As Donald Trump completes his Oath of Office on January 20, 2017, he will shortly after that deliver his Inaugural Address to the Nation.

President Trump will cover his plans for re-energizing a stagnate economy, securing our borders, rebuilding our infrastructure, and much, much more. Somewhere amidst all of the laying out of his first 100-day agenda, he will be sharing about how badly we need to unify and come together again as Americans.” 

The new President will most likely discuss the racial strife our nation has endured for the past several years, the war on law enforcement, the deep divide between socio-economic classes and how his administration is going to combat these issues. He will likely say that “it doesn’t matter your sexual identity, your religious preference or your economic status,” we are all Americans and need to support each other. 

The speech could very well be one for the ages, or it could end up being one that is quickly forgotten. Never the less, millions will line the streets to view the new President, bands will play, groups will march in unison, and for a few moments in time, most Americans will be happy.

Ah yes, for about an hour and a half, America will once again be transported to days of yore. We will all strive for the heavens, have feelings of anticipation of what might come and believe in ourselves once again.

That afternoon, the new Congressmen will be sworn in, and the “games will begin.” While POTUS and FLOTUS are walking and riding in all the pomp and revelry, the House Democrats and Senate Democrats will be drinking $200 a bottle Scotch and calculating just how to undermine the new agenda that is about to be presented.

The new President should and hopefully realize that “ANY” attempt by the left to “make peace” will almost assuredly be insincere at best and most likely be setting him up to be sabotaged. In fact, the same could be said for the Speaker of the House and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. Remember, none of these guys cared for Trump’s immigration plans or his strong stand on the border. Almost none of the House Membership came out in support of his plans with NAFTA or his plans to slow the tide of refugee Muslims coming from Syria.

Will these two character support the new President or sabotage him?

Will these two characters support the new President or sabotage him?

The new President needs to embrace that “HE IS THE ONE WITH THE MANDATE,” not Paul Ryan, not Nancy Pelosi, not Mitch McConnell or his longtime friend Chuck Schumer. Trump’s instinct will be to “unify” as promised in his inauguration speech. He will want to soothe anxieties, put down any illusion of partisanship and try to be “nice” to those across the aisle. Remember, throughout his campaign he sold to America; “I am a deal maker, I can get along with almost anyone and create deals.”

Trump should recognize that this is political warfare. When these Democrats shake your hand, it is not to agree to something as it is in the business world. These guys shake your hand to get you to stop moving forward and get you to relax while they go to plan-B to get what they really want.  

Initially, the Democrats will elicit the aid and comfort of a complacent media (which we have become accustomed to). They will paint Trump as being hard-lined and will almost certainly try to hang a racist label around the President’s neck as well. Although they won’t come out and directly accuse him of racism (he is President after all), they will elude to it. This is the ammunition they will use to acquire leverage. The President has to be careful and not fall prey to this sort of unspoken blackmail.

Many reports have come out lately that the new President had softened on immigration, softened his stance on education (IE; deleting Common Core), his position on Hillary’s criminal behavior, and many more items. Again Mr. Trump; you were elected with a mandate to do certain things and fulfill your promises to us, not the Republicans or Democrats. You need to remember those 60,000,000 who swore to protect you and have your back.

The Democrats have a nearly 50-year history of sabotaging Republican Presidents. They have become very adept at working the media and playing hardball on national television. Donald Trump needs to get prepared for “Brutus in the Oval Office.” Whether Brutus comes in the form of Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell or some other traitor, one will no doubt appear.

The Republican establishment will be fearing losses at the mid-term, while the truth of the matter is, Trump can actually provide cover for them if they utilize his mandate. While Ryan might not see it, his people actually want Trump’s agenda. All of it!

If Trump takes the lead, hard charges into the education issues, and attacks the EPA (over job-killing regulations), then goes after NAFTA (and solicits the help of the blue collar states Senators), he will build an unbeatable coalition that will all but shut down the media. He then can bring the border states Senators into the family and all but shut down the media. Where are they going to go?

Trump will now have the bulk of the constituency onboard along with the elected Representatives.

If Donald Trump pulls the plays from the old Ronald Reagan book, he can very rapidly turn this nation around, while shutting his enemies off at the pass.

Remember Mr. President; we elected you, not the hierarchy on Capitol Hill. You answer to nobody but us. Do your duty, represent those that sent you and to heck with the rest.

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