The long awaited announcement of the United States new Secretary of State might finally be at hand.

Andrea Mitchell from NBC News is reporting that “sources” within the Trump transition team are confirming that the President-Elect is prepared next week to announce Rex Tillerson (the CEO) of Exxon-Mobile as our next SOS. According to Mitchell, these same sources are reporting that Trump is announcing former Ambassador John Bolton as Deputy Secretary of State who will be in charge of the “day-to-day” operations at the State Department.

Mitchell is also reporting that Trump’s reasoning for selecting Tillerson for the post are his extensive relationships with foreign leaders including Vladimir Putin of Russia. So far, Mr. Trump’s appointments have been met with mixed reviews. Some seem to be widely liked, such as Senator Jeff Sessions for the Attorney General post. While some are satisfied with enthusiasm, others are being highly questioned like General Mad Dog Mattis, and Steve Bannon as the Senior strategist.

Former Presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson’s appointment for the Department of Housing & Urban Development, was greeted with glee on the right side of the aisle, while on the left, the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi cringed and led a chorus of hate for the good Doctor.

While I am the first to concede that I do not know much about Tillerson, I do have some fairly strong opinions on this selection. I can see where Mr. Tillerson would have made over the years, many foreign contacts and even some strong and friendly relationships. As the Chief Executive Officer of the one the largest corporations on the planet, this would be natural for him to do.

With that said, this brings several thoughts to mind. When Donald Trump negotiated and accepted the call from the President of Taiwan, heads rolled across Capitol Hill. There was panic on both sides of the aisle and for a good reason.

Here is the problem. 

When Trump talked with the President of Taiwan (this is in dispute as to whether he knew or not), the deal cut between America and China during the Nixon Administration was that Taiwan would only be recognized as being part of China. There has been over the years the agreement that the United States would always defend Taiwan if the need ever arose. 

My only concern with a choice such as Mr. Tillerson is that there is a huge difference in negotiating business transactions and diplomacy. Asian nations such as China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc., all have “nuances” in their dialect and mannerisms which if not understood can create a great deal of harm and even permanent changes in diplomatic relations. In other words, think of the United States and England for a moment. We both speak English. The term in England for a cigarette is “fag.” You’re sitting at an upscale restaurant in London, and you tell your guest, you’re going outside to smoke a fag, and nobody thinks anything of it. Try that same phrase in Fort Worth, Texas. Your guest will think you have lost your mind because you just told them you were going outside to “murder a homosexual” or have some weird relations with one.

Former Governor Jon Huntsman is a potential front-runner for the new Secretary of State position.

For myself personally, if the President inquired who I thought should be Secretary of State, I am recommending former Ambassador Jon Huntsman, and here is why. The Secretary of State position is not so much a business deal cutting position as a Diplomatic one. Huntsman is boring, to say the least, but he is also incredibly articulate, very poised and extremely diplomatic. He is someone who would represent America globally and be respected for his honesty and his strong character. He is not quick on the trigger and would always keep America’s best interest in the front of his brain.   

I really do not think we need anyone who is “tough” to be SOS at this time. Huntsman can be tough if necessary, but he comes across as a peace-maker. We have tough now in the White House; we don’t need so much tough on the streets. President-Elect Trump can use Huntsman for the good cop-bad cop role when dealing with rogue nations. Huntsman could walk in and elaborate on “why, this government needs to do this, otherwise, they get the bad cop when Trump shows up.”   

What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comment box below; I am very interested. Have a blessed day America!

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