Sometimes in life, the best of intentions can turn sour and end up being the worst of actions or plans.

Former 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney effectively nuked his campaign when he made this quote in a somewhat private campaign event.

There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what,” Romney said in the video. “All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what.”

That was 2012 and Mitt Romney ended up being right about our nation. The question now becomes, has anything changed? Will those drawing government benefits in 2016 vote for a candidate who might very well do away with some of those benefits?

Here is the SHOCKING TRUTH AMERICA! We have passed the tipping point. According to Forbes Magazine (and this article is from 2014), we have indeed crossed the tipping point where more voters are on the government nipple than who are supplying the milk.

Welfare recipients protesting welfare reform. DON'T CUT THEIR CHECKS!

Welfare recipients protesting welfare reform. DON’T CUT THEIR CHECKS!

It is now estimated that some 52% of all households in America are now on some form of government assistance thanks to Barack Obama. The change came when an estimated 10,000,000 enrolled in Obamacare and qualified for government assistance to help with premiums. It is widely publicized that over 47,000,000 Americans receive food stamps and this is not counting who receive welfare benefits.

As hard as this is to conceive, where we stand now is; Can Donald Trump convince a majority of America that they will be better off garnering a great job than eating Frito’s and watching “The View” while drawing their government paychecks? As distasteful as this sounds, this is literally the point we have come to.

With Hillary Clinton making campaign pledges to offer more government giveaway’s with her adoption of Bernie Sanders “Free College” for everyone, it is becoming increasingly difficult to convince voters to accept “life without big brothers checkbook.”

The message that needs to go forth is one that many may find hard and cold, but it is the truth. We don’t have to like the truth; we don’t have to accept the truth, and we may even dislike the truth, but that will not change the fact that this is the truth.

Today America has someone running for President who did not have to do this. He wasn’t “ordained” by the party and in fact, is all but despised by the party. Not only is he disliked by Republicans, but he is also scorned by the Democrats as well. He is hated by Wall Street, hated by the Billionaire class and he is hated by the “metro-man” crowd as well.

America; Our nation is going bankrupt. Allow me to paint a picture for you. Hillary Clinton becomes president. She implements her financial plan which includes spending increases, higher taxes, and more regulations. As she does this, more corporations flee our shores for friendlier financial confines overseas. This further reduces tax receipts for the government. This means “more” borrowing.

In approximately two to two and half years, our national debt crosses the $24 Trillion mark. According to most financial guru economist that is the point of no-return and our dollar will literally collapse. We are already under financial siege from Russia, China, Japan and other nations who have stopped using the dollar. Barack Obama has indeed accomplished the destruction of America’s financial prestige on a global basis. There is now a concerted effort globally to force the dollar out as the reserve currency, and they are winning the war. So what happens now? What happens the day we hit that point of no return?


The morning this happens, you will wake up, flip on the coffee pot, jump in the shower and all will seem reasonable until you turn the television on. As you are towel drying your hair and pouring your coffee, you hear the reporter talking about how trading is being suspended on Wall Street because the DOW Futures are down by over 2,000 points.

Tomorrow, we are not so lucky. Tomorrow brings the DOW opening and the market plunges by over 4,000. The next day brings the same, and by the end of the week, we have lost over 80% of our stock value. Banks are now being run on by frightened citizens; gasoline is rising at an alarming rate as are food cost. That loaf of bread that was once $2.50 is now $37.50. Hyper-inflation has officially begun! America; our dollar is now officially collapsing.

Once this begins, it will be approximately 3-5 days, and most households will start running out of food.

History lesson; During the Great Depression, the bulk of our nation knew how to grow a garden. People were decent and took care of each other. We bonded together, and we knew basic skills about how to hunt, how to grow corn and most people owned or had a relative who owned a farm. Not today! Less than 5% of our nation knows how to do any of the above.

If our economy collapses, this will be norm not an anomaly.

If our economy collapses, this will be the norm not an anomaly.

What happens next? The cities begin emptying out, and you have Chicago walking out across the fields looking for food. You have over 200,000,000 armed, hungry and angry Americans seeking their next meal. The stores have been looted and burned. The American people are rapidly descending into anarchy. At this point, we are now years away from rebuilding our nation if we ever come back at all.

Lest any of you don’t think this is possible, just stop, think, and ponder what happens when nobody wants our dollar any longer. Try Googling “Reserve Currency.” Read for yourselves where we stood when Bush left the White House. At that point over 87% of global transactions were done with the dollar. Today, we are less than 20% and still dropping. Today Japan purchases oil from Saudi Arabia with the Yen rather than the dollar. At the point this happens, the sad reality is, we just became a 2nd or maybe 3rd world nation. Lest you think this cannot happen to America, LOOK AROUND, IT IS HAPPENING NOW!

Soros has invested incredible amounts of money and time in collapsing America. He is almost there.

Soros has invested incredible amounts of money and time in collapsing America. He is almost there.

Ask yourselves this; Why would a European Billionaire named George Soros invest hundreds of millions into swaying American elections? Why would someone like Soros want to see the Clinton’s and Obama’s become President? What is his end game? Think America!

Why is Donald Trump so hated by Soros? Why do the Koch Brothers hate Trump? Why does Capitol Hill hate Trump? Do you really believe it is because he called Rosie a pig? They could give a crap about that, what they do care about is his dismantling of the corrupt cartels that are selling out our nation. What they do care about is the rebuilding of America because it destroys their ambitions of globalization. Remember; Soros is the majority stockholder in the World Bank!

Once America falls, we take Europe with us. Once we fall, we take out Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Fiji and most of the free world with us. All Soros has to do is cause America to collapse financially, and now his World Bank is in control.

Is this a conspiracy? Had you asked me this 10-years ago, I would have said, “you’re out of your flipping mind.” Today? I am convinced this is going to happen. I see it happening because of what Barack Obama has done to us. I am convinced because of how deep Soros is in, in our election process and how Hillary rose from the ashes to be leading her party at her age. Soros to me has become the most dangerous man on our planet. Remember it is Soros who owns the companies that sponsored and paid for all the Trump protest. It is Soros who financially supports the Clinton campaign, just as he did Obama’s campaign. is one of Soros media arms.

If you are wondering who to thank if Hillary wins, you may thank the “Never Trump” crowd. They are the ones who just could not stand Donald Trump because he wasn’t religious enough. He talked crudely at times. He wasn’t conservative enough, he wasn’t polished enough, he said this back in 1985 or that back in 1995.

America; sometimes you need a crude, rude and tough guy to get something done. Do you really think that Scott Walker could have stood up to the forces that have come out of the woodwork against Trump? Do you really believe that a “Nice Guy” could have defeated Hitler? It takes a hard man to defeat evil. A nice guy will not get it done.

I would submit, you need to tell your friends about this scenario because it is very real and can very easily happen if Donald Trump is not elected.

If you’re one of the idiots, who think that “Hillary won’t be so bad” because the Senate and House will stop her, DREAM ON! Nearly every one of those on Capitol Hill today is the problem! When did Paul Ryan stop anything that Obama wanted to do? Remember, it was Ryan who said he would defund Planned Parenthood and Obamacare. Think America again!

ONLY DONALD TRUMP CAN DRAIN THE SWAMP and rebuild this nation. We need John Wayne, not PeeWee Herman in the White House!