As our 28th President took his oath of office that cold winter day back in 1917, I am fairly sure he was not anticipating what was going to happen to America in the coming years. Thomas Woodrow Wilson had already served his first term and had been re-elected by the narrowest of margins.  

The world trembled back in 1917 as it was gripped in the bloodiest conflict in all of human history. As the Tsar fell in Russia to the what would ultimately be known as Communism, the nation and the rest of world watched in horror as over 38,000,000 of their citizens died. The war would come to be referred to as the “War to end all War’s.”

As the greatest blood loss in history came to an end halfway across the world, the blood loss for America was just beginning for our own streets, communities, and cities. Anarchist (many believed were Communist) had started bombing in America. The year 1919 would bring with it terror not before seen in our nation. Industrial giants like Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan were targeted along with dozens of politicians such as Naval Secretary Franklin Roosevelt and Attorney General Mitchell Palmer. These planting of bombs would not subside for month’s and dozens of political figures, military leaders and other government officials would be the victims. The terror ran from April through June.

The communist terrorist would not stop with just the bombings of government and industrial leaders; they also incited racial strife in the South. In Arkansas alone, over 230 Blacks were lynched by so-called “White Supremacist” after the black sharecroppers had decided to unionize in an effort to increase their incomes from farming.

Hoover guided the FBI for over 50-years to become one of the world’s greatest crime-fighting agencies.

It would ultimately be these acts of domestic terrorism of 1919 which would lead to the hiring of J. Edgar Hoover and the creation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It would be Hoover alone who would lobby Congress and the President to build the FBI into one of the greatest crime fighting agencies in the world. It was Hoover who probed and prodded to bring fingerprints into the arena of crime-fighting and it was Hoover who discovered that it was indeed Communist who was behind all the terror of the summer of 1919.   

Ultimately, J. Edgar Hoover was almost single-handily responsible for having hundreds of communist deported and over 1000 imprisoned under sedition convictions.

After having investigated the events of 1919-1920, one has to conclude that America is almost ready to have an almost exact Deja-Vu happen in the near future.     

Emboldened by the support of a weak and corrupt FBI Director, a puppet for Attorney General and an Anarchist President, the group known as Black Lives Matter have become nothing short of a domestic terrorist organization. BLM has acquired such power; they now control events nationwide. If there is an event that BLM doesn’t approve of, they only threaten to show up and protest. Once they do this, shivers of fear course through Mayors and City Council Offices on a nationwide basis.     

Sadly, one of the silent leaders (who won’t be silent much longer) of this anarchist movement is none other than President Barack Obama himself. Combine his power with that of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan plus many others, and now we have the recipe for disaster rather than peace.

Barack Obama has already signaled that he intends to remain in Washington, D. C. in an effort to “protect” his legacy. One of the way’s he plans to do this is by returning to his Community Organizing” roots. We are already seeing the seeds being planted by the White House of what is to come. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest invested a great deal of time yesterday discrediting Trump’s election and presidency in his daily briefing.

Will these two Anarchist team up to undermine Trump’s Presidency? Most likely yes, they will.

We now know that global Communist Sympathizer George Soros was behind the riots in Ferguson, Missouri that very nearly destroyed that community. We know Soros bankrolled riots in Baltimore and other cities. We know that Soros owns Barack Obama and is one of the principle investors in Black Lives Matter. Is it really that big of a stretch to use Obama and his celebrity (by being a former President) as a club to keep America in turmoil throughout Donald Trump’s Presidency?

One of two things is about to happen in America, and I pray it is the latter. Barack Obama stay’s in Washington and is planted firmly in front of the media’s cameras on a daily basis keeping Trump’s actions in question. This is an effort to continue the delegitimizing of the new President’s governing. By doing this, he keeps the bubbling underneath the service of discontentment. Bear in mind; no president has ever done this, until now!

The second possibility (this is my preference), Obama goes away! Obama has enough character and enough respect for the institution of the Presidency to allow the POTUS (and people’s choice) to assume his duties and begin turning this country around. By remaining on Capitol Hill and remaining in front of the press daily will cause strife and dissension.

We also now know that one of the mechanisms the left is using is by running with the bogus story that Vladimir Putin hacked the election to enable Donald Trump to win. Never mind that the FBI has already said, this didn’t happen as has the CIA. In fact, the CIA is even refusing to address Congress. This is a bit puzzling, but it does go to the narrative that this story is so incredibly ludicrous, the spy agency doesn’t apparently want to waste time to testify.

My question is fairly simple regarding this hacking issue. Why would Vladimir Putin want Donald Trump to be President? Remember it was Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama whom Putin ran rough-shod over for four years. Putin laughed all the way to the bank with his uranium purchases thanks to Hillary. He marched into Crimea unscathed as well as many other actions Putin pulled off without ramifications. He knows that Trump will be much, much tougher to circumvent that Hillary Clinton. It was not Putin who hacked Hillary; it was our own NSA that did so to prevent Hillary from becoming President if anyone did it at all. This in retribution for Hillary leaking (via her servers) the names of agents who ultimately died because of her carelessness.

Will we see another 1919, let us all pray we don’t? We certainly have the possibility with Communist agitators, anarchist in our neighborhoods and a former president leading the charge, all the pieces are in place for chaos. With any luck, President Trump will jail Obama for sedition against America; that would have made this last 8-years of misery complete. Happy days are here again!