The Alex Jones team over at has produced a video that I personally believe every American should watch before voting. Do yourself a favor and invest 11 minutes in our nation. Share this article or video with a neighbor, friend, and relative.

If you viewed the video, then you know that Donald Trump has laid out a very clear case of the depths of corruption, lies, deceit and the out of control nature of our leadership in Washington.

I have some fairly extensive thoughts on this in which I will share later in this article. For now, though, let’s discuss the title of this article. Why the Blue States Should Vote For Trump?

Janesville not so many years ago was a thriving and growing city.

Janesville not so many years ago was a thriving and growing city.

There was a time not so many years ago when Southern Wisconsin was booming. There was almost zero unemployment and all the residents were doing well financially. Janesville, Wisconsin was the home of a major General Motors factory turning out those beautiful Chevrolet Suburbans. The company paid high wages and most if not all of the plant workers owned nice vehicles and a home. In other words, the American dream was alive and well in Janesville.

An automobile factory doesn’t just help those that work there. A facility such as the Janesville truck plant will add jobs at the local uniform supply business; there will be more banks in the area, Joan’s Burger Bar across the street, John’s Plumbing Supply and so many more. For every job at a factory such as this, there are an estimated seven more ancillary spin-off jobs that go with it.

Janesville General Motors factory also provided an incredible tax base for the city. As the plant churned out tens of thousands of trucks a year, it also created escalating home values in the area which enhanced the cities property tax base. This allowed for more benefits and services by the city. The city could now afford more playgrounds for children, more little league ball fields, swimming pools, hockey rinks, libraries and much more.

None of the above takes into account the thousands of employees earning $25-40-50 an hour wages which are being invested and spent in the local area. 

When Donald Trump speaks of corruption, think for a moment “why” Speaker Paul Ryan might not fight such a plan as “relocating” this vital GM factory to Mexico (which is where it moved to). Why would Paul Ryan allow or at least not fight to keep that factory in his district? Oh, I am pretty sure (without looking it up) he held a small news conference, fussed to the editor of the local paper and expressed sadness and anger. But the truth is (backroom deals and corruption), did you ever hear about it in the national press? How about Fox or CNN? No, you did not and neither did I for that matter.

Janesville is not alone. Look at the tragic amounts of empty factories across Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. Look at the hundreds of thousands of workers who just a few short years ago were earning $60,000, 70,000 and more a year. These employees and their parents were who built this nation working in the steel factories, auto manufacturing plants, and the tractor production facilities. And now? They are all gone!


The short explanation is, CORRUPTION, GREED, and DISHONESTY! 

To be honest with you, I don’t place that much blame on General Motors or Ford Motor Companies. They saw an angle, went to Capitol Hill and legally lobbied their Representatives. This (while being immoral) is not illegal. They played the game within the law and managed to get something called NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) passed.

This new agreement signed by Bill Clinton (Reagan and Bush had both VETO’d NAFTA multiple times) allowed for American corporations to relocate to Canada and Mexico without repercussions. It also cut their production cost, and they could still sell their products in the States without paying import duties.

Detroit, Michigan was once the hub of American manufacturing strength. Today it is a ghost town.

Detroit, Michigan was once the hub of American manufacturing strength. Today it is a ghost town.

Lest you think for a moment that this trade deal has not had a devastating affect on our communities, tax base, workers, cities, crime and so much more, I submit that you need to drive north and look around. Take a trip to Gary, Indiana or Flint, Michigan. Meander over to Detroit and make that trek down those streets where for miles all you see are abandoned houses, empty and crumbling factories. Stop off in some of the once great production areas of Wisconsin (mostly on the side of Lake Michigan) and talk to the few residents left about the “good-old-days.”

Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump in the last debate about building his skyscraper out of Chinese steel. The fact is, Trump had no choice! The United States no longer manufactures steel because of her husband, Bill Clinton!

America; Alex Jones is right. Donald Trump is right! Conservative pundits and bloggers such as myself are right! Hillary Clinton will finish off what Barack Obama and Bill Clinton started, that being the destruction of America’s production and economic base.

For globalist such as George Soros (who has donated millions to the Clinton’s over the years) who sincerely desires to see the United States crumble, he must destroy our economy. This will allow the smooth takeover of America to bring her into a one world type of government. This government is what Soros’s bank “The World Bank” will economically control. This is George Soros’s end game. This is what he has spent decades designing, manipulating and building.

If Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan desire to see the glory days return to these areas, then I submit that you need to send Donald Trump to the White House. Trump is going to lower taxes, impose trade duties on these corporations and economically extort them to return to America and rebuild on our soil, not Mexico’s.

If you want that $40.00 an hour paycheck again instead of your unemployment check and food stamp card, you need to get out and work for Trump and make sure he wins.

Think of it this way. As Donald Trump has said many times, “what do you have to lose”? He is right. Your job is gone, and the current leadership doesn’t care to bring it back because it will counter what the globalist want who sent your job to Mexico in the first place.

This is what 50-years of Democrat leadership in Detroit created.

This is what 50-years of Democrat leadership in Detroit created.

Look at Detroit today, then look at the pictures of what Detroit looked like 20-years ago. Look at who has been in charge of Detroit and Michigan for the past 50-years. Democrats have been the answer. Don’t you think it is time to try something different?

I know Donald Trump is a loud mouth at times. I know he likes to incite angst and fight with the media and even his own party at times. But you must understand that he knows that they are in bed together. He is trying to break up the vast cabal which has driven the forces who have taken your jobs away.

Give the guy a chance America. He knows what he is doing when it comes to job creation and building a strong economic base. Don’t worry about the foreign dynamics or all of the other. As president, he will be surrounded by experts to guide him through all of that. It is the jobs that we need to worry about now and nobody is better than Donald Trump for that task. Let’s turn those blue states red on November, 8….

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