Well, well, well, wouldn’t you know it? That didn’t take long. I guess you’re wondering what I am talking about here. Explanations are in order.

The left (Democrats) campaign on and have for decades that Republican’s are only taking care of their wealthy brethren and don’t care about the poor or Seniors.

Enter Congressman Sam Johnson (R-Tx) from North Texas and just South of the muddy Red River. While they’re still counting votes in some spots across America, the dust has barely settled on the election, and old Sam is apparently already paying off his cronies on Capitol Hill. President-Elect Donald Trump has just spent months trying desperately to mend fences, let the Hispanics know the GOP loves them also, let the poor know the GOP cares about them too, and many more sub-groups and along comes old Sam.

According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, it seems that Sam Johnson has decided that he has an idea to save Social Security. The idea is pretty basic. Let the government cut the amount paid into Social Security by Billionaires, while reducing benefits paid to seniors and the disabled.   

FROM THE TIMES; Predictably, this plan has already been hailed by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a billionaire’s front group that likes to portray itself as a neutral budget watchdog. (The foundation of hedge fund billionaire Peter G. Peterson, whose hostility to Social Security is well-documented, provided $3.3 million in funding for the committee in 2015; that’s the equivalent of about half the group’s revenue of $7.1 million in 2014) READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE!

America’s Seniors and Disabled cannot withstand what Johnson wants to do.

I would ask each of you to please read the article at the Los Angeles Times as there is almost zero way to describe what is in Rep. Johnson’s plan without being guilty of plagiarism. As we all know, I do not copy other writers work without telling you (as above) where it came from and who wrote it. With that said, read the article and you’ll now understand “WHY” we are going to do what we are about to do.

President-Elect Donald Trump campaigned heavily on “keeping the government’s hands out of Social Security, Medicare, and Seniors pockets.” The new President has not even been inaugurated yet, and this clown is already writing legislation that is going to force at the very least a floor-fight and worse case scenario, force the new President to either sign or veto this piece of crap bill. Right out of the box, this idiot writes legislation that forces the President to VETO something from his Republican Congress or sign it and face breaking his promise to America.

Folks, this is what happens when you are owned by cartels, lobbyist, and Super-PACs (who don’t have America’s best interest at heart). There are some great Political Action Committees out there. Then there are those that only represent one constituency group, which being, some business that has a particular interest and it is usually not caring about the American people as a whole.

O.K., so we now have a Republican Congressman who is “paying” off his guy’s who bankrolled his campaign or he just doesn’t love Seniors and crippled people, one or the other. I am thinking probably the first reason. Either way, he is not serving the American people. Either way, he is putting the new President in a box, and it is time to send him home. Representative Sam Johnson needs to retire, and we are going to help him do it.

I need someone in the Third District of Texas to send me the names and phone numbers of someone who espouses the following criteria.

  1. Is a devoted conservative. I am talking about being a conservative with a heart and a conscience. Not one who preaches it and is willing to put grandma in the street as Johnson is. They need to believe in smaller government, the constitution ( I am talking about ready to impale themselves on a sword for our nation) and someone who is has some level of knowledge of what it takes to be a good candidate for higher office. I would actually prefer someone who has not made a life in politics. 
  2. They need to have a clean police record. 
  3. They need to have the ability to fund the very early stages of their campaign to the tune of around $50,000 or so. We will take care of it after that.
  4. They need to be able to listen to direction and be able to campaign full-time. I have managers on my team who have not lost a race in 28-years, I think we know how to get you elected if you listen.
  5. Lastly; have a set of inner moral convictions that places our nation above and beyond what any Lobbyist wants, PAC wants, or special interest group wants. That is to say, if the PAC does not want what is best for our country, then you have the ability to show them the door, and hold no remorse for doing so.

If you know someone who is above reproach or nearly above reproach, has an internal moral compass that fits in with conservatism (they don’t have to be ready to start a revolution, just be conservative, be educated and be someone you would want representing you on Capitol Hill), then please forward me their name and number.

This call to action is for the 2018 Texas Republican Primary race for the Third District. Many thanks and God Bless each of you.

UPDATE; After further researching Congressman Johnson, I have found that according to (Health Reform Votes.org) the Congressman has failed each time he had the opportunity to rid America of Obamacare. He has voted every time to support this horrific healthcare that is crippling our nation. Furthermore, according to OpenSecrets.org, over 74% of his campaign contributions have come from Lobbyist and PAC’s which are affiliated with either Insurance or Banking. This explains a lot if you ask me.  

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Ken Crow (ken@crowsnestpolitics.com)


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