward President Donald J. Trump.

  1. Trump campaigned on an American First theme. Retool our trade agreements, force international corporations to return to America, thusly bringing jobs back to our shores. Take Ford Motor Corporation (no, I’m not picking on Ford, just an example) for instance. Ford picks up a frame, inserts an engine and puts a body on it. Ships it to Mexico for $500 to complete the vehicle. They can also build the entire vehicle in Mexico, where they pay $3.00 an hour in labor cost versus some $30-50 an hour to a UAW worker here. 
  2. Trump is now threatening to “undo” all of Barack Obama’s hard work that he spent 8-years trying to accomplish. That being the collapse of the United States dollar. If this happens, then George Soros and his World Bank don’t get to pick up the pieces and don’t earn trillions of dollars off the mega-collapse.
  3. Europe doesn’t get to ship hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees to our borders now. Mexico doesn’t get to keep sending millions of illegal immigrants north for winter, summer, spring, and fall. 
  4. Both Brexit (England’s economy is exploding) and the United States have both taken up a “First” status for our nations, and this has the globalist very upset. 
  5. America is now threatening to rebuild our military and once again assume the mantle of the earth’s only real superpower.
  6. Trump has officially incurred the wrath of most of the major corporations by his strong-arming them into returning home and rehiring tens of thousands of American employees. Apple, for instance, had zero intentions of doing this but has subsequently announced they too will bring thousands of jobs back. Keep in mind that Apple is world’s richest corporation with a value now exceeding $1 Trillion dollars. Exxon is now number two at $950 Billion. Combine these with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Chrysler, General Motors and the blood letting for major companies has only just begun.
  7. When Trump does rebuild our economy, and he is about to start on Monday morning, our dollar becomes stronger, our GDP increases, our strength as a nation increases and George Soros’s dreams of world dominance decreases along with his minions and cronies.

These are but just a few of the reasons why the left (communism, Soros, etc.) are so upset. Their decades of manipulation is being destroyed before their eyes, and they are not happy. In the end, “We The People” did win, not just in America, but merry old England as well. The tide is spreading, and the radicals are panicked. Their visions of grandeur are turning to dust, and the peasants are prevailing. We have taken our pitchforks and torches, stormed the castle and we have prevailed.

Make no mistake about it, these women are fussing because they’re fearful. They’re fearful because of some statements that Mr. Trump made and he alone is going to have to make it right with his Presidency and he will. One of Ivanka Trump’s major roles is going to be setting up a national daycare project to aid women in the care for their children while they work. With 50% of our homes having single women with children, this is something that desperately needs to be done. In your larger cities, it can cost $200 a week per child to have them in daycare while the mother works. With two children, you can see, there is no way for her to earn a living unless she is a highly paid executive. This one action by the White House should go a long way toward mending fences.  

We the People” must continue to support President Trump. He will be battling Congress for much of his agenda, and we will have to make our presence known to these House and Senate members that we support our President, and they had better also, lest they face the same fate Hillary did.  

Crows Nest will keep you apprised of when phone calls and email are needed. When the call goes out, make that call or send that email. We have to let the President know, we still have his back and are supportive. We are not blind if the President is about to do something that goes against “our agenda” he will be informed of that as well.  

I wonder if these anarchists are still going to be protesting when the good jobs are returning and civility is returned to our streets?