The New Beginning

The year of 2017 will open with what could arguably only be described as the culmination of a “Coup De Ta” on Capitol Hill. For eight long years, America’s Tea Party rose up, protested, canvased, volunteered, and spoke out about the decline of America. The American people begged and pleaded with “Politicians” to do something about the destruction that Barack Obama was foisting upon our land. Finally, someone heard our cries. From high atop Trump Tower in New York City, one man thought to himself; I can fix this and I will fix this. We will Make America Great Again! 

What began as a campaign of almost a circus-like atmosphere, ended with Mr. Trump claiming over 300 electoral votes to bring home the win and the culmination of eight long years of hard work for millions upon millions of hard-core American grassroots activist known as the Tea Party.

Donald Trump spoke to the patriotism of the Tea Party, our constitutional rights as Americans to keep our guns, freedom, jobs, and practice our respective faiths without insult. He even told us it was alright to say “Merry Christmas” again. Donald Trump is the epitome of an American patriot. He pledged his life, liberty (although that today is not in jeopardy) and his own fortune to serve our nation and heal her of the plague and blight known as liberalism and progressivism.

On January 20, 2017; Mr. Trump will place his hand on a Bible (that is close to his heart) and give his vow to guard our constitution and nation to the best of his ability. I have no doubt in my soul that he will mean every word of it and will to the best of his ability serve this great land.  

The ceremony will open with the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. You will need some tissues for that part. Millions watched this young lady capture America’s heart when she won “America’s Got Talent” and if you have not heard her, grab a tissue and watch this.

I honestly cannot think of anyone who could do a better job of singing our national anthem that Jackie Evancho. She is a tremendous superstar and truly sings as the angels do.

The Work Begins Again

We know from history that the Democrats and left never rest. Historically speaking; most new President’s do get a reprieve of sorts for the first couple of months while the losing party licks their wounds from their loss. I am honestly thinking, not this time! The new President is going to propose something, be it the wall, be it immigration restrictions on Syrians or whatever, and the left will go spastic as always. They will pound him on late night television, the Sunday morning talk shows, every radio program in the nation (except Rush and Hannity), blogs, Huffington Post, New York Times and anywhere else they can think of to do so. 

Patriots; we won! We did not just win House back in 2010 and the Senate in 2012, but now we have recaptured all branches, and the Tea Party is in control believe it or not. It is the millions of emails these Senators received. It is the millions of phone calls that pounded Capitol Hill, and the protest, the badgering, the voice of “We The People” that brought us here. It is not the time to let up. We can let up when the Democrat Party officially dissolves into the dark chapters of our history books.  

Donald Trump will no doubt be pounded on by Democrat leadership. Nancy Pelosi will be sending threatening notes over to the Oval Office, and the rest of the Democrats will be hitting the airwaves sending messages. We must counter those messages with positive reinforcement for our guys. Here is a short list of what we need to do on a regular basis. 

  1. Yes, you can actually Tweet President Donald Trump. I know from personal experience, he reads his tweets and sometimes even retweets or responds. Tweet to the President @realDonaldTrump
  2. When the President signs an Executive Order (which he will be doing on January 20 or the 21st) rescinding many of Obama’s orders, send him a message thanking him for keeping his word he gave on the campaign trail. Let him know you’re praying for him and his success. Be sure to let him know you’re a grassroots supporter or Tea Party Patriot whichever you’re comfortable with. 
  3. Pound the Speaker with the same. If Congress is making good suggestions and talking up something we agree with, then let them know your grateful (and yes, you’re Tea Party). If they are not, I will be the first to let you know, and we will remind them from whence they came, and we can return to sender if they are not cooperating. 
  4. Keep me posted on activities so that I can write articles and get them published and pushed out to the mass media. 
  5. Keep burning up the phones if something isn’t going the way we want it too. Let the Senate know we are alive as well as the House. 
  6. Be polite, be professional, stay on top of your Congressman. Attend his or her regular townhall meetings (most come home fairly often and hold meetings). If you don’t receive a newsletter from your representative, visit their web page at least weekly, and it will give you their schedule. 

Keep in mind that campaigns for 2018 mid-terms are already in the formation phase. Ask around your district about who is running, do some background on them. I won’t go into a diatribe here, but there is now a mechanism in place to assist in funding conservative campaigns for those wanting to run for Governor, House and the Senate against a Democrat or RINO. If you know of someone who is interested, shoot me an email with contact information ( Funding is the greatest enemy most good people have in mounting a serious campaign. We now have a solution to that problem. 

Patriots; I want to thank each and every one of you again for your devotion, hard work and dedication to our great nation. As we go about the rebuilding process of our land, let’s do so with a smile. The Democrats are going to be hateful, rude, and belligerent toward us. Just keep the smile and remember, it took 50-years to get us here, this won’t be done overnight, but with God’s grace and hard work, we will prevail. 

God Bless each of you!