He has already caused major auto manufacturers to alter plans to build billion-dollar factories in foreign nations entirely. He has caused major corporations to retool, rethink and reschedule relocation plans. He has caused defense contractors and suppliers to change pricing after bids were accepted and agreed upon and he hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet. He is President-Elect Donald J. Trump of New York City, and he has a Twitter account.  

Lest you think for a moment that CEO’s across America are not cursing Twitter today, we should probably think again. I would wager that more than one has had the thought cross their minds to purchase Twitter and shut it down, simply because of the “Trump Twitter Effect.”

Twitter seems to be the perfect outlet for the POTUS-Elect/Business Mogul. It is short, sweet, and to the point in 140 characters or less. He can punch out a tweet to his tens of millions of followers in a matter of a minute, or two and that message has an echo effect of a hundred million Americans in a fraction of the time it would take to send out messaging in any other fashion. IE; Trump’s message regarding the F-35 and it’s enormous cost overruns. 

This Tweet was put out and in a very short time already had 11,591 “ReTweets.” I can tell you that I, did retweet this Donald Trump original Tweet. I have some 19,000 followers. I can tell you that his son Don Jr. more than likely retweeted this Tweet, he has a million plus followers. So what does this mean? Between my retweet, Don Jr.’s retweet and the 11,590 other retweets, this one tweet went global to an astronomical amount of I-Phones and computers along with I-Pads and other forms of electronic communication. In other words, hundreds of millions read this tweet.

Now put yourself in the shoes of Lockheed Martin. This tweet was put out at 4:26 PM Eastern-Time. I can all but assure you, by 5:00 PM EST, Lockheed was having an emergency board meeting to discuss “how to deal with this major issue that just presented itself.” These guys within minutes had the Skype cranked up and executives sitting around a table in panic mode. 

The title of this article is “Can Trump’s Little Blue Bird Change America“? The reality is; Donald Trump and the little blue bird are already changing America. Lockheed Martin has gone back to the drawing board to take out a carving knife and start slicing cost. Boeing Aircraft was put into the same position with Trump’s now infamous “Cancel the Order Tweet” regarding the new Air Force One contract because he felt that $4 Billion was too much to pay for one or two airplanes.  

The executive’s at Lockheed, Boeing are now in good company. The same fate (that being the victim of the Trump blue bird) has now befallen Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, and Carrier Air Conditioners. Union leaders are beginning to feel the pinch as are foreign nations.  

We knew Donald Trump was a master at branding, marketing, advertising, and promoting the name of Trump. But never in anyone’s wildest imagination did we think he would figure out a way to so totally circumvent the media and use public shaming to cause major corporations to rewrite their future growth plans in a matter of days. Think about this for a moment.

Can Trump talk Ford into returning all their Mexican factories back to Michigan?

Ford Motor Company had invested untold amounts of cash in Mexico to build a new (nearly $2 Billion dollars) factory. They were either about to break ground or already had broken ground. This meant they had paid architects, civil engineers, and more, vast amounts of cash outlay had already happened. They had purchased the land, probably had to have it surveyed, paid off city councilmen and performed all the due diligence it takes to pull off a major deal such as this. In Mexico, they had also probably spent money to figure out a quality water purification facility along with their own power grid and sewage treatment facility as well. And with one Tweet and a phone call, it all came crashing down for Ford!  

Buffett relocated many of businesses to overseas locations.

President Trump now has Ford on the ropes and capitulating to his desires to “Make America Great Again,” who is next? Remember Warren Buffett and the Koch Brothers? Buffett owns VF which has Gloria Vanderbilt, Wrangler, Lee and many other clothing products. Virtually none of these fine manufacturers are made in America any longer. Buffett was one of the leading opponents to Trump’s election. He donated millions to anyone who he thought could stop Donald Trump. How long do you suppose it will be before Trump uses the blue bird to begin shaming Buffett into relocating many of his clothing companies back to North Carolina? Wrangler used to employ thousands of union textile workers in North Carolina until Buffett began using the tax code to relocate Wrangler to South Korea.

If I had to guess, today there are many boards and many CEO’s very nervous and for good cause. Donald Trump made a promise to “Make America Great Again,” and one of the ways to do this is to bring jobs back to our homeland. When you consider who and how many have relocated to foreign soil, I would suspect that many are grappling with “what to do if they too” are called out on Twitter?

Think about this; since NAFTA was implemented, then the Asian agreements went into effect, over 100,000 businesses and large corporations have relocated outside of the United States mainland. That number is staggering but very real. Why? It was the cost of doing business. Under the tax laws (which many of these companies paid to have written by lobbyists), corporations could relocate, get credits, hire foreign employees and write off yet more, then ship their products back and not pay a cent to do so. Wonder why the stock market went up so high for so long?

Message for Corporate America; There is indeed a new Sheriff in town. He understands the game and knows how it’s played. His goal is to help our nation and our people, not secure your bottom line. You might want to begin making preparations to come home, lest you be the next victim of Donald Trump and the little blue bird. 

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