Most remember those first words spoken to Congress shortly after the inauguration of Barack Obama. When Obama uttered, ‘elections have consequences‘ (and we all knew he had a clear mandate from the people), everyone on the right had cold chills run down their collective spines.

This election, the worm has turned, and it is the conservative Republicans who have the clear mandate. “The citizens have spoken in record numbers, and they want this People’s Champion to overhaul Capitol Hill and Drain the Swamp.”

Navigating the Minefield 

One of the “YUGE” problems for the new President is going to be keeping his campaign promises he made in the closing days of the campaign. Mr. Trump laid out an entire ‘shopping list‘ of items he wanted to accomplish in first 100-days after the inauguration. There is little doubt that he will dive into the deep end of the pool and attempt to achieve these goals and keep his pledge to the American people.

Some of these promises, he will have little problem meeting. Then there are the ones that he is going to have major problems achieving and most likely will not be done in the first 100-days if at all.

Common Core;

Mr. Trump promised to rid America of the Common Core education system and return education back to the States and in the laps of the Governors. In fact, Mr. Trump even stated on many occasions that he would do with the entire Department of Education. While the politically far-right cheered wildly (as this shrinks government), the reality of doing this is a mosh-pit, to say the least, and most likely unachievable.

NPR has a Fact-Checking department for those that were not aware of this. It is a very precise task to do in-depth fact checking and they are very fair and accurate in their assessments as a rule.

This is part of their statement on Mr. Trump’s common core pledge.

Yes, President Obama and his Education Department dangled money in front of states who agreed to do many things, including adopt rigorous new standards. But Washington could not, and did not, force the Core on states. As such, if states want to repeal the standards, they can and have. But a President Trump … couldn’t. Read the full assessment here:

Keystone XL; 

One of the new President’s major campaign pledges on the trail was to guarantee that America became energy independent, this way not being reliant on any foreign oil or any other natural resources.

Diagram of proposed Keystone. The dates have had to be changed because of Barack Obama.

Diagram of proposed Keystone. The dates have had to be changed because of Barack Obama.

The 100-day pledge is very achievable with the stroke of a pen. The new President can simply order that all restrictions (imposed by Obama) be lifted. However, there is one small issue here. While there is plenty of oil in the Bakken Fields of Western North Dakota and Alberta, the cost of getting it to the surface is actually quite spendy.

As long as the demand is high, the reserves are full; the price will remain cheap on the world market. What opening all this up will likely accomplish is that Saudi Arabia will continue to flood the global markets with very cheap crude effectively keeping the market shut-out of the business. For a drilling company to earn a profit in Western Colorado, Wyoming, Western North Dakota, and many more locations, oil has to remain around $60 plus dollars a barrel. It’s currently a little over $40.00 a barrel and has been for some time now.

The good news here is; the Keystone will provide thousands of high paying jobs for several years to come, which is not a bad deal at all.


This is where it begins getting very dicey for the new President and he will no doubt have to rely on some very sage politicians for a ton of help regarding this subject. Without delving into an entire essay on the technicalities of this issue, I will suggest reading this very insightful segment from the NPR Fact Checking Department on the subject. I will address the political aspects to this.

So far the new President has only suggested allowing Insurance Companies to sell across state lines. He has mentioned in many stump speeches the creation of health savings accounts. While these are all good, herein lies a major landmine for the new President. The “Uninsurable” or those with pre-existing conditions that would cause them to be uninsurable in the first place. IE; a 38-year-old lady who survived breast cancer 4-years ago.

Currently, there are an estimated 20-million who have enrolled in Obamacare. Forget the legalities of “stripping” this monster out of our system, let’s take a look at the political fall-out for a moment. Many who are currently enrolled, derive some sort of government subsidy to pay the premiums for this behemoth monstrosity. Example; If you earn say, $70,000 annually, have a wife, three children, live in the suburbs, drive a nice car, own a 3-bedroom 2-bath home and have Obamacare, you’re getting crushed. Your taxes are high; your premiums are running $1000 a month or more, and you are begging for relief from this blood sucking liberal piece of crap.

However, if you live in the inner-city, earn $25,000 a year, have no husband with 1-child, your premiums are likely $78.35 a month because the government pay’s the other $550 a month for you. Also, you obtain government assistance for rent, $500 a month in food aid and your free Obama-phone. Combine this along with your signs you carry and your willingness to protest on national television and you have just become a threat to your Congressman’s future.

Unfortunately, as much as we all want Obamacare to go away and be dumped in the “ash-heap of bad memories,” it might not be as easy as we thought it would be. Mr. Trump is going to face legal challenges of the likes of which we have never seen. He will face public backlash complete with protesting in every major city in this country. He will even face treasonous Republicans such as Senator Ben Sasse who will skewer him on the Sunday morning talk-shows. This in addition to Barack Obama himself spewing his rhetoric on every newscast in the country on a daily basis.

Can he rid America of this monster? I suppose to some degree, yes. In totality, I seriously doubt it. Remember; While we retained a majority in the Senate, there are those in the GOP that do not like Trump very much. There are those who said he would be a total abject failure as President. lindsey-graham-tweetWe already know how Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse and many more feel about him. The question now becomes, will these Senators honor the will of the people or feather their own nest for a future run at the White House themselves? I personally have lots of disdain for Senator Ben Sasse, and when he is up for re-election, I will find an excellent candidate to primary him and get that campaign funded. I truly dislike this treasonous S.O.B. and have nothing but IRE for him.

The same holds true in House of Representatives. Many in the Republican camp, we can trust, and many will do everything they can to sabotage our President.

The first 100-days will be exciting. The results will largely be up to us. We will have to stay on top of what is happening (which Crows Nest will keep you apprised) and burn the phones up to our legislators. It will be up to us America to put pressure on these Senators and House Members to force them to support “OUR PRESIDENT”!

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