Two weeks ago President-Elect Donald Trump received a phone call from Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, supposedly congratulating him on his victory in becoming President of the United States. Of course, nobody knows what was really said except the two presidents and a couple of interpreters.  

The Democrats (including the White House) were furious; the Republicans tried to downplay the call by claiming that President-Elect Trump was only being gracious and stating categorically that the call was only to say “Thank You” when she offered her congratulations. It was at this point that “leaks” began trickling out that the Trump team had instigated this call weeks prior. Then the questions started, “Did the Trump Team know there was certain protocol involving Taiwan and China that they may not have been aware of?.” Or did they just say “Up your’s China, we will do whatever we want and this was Trump’s way of thumbing his nose at the big red monster?” Either way; China has responded!

Navy drone similar to the one the Chinese stole the other day in the South China Sea.

Two days ago; The United States had a naval vessel 50-miles North of the Philippines, and it was operating a sea type drone in International waters. According to the UK Daily Mail, a Chinese warship pulled up alongside the drone (right in front of our Naval ship).  The Chinese snatched the device, then simply drove off while our ship sat looking like a shunned school boy at the prom who just had his girl grabbed by the star quarterback of the football team.

One of the biggest reservations by the voting public in America this past election was; Does Donald Trump have the “temperament” to be Commander and Chief?

China’s most recent provocative acts have been to build a massive military complex in the middle of the South China Sea in International waters, which they claim belong to the nation of China. China literally dredged sand from the bottom of the ocean and began piling it up to construct not only an airport but docks for ships, buildings and everything needed for a full-scale military installation. This construction has been on-going now for some years, and throughout the process, Barack Obama only whined a couple of times, otherwise did nothing to stop it from happening.

Looking at the map of the location of this facility, you will see that if anyone would be able to lay “claim” to this region, it would probably be the Phillippines or Vietnam, not China.

This now places the United States in a very precarious position. American businesses have hundred of billions of dollars in China. The Chinese have hundreds of billions invested in America. Consider that many of the new super-resorts in Las Vegas were in fact built with Chinese money. Many of the skyscrapers in Seattle, Los Angelas, and San Francisco were built with Chinese money.

This situation now leaves the incoming President in a really tight position. Throughout his campaign, he talked very tough on China. To the approval of the raucous crowds, Trump spelled out how he was going to send over a team of professional “negotiators” to redo all of our trade deals. This is to be all accomplished while forcing those companies (IE: Apple and many more) to return to the U. S. mainland. Mr. Trump also stated that if they refused, he was imposing a 35% tariff on their products they sold in the United States.

China’s 5-G Fighter is a precision fighter/bomber that competes with our F-22, F-18, F-15, and F-16

Naturally, these continued provocations by China could lead to catastrophic endings, and that is something that neither side wants. Currently, (and this is another campaign issue that Trump ran hard with) the United States has in fact been substantially degraded concerning military prowess. Because of President Obama’s hatred for the military and the sequester imposed against the military, our readiness is not near what it was 10-15 years ago.

According to this Fox News report from May of 2016, if called upon, only 50% of our front line B-1 Bombers are capable of carrying out missions. In the same report, Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina has three squadrons of F-16 Fighter Jets. Of those three units, only 42% of the defenders of our nation can become airborne to defend our country.

Considering that our Navy is in much the same condition (we are at the lowest level of warships since WWII), does Trump really want to get into a military confrontation with China. HOWEVER, and this is the problem, without a strong military, then our bargaining ability with China is significantly reduced.

Here is where we stand my fellow patriots. We have a very powerful Communist regime building a military stronghold in the middle of many of our allied nations. This base sits squarely in the midst of a major shipping lane that for centuries has been “free lanes” to get from point A, to point B. China now has as strong military if not a stronger military than we do. They are flexing their muscle to send a message to America.

Bringing this (what is rapidly becoming a major problem) home for a moment, it is now estimated that some 70% of the products sold at WalMart are manufactured in China.

There is no disputing, Donald Trump now his hands full. China has stolen a drone and sending America the middle finger. They are expanding their military presence on the doorsteps of some close American allies and again flipping us off. They could bring us to our knees in a war, so that doesn’t seem to be an option either. Not to mention, the millions of Chinese residents living in America today.

When looking at this situation, this is the reason that I thank God I am not our president. Pray for ours America; he is going to need all the help he can get.

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