What Has The Tea Party Been Doing Leading Up To Election 2016

Tea Party Patriots and I constantly represent you by meeting with our elected officials. Senator Mike Lee is a great conservative patriot!

This article ‘s hard to write, to meet a deadline that is before the election, and to have it come out the day after. So in these first paragraphs, I am sharing my anxieties about these two candidates and the election.

No matter who wins, we have to remember that “We the People” have the duty to make sure we hold him/her accountable to stand faithful in defending the Constitution of the United States. Not just honoring (those precious Founding Documents) but also holding him or her accountable in realizing what authority the government actually has or doesn’t have over the people.

From the Tea Party perspective we have one goal and depending on who wins the presidency, we have to prepare for two actions.

If Trump wins, we need to organize our efforts to build our message through the states, hammering presidential cabinet offices into putting the government back at its proper level of authority, under the people. Too many of our agencies (such as EPA, NEA, IRS, etc.) have far to much power that they wield over our citizens. We should continue working on getting that power returned from Washington back to “We the People.”

If Hillary wins, (personally- I am saddened), it will almost be unbelievable that so many just chose to ignore her words. She said (publically and in speeches) that ‘she must always have two messages on every subject, one for the public and one for private’. In “her own words,” we have just voted a president in, who will never tell the American people the same thing she is saying and doing in private.

With Hillary in the Oval Office, we must work tirelessly to force the House and Senate to fight her on continuing this massive progressive government expansionism. She will do everything in her power to expand government, restrict our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights and much more. We will have to fight her through Congress, every step of the way.

May God help the Great American Experiment before it fails!

One of my proudest moments this year was representing conservatism (for Iowa) at the RNC Convention in Cleveland.
One of my proudest moments this year was representing conservatism (for Iowa) at the RNC Convention in Cleveland.

I want to share with you what We The People have done the past two years in the area of the people’s movement with the Tea Party.

Personally, I can speak from first-hand perspectives at the local, state, and the national tea party level-minded actions.

I am the founder of the We The People Tea Party of Southern Iowa and co-founder of the Iowa Grassroots Coalition, along with twelve other groups statewide, and I work in all 50 states, for the Tea Party Patriots organization.

So, what have we done? Our local group president has submitted quotes to educate our local community about our nation’s Founding Fathers’ attitudes on various core issues. We are helping to inform the public by furnishing pocket booklets containing the US Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution to several south central Iowa schools. We are actively seeking ways to assist in their efforts to teach students about our Founding-Fathers and the foundations of our Republic.

We created a venue that brought in presidential candidates, state legislators, renowned authors, and other political figures for Q and A’s. We then do our citizen duty, by getting out the vote, encouraging all to do their duty.

Marcia and the team work tirelessly educating the voting public.
Marcia and the team work tirelessly educating the voting public.

At a state level, we realized a need for a tool to help all citizens better assess candidates and encourage greater participation statewide. Three individual from the Iowa Grassroots Coalition; Marcia Hora, Tammy Kobza, and myself, worked tirelessly on creating the Candidate Honest Assessment Card.

We distributed around 30,000 of these cards which were instrumental in assisting Iowans in selecting a candidate that mirrored their personal value’s and issues. The results were reported to and sent to Iowa Grassroots Coalition for evaluation. The network between groups statewide have struggled but have never lost sight of the need to continue this effort in strengthening the citizens of Iowa.

At the national level, there are a lot of great organizations. However, I can only accurately report on the one that I work for (The Tea Party Patriots).

The amount of education, assistance and unconditional support for local groups is second to none. Let’s take a look at what we have accomplished for “We The People.” In 2015 the Tea Party Patriots had 710 groups in their network nationwide in 50 states. With some 879 local coordinators and over 3,000,000 supporters, which 70% of all congressional districts have at least one of these groups, and some of those with memberships of 10,000 plus.

The Tea Party Patriots organized rallies at 301 Congressional district offices nationwide to force Congress to live under the Obamacare laws and regulations as we have to do. The Patriots made over 12,500 targeted calls into 47 different congressional offices and sent out more than 2.5 million emails and gathering 22,815 signatures on a petition for this issue.

