I wrote this right before the 19th, and now it should be passed and once again the Electoral College should have earned its needed existence and genius that continues to keep the peoples of this nation correctly represented, as our Republic. Now that the progressives’ choice in Hillary Clinton has run its course, we as a nation can finally move forward continuing the mission of this “Great American Experiment,” as “We the People’s” constant pursuit of happiness must not falter.

The first thing to check off as complete is acknowledging that the Electoral College is a cornerstone in keeping our Republic a republic, to maintain the popular vote within each sovereign state that elects its slotted Electoral College Representatives, for a fair and just presidential selection.

I cannot fathom any possibility where a “national” popular vote is needed.

This idiotic idea would directly ignore about 75% of the 50 states and the sub-cultures, ideologies and beliefs of those citizens. It would be a domination from the 25% and their repressive oversight over the rest of the nation, thus allowing the backing of the mob mentality, over, the championing of the rights of each individual; in other words, a democracy over a republic.

The second thing that can now be checked off as done with, as we move on, is the insane idea that the president-elect is somehow in bed with Russia. Just because he said that Putin is a better leader than Obama (which is just his opinion) or that he said he would want to work with Russia if they are willing. We want our president to work with national leaders who are willing “to work with us,” especially if they are an enemy. It doesn’t mean compromising with the enemy or anything of the like. It is our laying down of terms, and they, being willing to work with us. It’s that simple.

With that said, it is no secret that all our enemies have been trying to hack into our computers since their invention; Russia, China, Korea, Pakistan, Iran, even allies, such as Israel, France, etc. And why is it that lame-stream media seem to forget that Wikileaks says it was a DNC insider that was feeding the emails, which exposed the frauds and cheats, not the Russians. The CIA leaked claims were anonymous and not officially reported, and there is still no evidence to back up these claims.

I believe the only reason the liberals are pushing this, and hypocritically I might add, is to influence the Electoral College members somehow to change their vote to change the outcome of the election, or “influence” the vote. If anyone needs to be looked at as being in cahoots with the Russians, it certainly isn’t the President Elect. Let us step away from the leftist “unsubstantiated rumor mill” for a moment, and look at some facts that should have been investigated. First, in March of 2012, President Obama told the then Russian President to wait till after the election and that he would have more flexibility in our missile defense. The Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, then told President Obama he would let Putin know.

Secondly, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she signed off the rights of a U.S. uranium sale to the Russians and Mr. Putin. Soon after that deal, the NY Times reported that the Clinton Foundation had received a 2.35 million dollar donation. So please, progressive media, just stop with these claims, because it is you who are really looking guilty here, not our President Elect. Besides, last Friday, at his final White House briefing, President Obama said, “My goal was that the election went off without a hitch, and tampering, and we accomplished that.”

Moving on, I want to share a little from my thoughts about the President Elect’s cabinet picks thus far. I am not going to go over all of them, but I will on a few. As I said in my past article, no matter who won the election, it is our duty as citizens to continue to watchdog and get engaged in holding our elected officials accountable.

So here we go, I personally love the Secretary of Defense choice in General Mattis, the pick for Secretary of Homeland Security in General Kelly, and the pick for National Security Advisor in General Michael Flynn. It is not a military takeover of our government, but in my opinion, for once we finally have seasoned combat military minded generals chosen for our Nation’s military defense and security. It’s a no-brainer, and I believe the right decisions will be made here. They are not puppets, but true patriots who will stand up to the President or anyone, if they know the sovereignty of our country may be at stake. 

The new pick for the head of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, is an influential Tea Party member and Congressman from Kansas, who is a staunch constitutionalist that understands this Republic; I couldn’t be happier here.

As the Secretary of HUD, Dr. Ben Carson is also very pleasing to me. Not only because he is a brilliant man, but also because we have someone who has experienced the inner city life, after all, that’s where he grew up. I believe all those who are currently attacking him will be eating crow when they begin to see his accomplishments.

There are others I will talk about in future articles, but to end this piece I want to express that I’m very disappointed in both Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, and Steven Munchen, as the Treasury Secretary. Both of these men are everything we in the Tea Party want to avoid, as far as who they represent. Tillerson is a huge Bush dynasty guy and progressive Republican, who with his big oil ties, will give the left a hay-day, and Munchen, who is a former Goldman Sachs partner and also a progressive Republican, simply makes no sense to me. Both of these picks are not only bad PR with their affiliations, but both are also exactly the kind of guys the liberals are secretly happy with.

Until next time;
“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)