We’ve heard the anti-American douche-bag, Michael Moore, calling for the Donald Trump inauguration to be disrupted on January 20, 2017. The question now becomes, “who, how many, and what will they attempt to do?” Unfortunately for Moore, this is his day of reckoning. Is he really an inspirational activist or is he just another left-wing liberal blowhard? We are about to find out! (side note; I’m betting on blowhard)

Reports vary, but most are saying that Moore and the other radical activist are calling for 1,000,000 of their multi-colored haired kooks to show up, protest, start a riot (if they can), and frighten Donald Trump off the inaugural stand.

If you’re not one that hangs out on Twitter very often, you probably have not seen the hashtag for the organization who is apparently behind this “wannabe” massive protest against Donald Trump’s inauguration. #DisruptJ20 is the leftist loons most recent attempt at anarchy. At first glance; you might think this is another one of George Soros latest concoctions. However, it is not. This one, believe it or not, is the brainchild of the LGBT Community. According to this article from the Canada Free Press, it is the peaceful, loving and all encompassing gay community who are organizing leftist whacko’s to become violent (if need be) to stop the inauguration.

We often hear the communist-backed ACLU espouse constitution. For how many years have we witnessed them sue a city, a school system, the government or their officials, all in the name of a thinly veiled lawsuit? How many times have we witnessed the ACLU disrupt Christian celebrations at Christmas, or prayer at a ballgame? If this is the case, then why are they not openly challenging #DisruptJ20’s protests of a Constitutional swearing in of a Constitutionally elected President of the United States?

The left may not like the results, but Donald Trump was legally and constitutionally elected. As the left screams their frustration over Hillary’s popular vote victory, why is the ACLU not openly explaining that the popular vote is not how we elect Presidents. The left claims fairness and objectivity in all situations, why not now? The most alarming reason is that; it was a conservative who was elected! Had the roles been reversed, do you honestly think the ACLU or anyone else for that matter would stand up to protest?

To prove my point, stop by the ACLU website. These guys are already raising money for the all the Trump lawsuits they are going to file. In direct opposition to the Constitution, they are going to file suits on behalf of fringe groups who oppose Trump’s swearing in.

When will the hypocrisy of the left end? Do they not see that America has voted to stop the lies, hypocrisy, and distortions. This is why Trump is draining the swamp!