When President John Kennedy was about to enter the Oval Office, it is widely known that the wise old President Eisenhower took him aside and warned him. Ike told the young President-elect about “who” some of his enemies would be because of Kennedy’s widely publicized positions on certain issues. 

Today we know that some of the lists included “the Costa Nostra” (aka; the Mafia), The Defense Contractors, and many others. President Kennedy’s assassination is still widely disputed (and the public may never know), but many believe that it was one or several of JFK’s many enemies who had him murdered.

Kennedy had a long list of enemies when he entered the White House also.

The difference today versus when Kennedy was taking office is, Mr. Trump’s are extremely vocal about their open disdain for this new President. There should be another concern for the newly elected President as well, many of these are tremendously wealthy. Back when Kennedy was President, the Defense Establishment were rich and powerful. Today we have gentlemen who can purchase Defense Contractors out of a petty cash account.

One of Trump’s major campaign promises was to bring jobs back to America from overseas. This is probably the principal issue that got him elected if the truth be known of what was going through the voter’s mind when they voted. Consider now “WHO” this might affect. Trump has already alienated and publically embarrassed the Italian Auto Maker Fiat (who owns Chrysler Corporation), Ford Motor Company, General Motors, as well as several other large corporations. He doesn’t just call them up and visit with them on the phone as most would, he calls them out on Twitter so the universe can begin ridiculing them in addition to the media and the rest of the world.  

The Koch Brothers donated heavily to Trump’s primary adversaries. David Koch and his brother collectively are worth over $100 BILLION dollars. They have interest globally that makes Trump’s Hotel’s and Golf Resorts look like child’s play. How many billions is it going to cost the Koch’s when they are forced to begin bringing jobs back stateside? How about Warren Buffett? Buffett over the years has relocated tens of thousands of jobs and many clothing manufacturers to South Korea and dozens of other Asian nations. Again, how many millions and billions is he going to have to shell out when President implements his 35% import tax on goods returning to our nation?   

Think about the retailers now. WallMart has over 70% of their merchandise imported from China alone. What is this new trade war going to do to WallMart? Does anyone think for a minute that the Walton siblings are going to be pleased with Trump’s trade policies?

This is no normal Boeing 747. They have many upgrades from the normal, not to mention the ability to run a war if necessary.

Probably the worst case of shaming came tumbling down on Boeing Aircraft Corporation. Boeing had signed agreements with the government for the production of one or two (we get mixed reports) 747’s which are used as Presidential aircraft. The price tag was $4-billion. The newly elected POTUS again doesn’t phone up Boeing, he takes to Twitter and “CANCELS” the order after the aircraft had been largely completed!   

Due to the novelty of such action and Trump’s popularity with such novelty, this struck a chord with the public, and they loved it. The point being, though, “Boeing HAD A CONTRACT“!  In my opinion, he should have fulfilled his contract, but let Boeing know that in the future, we might just purchase our planes from Airbus if they are going to be this expensive. I don’t know, but the point is, it is the President’s job to help America save money, get the best bang for our buck, but not at the expense of breaking contracts which have been signed. Boeing was doing their job and fulfilling their end of the deal. Then, of course, there is Lockheed Martin and the joint strike fighter deal with the F-35. Trump did almost the exact same thing with that deal. I am not saying that the President is wrong for wanting to save America money. This is a good thing. What I am saying is, the way he is going about it and the way he publically shames these long-standing and proud corporations, does leave a bit to be desired in his tactfulness.  

He has angered Mexico and now has a year-long feud going with the President of that nation over “who is going to pay for a wall.” He has alienated ISIS (which is good but can be dangerous), he has alienated several more Middle East nations with his threats of cutting them off permanently, then wanting them to stroke checks to America for their defense. Again, I like it that he is doing this, I am merely saying, this can be and is dangerous regarding his safety. These jerks don’t seem to follow international protocol; they just put a contract out on you, and now you have millions of idiots trying to kill you. 

This is a short list of the media outlets that hate Donald Trump.

Take all of the above and now add it to his enemies list in the press. Never in the history of mankind has this number of media folks disliked one man so deeply. At the top of the pile is CNN. Then we have ABC, CBS, NBC, Politico (where every reporter there hates him), The New York Times (the same outcome, everyone despises him), The Washington Post, LA Times, and I’m pretty sure even the Waco Tribune-Herald hates him too. Every pundit on every network can find nothing nice to say to or about this poor guy.

Lastly; We haven’t even brought out the enemies list amongst various groups. Trump has “Code-Pink, Black Lives Matter, The Black Panthers, The entire Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton, a Host of Democrat Operatives and now according to some reports the CIA and FBI.” As I said the other day in another article, one would think that Mr. Trump might feel a bit like General Custer at Little Big Horn. I have a hunch, though. I think that as the swamp begins draining and the American people rally behind this guy, we might find that his popularity goes down in history as being one of if not the most popular President in American history.

You do have to admit, that his list of enemies is quite impressive. And to think, he has not even been sworn it yet.

The history of the Tea Party along with “how” the rebels will be making the Tea Party the most powerful political power brokers in America in the coming years.


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