This morning’s Fox and Friends ran a story of how the Manchester First Responders created (with the assistance of Silent Partner Marketing) a very powerful Holiday message for all of America. I think it is appropriate that we watch this. It is powerful!

These brave women and men of the Manchester ( I am assuming this is New Hampshire as it never say’s exactly where) are not unique. All across our great nation, these bravest of the brave do run into burning buildings to save us as we sleep (and not knowingly are in danger) to save us from a fire. They do stand in front of bad guys who are holding weapons and want to kill the innocent.

How many times daily are the men in blue called out to stop an abusive boyfriend who is on drugs and beating his girlfriend? How many times daily do these brave souls stop a drunk driver from killing an innocent child who is only riding their bicycle? How many times daily do they risk their own lives to crawl down a rocky cliff and pull someone out of a car who is unconscious and moments from death?

First Responder’s saving lives at the Boston Marathon Bombing.

They are the first on the front lines to stop a wildfire which is threatening a town. They are the first to run into danger to stop a terrorist who has just set off a bomb and probably has another one ready to detonate when the police show up. They are the first to run toward a burning car (which has just become a bomb) to pull someone to safety.

How many lives are saved each year because of these brave folks?

They are America’s Heroes and Heroines!

To the incredible First Responders of Manchester and all across our land; It is “WE THE AMERICAN CITIZENS” who salute you. It is we who give thanks, this holiday season for your sacrifices which you make every day to keep us safe from harm’s way.

We fully realize there is war currently going on against the “Men and Women in Blue.” It almost seems as if a day doesn’t go by anymore with a story coming on about another officer down in some city in this nation. Today alone, there are two who have been savagely gunned down for no apparent reason other than they wear blue.

I’m calling on Black Lives Matter to stop this war on cops. This is obscene, anti-American and grotesque in nature. It is not furthering your cause; it is creating more hate, more violence and animosity toward your cause. It is time you come out as an organization and condemn the actions of these thugs committing these crimes. The part you’re failing to realize is, “we the American people” depend on these brave men and women. By harming them, you’re harming us!

If you do not come out publically and condemn these murders, be rest assured it is only a matter of time before the American people begin condemning you Black Lives Matter.

They will save the life of your best friend if needed.

This holiday season, take a moment to thank an officer. If you can financially afford it and you find one eating in a cafe, pay for their meal to show your appreciation. Most of these heroes are not paid very well for what they do. They do it out of love for humanity because they care. They care about each of us, and they said in the video, they don’t know our names, they don’t know our faith or sexual leanings. They do what they do everyday of the week because they love us as fellow humans and that is the only reason.

Hat’s off to you FIRST RESPONDERS! We love you and are grateful for each and everyone of you!

My prayer is, you all have a safe, blessed, and very Merry Christmas with your loved ones.

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