Over the past six-plus years, any Republican who campaigned for anything above dogcatcher did so on a mantra of “Repeal and Replace.” 

There is little dispute that our nation despises this vast government overreach (known as Obamacare) into our private lives. Our relationships with our personal physicians whom we visited because we trusted them, we knew them, and they knew us. We had relationships with our insurance companies and agents, and we had trust that we had developed over the years. In one signature, that all changed some six years ago.

The principle excuse for this monstrosity by then-Speaker Pelosi and President Obama was, the cost of insurance is too high, and too many people cannot get insurance because they are deemed uninsurable. We heard tales of woe about victims losing their homes, being forced into bankruptcy and losing their coverage because of illness. Be it known, I have zero doubt that some of this, in fact, happened. I have no doubt that Aetna canceled coverage once they found out that a patient had cancer. I have no doubt that some citizens lost their homes because of extreme medical bills. And I know for a fact, that some folks could not obtain insurance because they have diabetes or any number of other previous illnesses. 

I also would like it to be known that “EVERY” citizen should have the ability to obtain medical coverage that is both affordable and available. While I am a conservative, I do believe that we do live in the greatest nation on planet earth and I do believe that no citizen should have to suffer with illness needlessly because they haven’t the ability to obtain medical coverage. Other than starvation, health coverage is my other pet peeve. I see no reason why everyone (income, wealth, etc. should not matter) should not have food to eat and the ability to see a physician. 

It is now without question that Obamacare (aka; The Affordable Care Act) is the biggest legislative boondoggle in our history. It has driven the cost of insurance to the point of virtual unaffordability for many. It has caused tens of thousands of companies to cut workers hours from full-time to part-time in order to avoid having to provide coverage for employees. The cost of this insurance would have bankrupted many companies; they simply had no choice. Obamacare did not stop there; the new Affordable Care Act has a very negative effect on the Medical Profession itself by putting many doctors and clinics out of business. 

After billions wasted on a website that still to this day has issues, lost jobs, lost doctors, lost coverage for millions, and one of the primary reasons Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, America is about to repeal this horrific piece of legislation. 

As we enter a new phase of conversation about “Where do we go from here”, we must consider keeping parts of the law on the books or the remedy should address some these issues. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky claims to have the solution and the new President has been reported that he likes it. Knowing Paul’s right-leanings, and penchant for “let the free markets solve the problem“, I am not so sure that he does have the solution. 

This is Crows Nest recommendation; If you agree as I do that this is a very viable solution to the problem of our nation’s healthcare, then I request that you take a few moments and pass this along to your Congressional Representative and Senator

  1. Open up Medicare for everyone. (qualifications)  A. To qualify for Medicare, you must present two letters stating that you’re uninsurable through normal insurance coverage.  B. You meet income thresholds. This means that you do not earn enough to otherwise purchase your own coverage for yourself and your family.  C. Your employer doesn’t have any type of coverage available. 
  2. EVERYONE PAY’S!   A. Even if your qualifying because of income, you will still pay based upon your income. You might only pay the minimum of $20 monthly, but you will stay pay into the system. If you’re earning six figures a year, then for yourself and your family, you might pay $600 a month in premiums, but you are still contributing to the system. 

We can open up Medicare’s parts; A, B, and D as long as the new participant pay’s a premium based upon a sliding scale that is income driven to determine the monthly premium. 

This makes total sense as Doctor’s, Hospitals, Pharma and everyone knows how to work the Medicare system. Will millions of people now paying into the system, it is not costing the taxpayer any money (theoretically) and if does, it would extremely minimal. The catch would be, if you’re working for Ford Motor Company and you’re 43 years old, then you do not qualify unless you’re falling into the category of uninsurable because you had prostate cancer 3 years ago. If that is the case, then you apply, they reject you and you take your letters down to the Social Security Office and get signed up for Medicare and the premiums are deducted from your checking account monthly. 

All of the new IRS Agents now on the government payroll can be used to administer this program and collect the premiums for the insurance coverage. 

As for lowering the cost of healthcare coverage. This is simple as well. OPEN UP SALES ACROSS STATE LINES FOR EVERYONE! If Blue-Cross/Blue-Shield of New York wants to sell into Montana, fine, let them. The free market system will take care of the rising cost of premiums. In fact, I would bet we would see premium’s slashed dramatically in very short order. When you have 100 Insurance Companies trying to garner business in Nebraska, we will see reductions. 

I am not claiming perfection here, but this is a great place to start without dismantling our entire system. It provides coverage to those that cannot afford it and those that were originally deemed uninsurable. It is fair, it will cost the government little if anything and it solves the problems we faced in the beginning. 

YOUR THOUGHTS AMERICA? Again; if you like this, please send it along to your House and Senate member. They might just get a light bulb go off and say, “what if”!

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