Diversity vs Unity

Its not about the color of the skin but character and the rule of law.

Ask yourself, do you believe that we all should come together as one people? Should we unify as one nation and live in harmony with each other, staying away from the idea of superiority over one or all people?

Perhaps we should strongly consider the thought of defeating elitists hiding within an ideology in our society, and stop taking the bait that victimhood is something to be sought after, and that demands compensation?

Or maybe you think we should divide ourselves into categories and make the color of our skin, our gender, and our age define who we are or what we deserve?

Surely, you must believe it is wrong to treat people differently, and develop a separate set of rules if they were born into another class, race, or creed? Is it wrong to have benefits for one demographic and not another? Then call it fair, equal, or uniting, no matter what the demographic is? It is wrong to divide, separate, segregate and isolate from each other!

This forced and heralded tribalism, and ethnic identity is the very thing causing division in society across our nation today. We The People are supposed to be one people, one human race, one nation under God. We’re meant to be Americans. We are not supposed to be hyphenated Americans (IE; African-Americans, Cuban-Americans, Irish-Americans, etc.).

I have to ask myself; then why are we allowing a leftist ideology (of racism, hatred, and bigotry) to be foisting the intolerable on our society? Why are We the People giving up our authority and gladly handing over our power to the big government path? This all in the name of peace, while hatefully maintaining a divide among ourselves based on demographics.

The amazing part is; it is our government and media who are demonizing parts of our society and keeping us focused on our division.

Why have we created the belief that division is somehow needed to create diversity?                                                                                                                    Why even use the term diversity? Which is focusing away from unity?

By telling one part of our society they are victims, who should loudly and proudly organize, for only their particular demographic, what are we really doing? We are mandating special attention specifically for one group and continuing in a score keeping divide.

We need to begin asking again; what we can do for our country!
We need to begin asking again; what we can do for our country!

Instead of educating in a manner that promotes the unity of all demographics under the banner of an American citizen, the government instead twists the call to action by encouraging, supporting, and defending efforts to spread hate, violence, destruction, and chaos. By literally pitting different parts of the citizenship against each other; man vs. woman, black vs. white, Christian vs. all other religions, rich vs. poor, young vs. old, and all in the name of diversity. Totally ignoring any messaging of E Pluribus Unum or the great American “melting pot.”

My prayer for our great nation is; that all Americans will one day open their eyes and see how divisive this paradigm actually is. We need to erase the left’s #1 weapon of hate charging racism. We need to understand that they do it by racist actions, such as demonizing one race of the people, (merely by the color of their skin), thereby using racism in labeling a particular color of the citizenship as racists.

When this leftist ideology successfully categorizes the races of the people, they then move on to gender and play the same game. They demonize men and praise women; then they criticize Christianity as weak, hypocritical and having no place in public all the while promoting and educating other religions as educational and diverse.

So, what is it the Democrats seek from this division? Someone once said; “Divide and Conquer.” Never truer words were ever spoken. Look at just how divided we are as a people today.

The truth is; they want a Pure Democracy, or “Democratic Socialism” not our Constitutional Republic. It appears they are literally trying to change everything from the way we govern to the way we elect our leadership.

In my article, before the election, I said, “…no matter who won, We the People have the duty to make sure we hold him/her accountable to stand true in defending the Constitution of the United States and honor it…” I should have added that we hold not only this president, but all our elected officials from local, state, and national levels, to include ourselves, as citizens who must do our part, our duty.

It is "Content of Character" not the "Color of our skin".
It is “Content of Character” not the “Color of our skin”.

If we truly want our great American Experiment to succeed, then we must stop anyone from officially preaching tribalism, that is a must. We must stop the mandating of privileges for certain segments of our society. We must begin “molding our differences into being American.”

We should (as all Americans) embrace Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream of “… one day not being judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character…” and become E Pluribus Unum (from the many one).

As Americans, we should build that character living by John F. Kennedy’s words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Tell them that we all are one free nation of citizens, one free people, a free race; Americans.

Let all who want to know that becoming a legal citizen brings them into this shining city on the hill, with all its rights and privileges no matter who you are or where you come from. That means we are one Nation, abiding by the rule of one law for all human beings. Stop the segregation of our citizenship by the false separate solidarities under the label of diversity, instead, educate with the concept of one for all and all for one.

Teaching that working hard is what it takes to achieve the American Dream, and living the “golden rule” is what defeats welfare and hardships. The longer we grow in our division, the quicker we will fall into socialistic tyranny.

“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)


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Written by Gregg Cummings

Gregg C. Cummings is a Veteran of the U.S. Army, he served as a Paratrooper, Ranger, Engineer, Small Arms Specialist, and instructor for 3 different combat oriented schools over his 12 years of military service. In the civilian sector he has served as a Family Counselor, Police Officer, and an Executive Director for a state education program. In the political world he is the founder of We The People Tea Party of Southern Iowa, a Co-Founder of the Iowa Grassroots Coalition (Which networks with all the grass-root groups throughout the state of Iowa), a Regional Director for Strong America Now (Focusing on and promoting Lean Six Sigma, a plan that would pay off our nations debt if implemented), before going to work with one of the largest conservative organizations in the country with Tea Party Patriots where Gregg travels in all 50 states speaking, networking, aiding, and assisting grassroots efforts on ground zero in today’s fight for Liberty. Many know Gregg from his inspiring military term in which he serves by, “Charlie Mike” which means, “Continue the Mission.”


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