Donald Trump is a bigot! Donald Trump is a racist! Donald Trump is a misogynist pig! Donald Trump is a thief, liar, and an idiot. And the list goes on and on.

More often than not, when having a discussion with a liberal about Hillary’s record, this is what you heard. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sold arms to rebels in Syria and Libya, then they “dot, dot, dot,” and before you can finish your accusation of truth, out comes the “Donald Trump is this, that and seven other things.”

John Adams was widely known for being a rabble-rouser on the floor of Congress.

When our Founding Fathers set up our Continental Congress, they did so for the specific purpose of “DEBATE.” They (as do I) believe that debate is a good thing. Most intelligent and sophisticated people do believe that debate is good. Case in point; Ronald Reagan!

When Congressman Tip O’Neal was the Speaker of the House, Ronald Reagan was President. Reagan wanted tax cuts, Tip did not. Reagan wanted to beef up the military, and Tip wanted more social programs. Tip was a good man, he was a lefty liberal from Boston and knew where his bread was buttered, but he was a good person who loved his country as much as the next guy.

After dozens of floor fights, Reagan finally got the bright idea to bring the Speaker to the Oval Office. And thus became a tradition for the feuding politicoes. Anytime Reagan wanted something done; Tip would come by, they would break open the bottle of Brandy, discuss and debate the issue. What ended up happening was, they became great friends along with being political opposites.

Today, the Democrats and the Left view Republicans, the Tea Party and Conservatives as nothing more than enemies of the state. Today, the GOP and all of our makeup see the Democrats and Left as enemies of the state who want to destroy our nation. The Leftist known as the LGBT want what they feel are equal rights and the right views them as nothing more than Satanist who want to destroy the moral fabric of America.

Somewhere in the past decade, we as Americans have lost our ability to have a sane, rational, and mature debate or discussion about anything. Depending on where your personal political beliefs are is determining just how loudly you scream. Make no mistake about it, the Left and the Right are both doing the very same thing.

The right has their heals dug in just as deeply as the left have theirs nailed to the floor.

I am bringing this up because, over the past few days, I have had something very tragic happen to me. At least it is tragic to me personally. As many of you know, Crows Nest Politics has a Facebook group which actually is very successful and is growing by 50 or so new members on a daily basis. For this, I am continuously grateful and do enjoy reading the interactions between the members. So, what is the problem?

My “PEEP’s” (if you will, those being fellow conservatives), have decided they want nobody in the group of a differing viewpoint. Crow’s Nest has several Liberals (Democrats), which are regular contributors to the group. They post news clips, articles, etc. that most conservatives view as “inflammatory.” These items are usually from websites such as Mother Jones or The Huffington Post or other liberal sites. As a rule, the articles are not normally very favorable toward conservatism or the right.

Along with this, these liberal members at times do chime in on a conservative post and you can imagine what happens next. “THE WAR IS ON”! Here is the problem for the conservative “Peep’s”. The two liberals who belong to the group are very adept at debating and making a cognizant argument (most of the time) for the liberal viewpoint. One of them is an attorney and the other is an engineer (if I’m not mistaken). Both are highly educated and both are above average intelligence. Needless to say, better than half the time they lay waste to the patriot who isn’t used to this sort of high-level debating skills.

The next thing that happens is, I am messaged and told to get rid of the liberal or they are leaving the group (meaning my peep is leaving). Why?

America; if we on the right cannot peacefully make an argument for our viewpoint, then we need to pack it in now and give up!

Who is the arbiter to say we are right in our judgment? We think we are right, we believe we are correct in our assessment of a situation, but in the end, who say’s we are right? Usually, it is the Supreme Court that decides. This is a Facebook group, not a legal case before the court. Why are we so emotional that we cannot discuss something that at times is a bit contentious? If we have nobody to disagree with us, then it means one of two things.

  1. Either we are correct in our assessment of a situation such as gun control, abortion, or a litany of other topics. Or~
  2. We are strictly preaching to the choir and there is nobody left to disagree with us.

Question; When did we on the right become so weak and so fragile that we cannot mount a valid case for our viewpoint on a subject without whining that we want the liberal thrown out of a group? What the heck has happened that has caused this near total emotional meltdown to warrant such an action?

This seems to be the problem nationally, not just on Facebook. Nobody is willing to talk about issues anymore. It is ALL OR NOTHING! BELIEVE MY WAY OR GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!   

Patriot’s; It is up to us to set an example. We should be willing to sit down, break bread, and talk about an issue that comes to a resolution that benefits our nation. We have a nation at stake here. We have honest to goodness bad guys trying to steal our country from us. No, the bad guys are not the liberals, they are the anarchist, they are the Communist, they are the evil doers.

Liberals such as Franklin Roosevelt loved our nation. Liberals such as Hubert Humphrey, Ted Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and many more loved our nation. They simply had causes they believed in (such as taking care of the poor) that disagreed with the way conservatives think. Are they wrong? Should we not care for our poor? Maybe not, but should we not discuss it? Should we just walk away and leave the poor to starve on the sidewalk? Is that compassion? Is that what makes America great?

No, I am not trying to start an argument. I am simply giving an example as to what has happened when we can no longer have a debate or discussion without it being all or nothing. America, we need to all read “The Art of the Deal” and learn how to sit down, talk, cut deals and get this nation back on the right track.

I am very saddened that my friends (or those who I thought were friends) have decided that they cannot handle talking with a liberal. I say goodbye and take care. We need real warriors on the front lines, not just those who want to hear their own voices echoed.