It is widely known that Senior Citizens will usually vote Democratic when visiting the polling place. The reason for this loyalty is placed at the feet of Social Security and the fear the Dem’s instill during the run up to the election via television advertising telling them; the evil Republicans will take away their benefits. The other reason for the loyalty is, many seniors today think these Democrats are the same as they remember from their youth.

When one wants to discuss “great Democratic” Presidents, of course, the first who come to mind are Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and the ever charismatic John F. Kennedy. These are the Democrats that most seniors identify with. Senior citizens are typically very loyal and trustworthy individuals. They were reared in an era when your word of honor meant something. A pledge or a vow was supposed to be carried out to the bitter end. They believe you when you tell them something, because, when they say something, they mean it with all sincerity.

This was one of the reasons that Bill Clinton won his elections by a wide margin. He won because he knew he could count on the aging population to put him over the top. Barack Obama also carried the Senior vote. The problem for Republicans has been, how do we convince these folks that the Republicans will treat them better than Democrats?

President Kennedy (Democrat) was one of the most popular Presidents in our history.

Today, there is no question as to whether the tide has turned. Our senior population (which are the most loyal voters) have officially turned the corner and no longer being sucked in by the lies and deceit of the Democrat machine. The seniors have finally figured out; these new Democrats are not the same Dem’s that John Kennedy was. These Democrats are socialist and bad for America.

According to the Pew Research Center; Senior citizens voted for Donald Trump by a margin of 53%-42% over Hillary Clinton. Lest you ponder that Barack Obama has been good for the Democrat Party with his “fundamentally changing” of America, consider this.

Since Obama assumed the Presidency in 2009, the Democrats have lost over 1200 seats in Federal, State, and County elected positions. The GOP now controls the Governor’s mansions by a widening margin every election cycle and the House has all but been lost for 1-2 generations. The problems are only growing for the Democrats.

When you decide fresh out of college that you want to go into politics with your new Political Science degree or law degree, you will often begin by running for a City Council Seat or State Representative Seat. As we all know, it much harder to defeat a successful incumbent than to run for an “open” seat. By losing over 1200 seats, the Democrats have effectively wiped out their “farm team” or “bullpen” if you will.

Now, whoever they put up to run for Congress or the Senate is likely to have zero background in politics. This means their candidate has zero support base, no fundraising apparatus in place and zero name recognition. To say it is a struggle for the young fledgling candidate would be a massive understatement.

Breitbart put out a great article today on just how Obama has destroyed the Democrat Party and to be candid with you; I personally think they are obliterated. FROM BREITBART;

1. The stimulus. On the campaign trail, Obama promised a $50 billion stimulus and criticized George W. Bush for building up the national debt. In office, Obama passed a nearly $1 trillion stimulus, over Republican objections, that failed to keep unemployment from below 8% (as promised), and went largely to pet projects and state and local governments. The profligate spending shocked voters who feared that the country was now on an irreversible path to fiscal ruin. The Tea Party was born.

2. Fast and Furious. The Obama administration smuggled guns across the Mexican border, ostensibly to trace them to drug cartels. Unlike the Bush administration’s Wide Receiver, Obama’s Operation Fast and Furious happened without the Mexican government’s knowledge. The likely goal was to create a pretext for reducing gun ownership in the U.S. It led to the murders of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexicans. Afterward, Obama used “executive privilege” to cover it up.

3. Betraying allies. Obama picked public fights with Israel in a deliberate effort to establish “distance” between the allies. He also broke agreements with the Czechs and the Poles on missile defense, infamously informing the Polish prime minister on the 70th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre. He snubbed the British in ways small (returning a Churchill bust) and big (using the Argentinian term “Malvinas” for the Falklands). And he spied on foreign allies, including Germany’s Angela Merkel.

