Sheriff Joe Arpaio has called it quits after having served the residents of Maricopa County Arizona for some 24-years. After his defeat, this past November the controversial Sheriff hung up his star yesterday for good. The 84-year old Sheriff had served since 1993 and presided over significant changes in the way the Phoenix, Arizona Sheriff’s department had been run.  

Arpaio first became well known when he clothed his prisoners in pink attire. This radical change drew both praise and criticism from his loyalist and detractors.  

Whether it be his decision to house many inmates in “tent cities” or meal selections of bologna and cheese sandwiches, Sheriff Joe was routinely making national headlines.   

Probably the most controversial decision Sheriff Arpaio made in his 24-year career was tackling the issue of whether President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and whether his birth certificate was legitimate. Arpaio had been contacted by a local Tea Party group who had requested that he look into the legitimacy of Obama’s birth records. Sheriff Joe sent them back to collect signatures and said that if enough people signed petitions, he would indeed look into it. Year’s before, Sheriff Joe had formed what he referred to as “The Cold Case Posse.” This was a group of retired detectives and deputies who in their spare time would research cases which had been labeled as “Cold Cases”.

The conservative grassroots group came back with the required signatures, and true to his word, Joe activated the “Posse.” Sheriff Joe stressed that these individuals operated out of the tax-payers realm and operated mostly at their own expense and funds from donations to the cause.    

Sheriff’s Joe’s findings caused a major national firestorm in the media. After a nearly five-year investigation with trips being made to Hawaii, hospital personnel being interviewed, court request, lawsuits and more, Joe had his verdict.

The video below is the actual news conference where Joe reveals his findings.

Sheriff Joe’s investigation of Barack Obama’s birth certificate exposed him to national ridicule, attacks from the media, jokes on Saturday Night Live and even intimidation from the White House. Arpaio remained steadfast in his investigation. To this day, Obama stands by this forged document and with the assistance of the Federal Government, this might very well be the only truth we ever know about Obama’s legitimacy to be President. 

They (meaning the government) did not stop there. The Obama minions were determined to destroy Sheriff Joe. While it can never be proven, there is enough smoke to warrant a fire truck. Almost simultaneously as Joe ramped up the birth certificate investigation, the lawsuits against Joe’s department began growing. 

The Maricopa Country Sheriff’s Department was sued for inhumane treatment over the tent cities; they were sued for the Deputies pulling over traffic violators and then inquiring as to their nationality. They were even sued for the diet that the department was feeding the inmates.

But the investigation continued, and Sheriff Joe would not relent.

As Joe walks away, I want to take this opportunity to say on behalf of the Americans that appreciate honesty and integrity; Joe is a mountain of a man. You’re a real hero in the eyes of millions, and we are grateful for you bringing us the truth about our illegal occupant in the White House. Without you, we might not have ever known the truth, but because of your diligence in the face of evil and your willingness to do what was right, you shall go down in history as the light that illuminated the darkness. Thank you, Sheriff, we are ever so grateful.

Today, Joe still faces charges of breaking Obama’s fraudulent immigration laws regarding asking a law breaker where they are from. This to me is criminal. This is America and if someone is breaking traffic laws, the officer should have the right to inquire where they are from. If they are here illegally, then they should be deported.

Thank God, we have a new President who is going to enforce our laws. Thanks again Sheriff, you’re the best!