America’s Bloodless Coup

 How Conservatism Is Retaking a Nation and Restoring her Soul


Chapter One;

The Beginning of the End


January in Des Moines, Iowa can be a bit offputting at times. Temperatures can routinely never rise above zero for days on end and often are accompanied by blinding snow and howling winds.Today was different. The sun was out; the temperatures were comfortable as they hovered in the high thirties and as I walked with my mother, all the attendees seemed in good cheer.

Inside of the elaborately designed Hoyt Sherman Theater, Des Moines, Iowa

As we walked up the hill toward the giant Anti-Bellum home now known as the Hoyt Sherman Theater, I pondered if this would be the year? Would this finally be the year the Republican Party could find a candidate that could handle the Democrat propaganda and campaign tactics? Hope and Change had swept 2008 with only a feeble showing by then GOP Nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona and his renegade sidekick Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.

The conservative factions within the Republican Party were so traumatized by Barack Obama’s victory that cold winter night in November of 2008, the rebellion began almost immediately. It was this loss by McCain that gave way to the less than flattering term “RINO” (Republican In Name Only), and the Arizona Senator had just been tagged as one by the Grassroots Republicans who were about to commit mutiny against the party.

Barack Obama’s inauguration speech gave a frightening prelude as to what was about to happen to our nation. His talk of Hope and Change now had a face and a name as far as the grassroots were concerned. The name most often attached to his remarks was Socialism with the occasional label Marxism also being handed out.

As President Obama arrived in the Oval Office and began writing checks on our nation’s bank account, this only gave resolve to the GOP Dissenters, and by April these rabble-rousing Republican renegades now had a name and a face. They were angry, they felt robbed, they felt betrayed by the party, and their sense of duty to a nation being bankrupted by Obama had kicked in as well. They were labeling themselves and had become known as America’s modern day Tea Party!

By April 15, 2009, the Tea Party (of which over two-hundred groups had sprung up by tax day) was now holding rallies nationwide. Hartford, Connecticut was probably the largest with an estimated attendance of 15,000 brave souls waving their newly inspired Gadsden flags alongside the American flag.

Obama’s goal was to begin seizing control of the Auto-Industry with his bailouts (which he had in the works) for General Motors and Chrysler Corporation. He had infused (or stolen depending on how one looks at it) some $750,000,000,000.00 into the economy and billions more went to his pals in the Green Energy Industry. The talk was rampant about his “new” healthcare initiative, and he had begun his new politically correct retooling of our military, this too was now on the table for discussion.

All of the new “Hope and Change” was shaking mainstream America to her core as it was simply too much too fast. The rebellion had officially begun against this Euro style of governing and lifestyle changes.

Governor Sarah Palin rocking the house at a large Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa

Typically, when one gets throttled as badly as Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin did, the losers will usually retreat into obscurity for a time. That was not to be the case for the moose hunter from Alaska. Sarah Palin showed more than moxie, she showed America her moose hunting skills up close and got very personal.

Palin almost immediately hit the road and made herself available for any and all Tea Party events which would fit her schedule. Palin became a Gadsden flag-waving rock star on the conservative rally circuit. She gave rousing speeches about patriotism, grilled Obama on his “Hopey and Changey” governance, his socialistic tendencies and his weak leadership skills. She skewered him when he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia and charbroiled him for running up our national debt. When he announced Obamacare along with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, she then threw him in a verbal political vat of acid to finish him off.

It seemed for a time that Barack Obama was actually working for Sarah Palin by providing her daily with more material for her “Sarah Palin roasting sessions of the White House and Barack Obama.” Of course, these speeches brought Palin more fame, and thunderous applause that would bring the house down in most places where she appeared. In a matter of only months, she had become the face of the new Tea Party and America’s conservative sweetheart.

As Palin’s popularity grew, so did the Tea Party. What began with a few hundred groups and few dozen tax rally events on that first April 15, within only a short-time had grown to over 600 groups and tens of millions of disgruntled conservative voters.

Seizing an opportunity for more spotlight time, conservative radio host Glenn Beck decided to get in on the act. He formed what he called 9/12 groups nationally and began his daily broadcast by pimping his groups. Beck even held a massive rally in Washington D.C. on the Mall and this event attracted in the neighborhood of a million angry conservative voters.

Early on the mainstream media gave almost no recognition to these Tea Party events. In fact, they almost ignored them altogether. It would not be until one or two of them hit the six-digit attendee number with Palin rocking the stage that they began covering the story. Today, we understand why, but back then nobody could figure out “why” NBC, ABC, CBS or CNN would not at least send a reporter out to find out what was going on. You would think that with 5,000 people standing on the steps of a State Capital, someone would want to know why? They knew why; they didn’t want anyone else to know why! What the media didn’t realize was; this too was fueling the anger.

