First; there was Brexit, now there is CalExit. Never one to be left out of anything exciting, the tree-huggers, small fish supporters, owls who live in Exxon sign sympathizers, and those who dance down the middle of the street in less than flattering wardrobes wearers, have decided to offer up a referendum to secede from the Union.

Like many of you, at first, I am thinking this idiocy is just that, idiocy. However, after a little investigating, it turns out these leftist morons are serious about seceding from the United States. 

According to left coast music publication known as Digital News, this is not some street corner protest. Rap stars are getting involved (of course, they always are), but then the list grows to Silicon Valley Billionaires who are funding this suicide mission. The framework seems to be “We are 6th Largest Economy in the world, we don’t like Donald Trump and America doesn’t represent our state any longer, so we’re leaving!” 

Hyperloop Co-Founder and Silicon Valley Gazillionaire Shervin Pishevar has even pledged to bankroll this little “Moonbeam Lunacy.”

According to Business Insider in an expanded explanation of all this Anti-American rhetoric, California is planning on holding this referendum in 2018 and this might actually be legal if California does want to pull this off. While the movement hasn’t gotten much traction, the Lone Star State of Texas began something similar back when Barack Obama was elected. They are still tinkering with the idea down in Longhorn country. 

This is the new map of America being spread around the Internet by the fine folks out on the left-coast.

Don’t tell them that their map is fatally flawed, as Donald Trump won Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. It might cause the snowflakes to run back and grab a puppy and start coloring again.

To be serious, how do these guys plan on doing this? They won’t drill off the coast of Santa Barbara anymore, so where is their oil going to come from? If they are now an angered enemy of America, then they must trade or purchase their oil from Texas. If this is the case, then President Trump is going to impose a 35% tariff on all products being shipped into the new nation of California. This goes for all automobiles as well since they don’t manufacture those either. 

It will take all of their produce grown in the valley just to feed the state; now they won’t have anything to sell to recoup any economic losses in other areas. Of course, the biggest question of all is, “how do they plan on paying for their massive welfare rolls?” Currently, California is given billions annually by the federal government to assist them in paying for all illegal alien medical, food stamp and welfare cost. 

Don’t laugh America, I used to live in California (many moons ago), and I can assure you, if this thing gets legs (which it appears to be doing), these people could actually vote this referendum in. Remember, Mexico still claims California to be their own and nearly 50% of the voters in California today are in fact, Hispanic.

This does bring up some rather funny thoughts about this latest drama-filled pending fiasco that the left coast loons are pondering. What about Hollywood and Steven Spielberg? This dude is not only mega-rich, but now he has to have a passport to travel to Florida to shoot a movie? Are all his movies now deemed “foreign films”?

The leftist nut job Perez Hilton has glommed onto the bandwagon, now I wonder if Ron Howard, Arnold, and Ellen DeGenerous will also?

The next question of course is, will President Trump send in the troops to squash this radical rebellion if we get to the point that it does get very serious? Will Trump now be put in the same position that Lincoln found himself in?

The problem with California is, today we can laugh, but this state does tend to pull off the surprising more often than not. I can actually see this happening and these idiots actually trying to secede from the Union. If it were any other state, I would not be the least bit nervous, but with these idiots on the left coast, I can see it happening. Give me your thoughts America, I honestly want to hear them.

Below the article is a comment box, feel free to share your feelings. Will Perez Hilton rally the snowflakes and gin up enough support to pull this off? Will Mark Zuckerberg be the first President of the new nation of California and Perez be the Veep?