The teeth gnashing, moans and wails can be heard echoing off the concrete canyon walls of New York City, through the peach orchards outside of Atlanta (CNN Headquarters) all the way out west to the backlots and studios of Hollywood. As the catcalls of fraud, Russian hacking, and voter oppression continue to mount, President-Elect Donald Trump continues to fill in his top cabinet post. As a conservative; I can only say, “hearing Nancy Pelosi cry foul, and watching slugs such as Michael Moore and Jill Stein continue to make themselves look more foolish than they are is truly heartwarming.”

So far, we have the former speaker insulting a revered national medical figure, a host of liberal whiners and whingers (British Term) complaining that the President-Elect is appointing too many Generals to his cabinet, and several activists calling for violence at Mr. Trump’s inauguration ceremony. This to me in unconscionable. Of course, my question will be; why is the Secret Service not arresting Michael Moore for calling on protesters to bring violence to Washington, D.C. during a Presidential event? This should be a no-brainer, I would think.

Another humorous happening a couple of day’s ago, had the New York Times jumping into the racist act of pounding on Dr. Ben Carson for not being qualified to hold the post of HUD Secretary. The Times claim as dingbat Pelosi does that because Dr. Carson is a Doctor; therefore he cannot be a Secretary to begin rebuilding the inner city ghettoes across our nation.

Probably one of the best displays of liberal lunacy came about a week ago when Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway got into a heated debate with Jennifer Palmieri. The insanity of thinking for a moment that Trump reached out to America’s racists is beyond absurd. Enjoy this little tet-da-tet on CNN. Too funny!

If this wasn’t funny enough, when one begins to apply some rational to the destruction of the Democrats, it seems that most of the blame is directed at Donald Trump rather than eight failed years of unbridled liberalism and Barack Obama’s policies.

In the end America, the facts are; Barack Obama’s promises back in 2008 were mostly broken. In the end, his promises ended up being lies. In the end, America finally figured out the truth of progressivism, liberalism, and what the Democrat party stands for. In the end; our nation said in a deafening scream, “enough is enough, and we are taking our country back.”

Patriots; sit back, relax and enjoy four glorious years of liberalism coming unhinged. It is going to be a freak show of epic proportions and certainly worth the price of a ticket to watch. Will we get Nancy Pelosi riding off into the sunset on a rainbow colored unicorn? Probably! We know we will get many more Jennifer Palmieri’s whining on the Sunday talk shows, along with the resentment and vitriol of Chris Mathews. We are aware that we get the networks trying in vain to sway public opinion against Trump. That is a given.

PS; Hey Pelosi, for the record. Dr. Ben Carson ran hospitals and had hundreds of employees under him as Director of Surgery. We know he was raised in a less than stellar environment in a low-income area of a major city. We know he is highly intelligent with nearly a decade of college behind him. The Secretary’s job is to organize, hire the right employees, develop a game plan (with the President’s input), then direct his staff to carry this plan out. Dr. Carson’s job is not to paint and apply siding to 125,000 homes. His job is to understand the needs of the inner-cities and come up with a way to rehabilitate our crumbling communities. I think he is probably imminently qualified for this task. For Pelosi to say what she said is nothing short of flaming racism.

For more reflecting on the record; simply look at who Donald Trump is appointing to these cabinet positions. He is appointing Blacks, Latino’s, Women and military heroes. As for the Generals; these are great appointments. Generals are leaders; they are all well educated (often at West Point or the Naval Acadamy), and they all are problem solvers with a very positive attitude. The billionaires? I love Trump’s response to this complaint. “Who do you want losers, I want winners that know how to make money.

Enjoy America; this next four years is going to be fun to watch as Donald Trump continues his destruction of liberalism and the myth that big brother knows best.