To further expand the power base for “We the People,” The Tea Party Patriots launched a new “petition portal” that can send signed online petitions directly to targeted Congressman and Senators. Since launching “petition portal,” we have sent tens of thousands of signed petitions on various issues. One of these matters was 137,111 signatures gathered to fire the Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

On the road to another event with my "Navigator"!
On the road to another event with my “Navigator”! Yes, this is a light-hearted photo.

The Tea Party Patriots have also worked directly with local groups across the nation by holding a weekly “live webinar.” In these “webinars,” we have legislative updates, guest speakers for Q and A’s, idea’s for sharing best practices from local groups nationwide, and calls to action.

All of the above are designed for an open, two-way communication with all groups on the ground. We discuss and vote on national direction by reaching 6,100 attendees. Then we provide toolkits that walk activists through engagement actions designed to teach social media, letters to the editor, etc. and even in-person meetings with members of Congress.

The Grassroots education doesn’t stop there. The next phase is instruction is how to form, maintain, and grow an active group. The Tea Party Patriots have developed a handbook from best practices learned throughout the tea party movement that gives “how to” guides for every area of activism imaginable. We have also produced and distributed documentaries and videos on critical issues facing our nation.

This in addition to assisting in the sponsorship of national and local level events organized nationwide, such as CPAC (Major Convention frequently held outside of Washington, D.C.) and local group events.

In 2015, Tea Party Patriots participated in 67 events in 21 states, and more than 30,000 grassroot leaders and activists attended these events. The Tea Party Patriots wrote 24 op-eds and began writing a weekly column in the Washington Times. We held tele-town-halls with 20 different guests that included Sen. Mike Lee, Rep Jim Jordan, Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Rep Steve King and many more. The Tea Party Patriots sent more than 147 million emails, had more than 416 million Facebook impressions, and 48 million Twitter impressions.

Jenny Beth testifying before the Senate about the IRS Targeting.
Jenny Beth testifying before the Senate about the IRS Targeting.

Jenny Beth Martin and Tea Party Patriots counsel, Cleta Mitchell, testified before the U.S. Senate about the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups and organized highly publicized events in front of the White House, Supreme Court, and US Capital.

In addition to all of the above, The Tea Party Patriots maintain a full-time support team, to which I belong. We are available to help activists and groups with all their grassroots needs. Like road-warriors, we are on the road a lot meeting with groups, conducting training sessions, speaking and helping groups to grow and be more engaged.

All in all, the Tea Party Patriots is one of the most highly respected champions for defending “We The People” in this out of control political environment our nation is dealing with today.

Finally, 2016 has increased even more so and without a doubt shown the intensity of the people’s involvement from local, state, and national levels. We must keep defending our founders’ mission, no matter who wins this election. We The People have got to keep the engagement strong, assessments honest, and accountability of our elected officials on target and focused on strengthening our Great American Experiment.

Now; “GET OUT AND VOTE AMERICA” on Tuesday, November the 8th.

“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission).

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Written by Gregg Cummings

Gregg C. Cummings is a Veteran of the U.S. Army, he served as a Paratrooper, Ranger, Engineer, Small Arms Specialist, and instructor for 3 different combat oriented schools over his 12 years of military service. In the civilian sector he has served as a Family Counselor, Police Officer, and an Executive Director for a state education program. In the political world he is the founder of We The People Tea Party of Southern Iowa, a Co-Founder of the Iowa Grassroots Coalition (Which networks with all the grass-root groups throughout the state of Iowa), a Regional Director for Strong America Now (Focusing on and promoting Lean Six Sigma, a plan that would pay off our nations debt if implemented), before going to work with one of the largest conservative organizations in the country with Tea Party Patriots where Gregg travels in all 50 states speaking, networking, aiding, and assisting grassroots efforts on ground zero in today’s fight for Liberty. Many know Gregg from his inspiring military term in which he serves by, “Charlie Mike” which means, “Continue the Mission.”


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