Rolling Stone magazine is widely known as a leftist fish-wrapper, but there latest OP-ED on President-Elect Trump is over the top, even for them.

Trump’s Presidency Is Shaping Up to Be an American Tragedy is how this diatribe laden dribble begins. The author Jesse Berney apparently left both his IQ points as well as decency for the truth at home when penning this fanciful tale of woe to the world.

Mr. Berney begins this web of “unproven” rhetoric with this quote; (From Rolling Stone)  We know Trump has named as his chief counselor a man who runs a website read and appreciated by the most virulent racists in America, a man who, according to court documents, told his wife he didn’t want his children going to school with Jews and who reportedly thought it would benot such a bad thingif fewer African-Americans voted.

  1. Mr. Berney; Have you taken any polling amongst Breitbart’s readers regarding race relations to determine just “who” reads their publication? How do you know their readers are racist? What organizations do the bulk of the readers belong too? What right do you have to decide that Breitbart’s readers are racist? No Sir, you have not! You are merely parroting Clinton campaign propaganda and fake news to spread the vicious and hate-filled rhetoric that Andrew Breitbart and his news service are racist as are their readers. This is just more liberal “Bull-Fertilizer.”
  2. Mr. Bannon was going through a divorce this event supposedly transpired. You give the publication “The Hill” as your source. Did you bother to stop and ponder for a moment that even The Hill stated that Mr. Bannon had denied saying that he didn’t want his girls going to the Archer School? No, you didn’t print that! Did you bother to consider that spouses will tell a Judge something in court that isn’t entirely factual to get what they want from the Judge regarding their husbands? This apparently was a hotly contested divorce, do you not think that one or the other of these two might just stretch the truth a bit to make the other look bad. Give me a break Jesse, are you really that stupid or are you just plain deceitful? Lastly; you link a New York Times article to validate that Mr. Bannon made a racist reference to African-Americans voting. Not one mention in that article is that claim made! YOU LIE!

    Plane used by the Clinton’s and owned by Jeffrey Epstein known as the “Lolita Express”.

As if your baseless charges of racism against Trump and Bannon are not enough, then you try to tie stories of Bill and Hillary Clinton and sex trafficking (or having sex with minors) to Bannon and Trump as the fabricators and liars. Again, more BULL-FERTILIZER! Neither President-Elect Trump nor Mr. Steve Bannon fabricated anything. THEY DIDN’T HAVE TOO! It was already news. I could give you 42 links to reputable sources here, but I will only link one. Both Hillary and Bill visited the sex-island on many occasions, Mr. Berney. OWN IT! You lied again! 

As if the above hogwash isn’t enough, you then criticize Mr. Trump choice for the head of HUD and claim he doesn’t know anything about “Housing and Urban Development.” Question Mr. Berney; How well have the Democrat “experts” been doing so far? Have you been to Detroit lately? How about the 4th Ward of Houston who is represented and has been for many years by Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee? Have you been to Elizabeth, New Jersey or Gary, Indiana lately? The point being that all these areas are represented by Democrats who supposedly know more than anyone else about the plight of the poor in these areas. I for one think you might want to give a world renowned surgeon a chance considering that again his IQ surpasses your’s by some 100 points. Besides, it not his ability to use a hammer, it is his ability at organizing, hiring and implementing ideas. P.S.; Democrats have run these areas for over 50-years. 

After all of that, you then decide to launch into a character attack, and I quote; At the very least, we’re being led by an unqualified man-boy who doesn’t grasp even the most basic tenets of governance.

Mr. Berney; allow me to ask a couple of questions.

  1. Where did you receive your Psychology Degree from? To issue a charge that Donald Trump is a “man-boy,” I am thinking you must have some fairly serious psychological training from some place.
  2. What constitutes “unqualified”? Please allow me to elaborate here. It is patently obvious that you’re a liberal. As a liberal, I am assuming (justifiably so) that you most likely voted for (if you’re old enough) for Barack Obama. This would mean that you felt he was qualified to be President of the United States. Let’s hit the “way-back” machine for a moment.

Barack Obama had been a “Community Organizer” (which means he could get people together to listen to a speech or two). He get’s elected to the Illinois State Senate. Serves a term there, then manages to get a seat in the United States Senate in a near all Democrat stronghold of the Illini State. He has roughly 4-years of experience as a State Senator and no experience as a U. S. Senator because he spent his two years campaigning for President while he was a Senator. This is the truth, my friend.

As President, he more than doubles our national debt, running it from $9-Trillion to nearly $20-Trillion so far. He has damaged relations with our closest allies, Israel being one. He has allowed for the creation of ISIS which has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent victims. He has allowed for terrorist acts to be carried out on American soil, all the while refusing to call these acts what they are “radical Islam.” He has denied and convinced your stupid ass that these are being driven by religion. PAUSE FOR A MOMENT HERE; 109 times in the Koran, Mohammed calls for the eradication of Infidels (meaning those non-believers in Islam IE; Christians and Jews). That’s right my liberal lefty friend, 109 times he instructs his followers to cut the heads off, drown or burn those that refuse to accept Mohammed and his instructions of Sharia Law.

President-Elect Trump is not a racist. He is merely pointing out the truth about radical Islam, and it is something that you’re unable to accept. Again, tell me how a man that has spent over 40-years building an economic empire that employs thousands upon thousands of employees is unqualified but a 2-year Senator (who never really served) is qualified.

Mr. Berney; we have had for the five decades professional politicians as President. The one who had the least experience (being Reagan) seemed to have done pretty well. He crushed the Berlin Wall, presided over an incredible economy, slapped down terrorist, and brought patriotism back to our land. The rest enabled terrorist (Bill Clinton, Obama and Carter) to flourish, made America weaker, gave us very high unemployment (except Clinton but he was riding Reagan’s and Bush’s coat tails).

I think I will take my chances with a brilliant businessman who loves our country. Besides, he won, you’re lady lost, and America wants John Wayne back in the White House. See you in 2020!