4. Obamacare. The sweeping plan for “universal” health insurance sought, fundamentally, to make individuals dependent on the state, the better to open the door to even more sweeping changes. But it was the process of passing the bill that caused the real damage. To pass Obamacare, Obama bent and broke procedural rules; lied, repeatedly, about the policy; disguised a tax as a fee; and bullied the Supreme Court into compliance. It was the first major entitlement passed without bipartisan support.

5. Debt ceiling. Few of the Republicans who rode the Tea Party wave in 2010 made an issue out of the debt ceiling. But the Obama administration believed that a confrontation would help it regain full control of Congress. So it picked a fight over the debt, and forced a confrontation in the summer of 2011 that brought the country to the brink of default. Obama scuttled a “grand bargain” with Republicans by demanding higher taxes. The result: a hated budget “sequester” and a credit downgrade.

Hillary getting bashed by Congressional Hearings. Here is her now infamous “what difference does it make” line.

6. Benghazi. Presidents had lied to the country before about national security incidents: the Iran-Contra scandal, for example, left a stain on Ronald Reagan’s legacy. But no previous American president had abandoned Americans to die abroad without putting up a fight or making a serious effort to punish the perpetrators. In fact, in the heat of battle, Obama went to sleep and flew to a political fundraiser in Las Vegas the next day. It was an unprecedented abdication of his commander-in-chief role.

7. IRS scandal. Encouraged by Obama’s attacks on “dark money” and conservative political donors, the Internal Revenue Service began singling out conservative non-profit organizations for excessive scrutiny, denying them the ability to operate during the crucial 2012 elections, and trying to pry loose private information on their donors, their meetings, and even the content of their prayers. To this day, no Obama administration official has been punished for that horrific abuse of power.

8. AP scandal. Despite the media’s ongoing love affair with Obama, the administration targeted journalists for harassment, surveillance, and prosecution. In one case, the Department of Justice seized phone records from the Associated Press; in another, the DOJ searched the emails of Fox News reporter James Rosen and his family. Congress later found Attorney General Eric Holder misled it when he told them in May 2013 he had not been involved in the potential prosecution of the media.

9. Iran deal. After resisting sanctions on Iran, and holding off on any real action against the Iranian regime when it faced mass protests in 2009, Obama made a deal with Iran in 2015 that removed most sanctions in exchange for a mere temporary slowdown in the Iranian nuclear program. Worse, he refused to submit it to the Senate for ratification in accordance with the Constitution’s Treaty Clause, and Democrats blocked a weaker effort to submit the deal to an overall congressional vote.

10. Executive action on immigration. Obama abused prosecutorial discretion in 2012 in announcing “Deferred Action for Children of Americans” (DACA) in 2012, even after Congress declined to pass legislation on “Dreamers.” But the real offense came after the 2014 elections when Obama defied the electorate and announced an “executive amnesty” — “Deferred Action for Parents of Americans” (DAPA) — that he himself said dozens of times was unconstitutional (he lost in the courts).

The summation by the Breitbart reporter Joel Pollack is 110% accurate and he stated his charges concisely. The sad truth is, the party of Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Kennedy might very well be on life support. This President has single-handedly decimated a great party. Remember, this was the party of labor, this was the party for the little guy, the working man, and the average citizen. No more, it has been taken over by zealots, ideologues, and Communist.

The political shifting in America today seems to be trending toward; Democrats=Socialist/Marxism, Republicans=Old Democrat Party, Tea Party=True Conservatism or the Old Republican Party of Barry Goldwater. 

The facts are; The American people have resoundingly rejected Barack Obama and the “Progressives” policies and almost did so in unison. Yes indeed, some years back the brilliant writer/blogger from New Zealand (Trevor Louden) wrote that for America and the world to survive, the Tea Party had to succeed. While being a little scattered, the Tea Party is alive and well and we just watched their handiwork come to fruition. Well done Patriots, the world thanks you, the nation thanks you and I thank you!

The history of the Tea Party along with “how” the rebels will be making the Tea Party the most powerful political power brokers in America in the coming years.


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