This new explosion of conservative fanatics was beginning to cause problems for many politicians across the board. At first, the Republicans tried in vain to “discount” this sudden rise of all these renegade rebels within their own party. Nobody at the upper levels of seniority in the party seemed to know who these folks were and what sort of aspirations they might have. The Democrats, of course, didn’t care one or the other, because they held the House, the Senate, and the White House. This was truly becoming a “Davey vs. Goliath” proposition for the fledgling unorganized Tea Party if they were to get anything done.

That first year of 2009, the Tea Party was literally the acronym for “Taxed Enough Already.” Obama had already put in his tax hike proposals for the next budget and had begun expanding government and it’s overreach into our lives. The First Lady had even decided she didn’t like what our children were eating at school and had begun changing school menus. The handwriting was on the wall for the Tea Party. If they were going to “save” America, they had to go to work and fast!

Barack Obama’s sensitivity toward different groups across America also caused concern for groups such as the Christian base. Obama had signaled that he was pro-gay and was about to change many laws regarding gay rights. This caused the Christians to begin looking for a more high-profile home, and the Tea Party seemed like a natural fit.

As the Christians began melding into the Tea Party, the 2nd Amendment activist also began fearing the President because of his strong stance on gun control. The Tea Party was preaching constitutional issues and the defense thereof, so what better place to be if you want to protect your firearms than the Tea Party. Between these two groups alone, they brought in millions of new members to the larger groups and the smaller groups even grew.

The Christians brought the pro-life groups and the family associations which gave birth to the “Anti-Common Core” education groups. To give you an idea, this was around the time that Facebook began taking off. Today if you visit Facebook and begin pulling up conservative groups with the words Christian, Guns, Bible, Conservative, Patriot for this or that, and so on, you will find thousands of groups and pages associated with these causes. This was the communication tool being used by the Tea Party to promote the cause and get the word out for meetings or rallies.

The Patriots in Hartford, Ct. get serious about a rally at the State Capital

The larger national groups such as Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, and Tea Party Nation had their own groups and pages. Then you had San Antonio Tea Party, Orlando, Hartford, Manchester, Santa Fe, Grand Prairie, and hundreds more.

The meetings continued with many groups holding monthly and some even weekly. The mission had become “Stop Obama at all cost, ” and that was exactly what these patriotic souls aimed to do.

The Tea Party began putting out the word to those members of the Senate up for re-election as well as the Republican field of Congressmen.

The word was this; “Either you’re with us, or you’re against us.” In other words, if you did not like the Tea Party and you were not willing to support our cause, then you’re out. Apparently, some did not either believe the Tea Party or didn’t bother to attend a rally and witness the furor in their eyes. These folks were stone-cold dead to rights serious about their intentions. They were about to “clean house,” literally!

Nothing else can be said for the night of November 2, 2010, except that the Democrats waded into “Little Big Horn” or “Waterloo.” That had to be what President Barack Obama felt like while witnessing the demise of his parties power. General Custer at least was put out of his misery; this was something the President was going to have to take responsibility for and live with for years to come. The Democrats in this mid-term cycle absorbed one of the worst defeats in political history. It was certainly the worst since the Great Depression.

On this night, the Dem’s did not just get beat; they got flogged into submission. They lost House of Representatives in epic proportions, losing some 63 seats to the elephants. The Senate while not flipping yet, (that would come in 2012), they too lost six seats. The heaviest losses came at the Governorships and State Legislature seats. The Democrats lost over 680 seats in statewide races and the GOP picked up 29 Governors mansions.

The next morning after the massive bloodletting, the media finally took notice and began asking; “is it possible that the Tea Party was behind all of this?”

As Obama’s administration began pushing its leftist agenda further down the road, the bloodletting only grew proportionally. The Tea Party grew to the point where most of the 600 plus groups were now holding weekly meetings, and the Tea Party Patriots were holding phone in town-halls on a weekly basis. Jenny Beth Martin (President and Founder of the Patriots) would often bring in a conservative Senator or Congressman for these town-halls. More often than not, the subject revolved around, “how to rid America of Obamacare.”

With all of the victories achieved by the Tea Party over the past eight years, none was more prolific than that of now-Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

Going into 2012, Cruz was a no-name Solicitor General for the Lone Star State. Lt. Governor David Dewhurst was the odds-on favorite to win the nomination for two reasons. The first being, he had been the Lt. Governor under the enormously popular Governor Rick Perry for several terms. The second, he came from a very wealthy family who had earned their fortune in the Texas oil industry. He had very high name recognition and an unlimited campaign budget. Dewhurst also had the undying devotion of Rick Perry. The bottom line was, the odds of anyone else winning this Republican nomination in Texas was very long indeed.

The problem was, nobody bothered to tell that to Katrina Pierson and the Tea Party.             


I do hope you enjoyed Chapter One. My patriot brothers and sisters, have a very Merry Christmas, stay safe, be blessed, and may the Lord be with each and every one of you on this very Holy Holiday.