I had a fascinating talk recently with a businessman who was once an aide to the Reagan White House and former member of the Reagan ’80 national campaign team.  (He was a deputy to President Reagan’s White House Press Secretary.)

He explained that patriots today are making a mistake in expecting “salvation” for America to come from an elected official…even men of honor and conviction like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy or Jim Jordan.  He explained that unlike these few principled people, the majority of elected officials are, in fact, followers, not leaders.  Why?  Because politicians perceive their primary duty is to get re-elected, and that means staying risk-averse.  If they believe their first duty is to themselves, how will they ever make the sacrifice required of real leaders?

So what hope is there of change, I asked?

“Our forefathers knew that the greatest power for change comes from the reins we hold in our own hands.  America’s most powerful secret weapon is ‘Capitalism,’” he replied.  “And all we have to do is harness its power to drive the change we want:  If we don’t like our judges, organize to impeach them.  But that takes money.  If we don’t like the biased news we get on TV, buy the stations and fire the staff.  But that takes money.   If we don’t like the filth coming out of Hollywood poisoning our popular culture, buy a studio and replace the writers and producers.  But that takes money.  If we don’t like the propaganda that passes for textbooks in our public schools, buy the publishing companies and issue new books.  But that takes money.  And so on.  You get the picture.  In reality, it takes a lot less money than you’d think to take back America, because you don’t have to fight every battle on every front to win the war.  The Left didn’t do that.  They focused on gaining control of just key institutions, knowing the rest would follow.  All you have to do is understand how our enemies brought America to its knees in the first place, then reverse-engineer their designs.  And you reverse-engineer it using the most powerful force ever created in the history of mankind:  Capitalism.  Figuring out how the communists-progressives-leftists (or whatever other name traitors call themselves these days) brought America down isn’t hard at all.  It’s all well-documented.  It only takes two things to reverse-engineer the havoc the Left has wrought for the past 50 years:  Money and organization.  And right now I’ve created an instrument to put the first and most important piece in place: The money.  That’s what led me to create American Patriot Bonds. From the bonds, we’ll have enough funding to complete the mission.

Ralph Wunder is stepping-up to put his money where his mouth is.   He is the former Reagan Administration staffer who has created a funding vehicle that is, frankly, ingenious.

Even more, the program he’s created has been done solely out of patriotic passion.  When I asked him why, at age 61, he wants to spend so much time and energy only to end up giving away millions in profits that he could have spent in retirement on yachts, mansions, and comfortable living…he replied, “For one thing, my Catholic faith teaches me that humility, not excess, is the virtue that brings true contentment.  And also, wouldn’t I be a pretty sorry, selfish excuse-for-a-human being if I wallowed in the riches made possible by the freedoms I enjoyed as an American, without wanting those same freedoms to continue to be available to future generations?”

And so was born the idea for gold-backed American Patriot Bonds.

How Patriot Bonds Work.   The complexities of high finance can appear daunting to many people, but at its core, the American Patriot Bonds program is really very simple.

American Patriot Bonds are regular corporate bonds (S.E.C. 144a regulation-compliant) used to raise money for corporate expansion or development.  But unlike any other bonds issued in the world today, they are collateralized by gold from the mines of Ralph and his partners.  They are arguably the safest bonds for investors issued today.  The bonds pay bondholders an annual return of 4.5% and may be issued for periods of five years, ten years, or longer or shorter, depending on the company’s business plan.   The bonds are sold by SEC licensed, “blue chip” Wall Street brokerage houses.   Billions of such corporate bonds are sold every day in bond markets around the world.  However, what makes American Patriot Bonds unique and especially attractive to conservative bond investors and project developers is that, unlike any other bond issued in the world today, American Patriot Bonds are collateralized by gold and a percentage of the profits from the bond issuance are used to advance patriotic causes.

The bonds are designed to fund either the expansion of existing companies or the start-up of new businesses needing between $100 million and $500 million in financing.

American Patriot Bonds earmarks a sizable percentage of all bonds sold to donate millions of dollars to conservative causes, conservative Republican and Tea Party candidates, and special projects created to help stop America’s descent into socialist tyranny.

The profits are distributed under the guidance of a Board of Advisors comprised of prominent conservatives, Republican and Tea Party officials and American Patriot Bond Foundation executives.

Perhaps an effective way to fully explain how the process works is through a few short question-and-answers provided below:

Q:  Where does the gold come from to collateralize the Patriot Bonds?

A:  From gold and precious metals mines under the control of APB’s parent company, Gold Backed Bonds, LLC.

Q:  Who issues the bonds?

A:  Gold-Backed Bonds, LLC is responsible for the complete process of preparing the bond offering memorandum (OM), having the bonds certified with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, performing all the necessary legal work, and selling the bonds to major corporate/high wealth investors.   The bond sales and legal work are performed by established, licensed firms under contract with Gold Backed Bonds.

Q:  How much can the Republican Party, Tea Party candidates or targeted conservative causes expect to make each year from the American Patriot Bonds program?

A:  There are two ways money can be raised through American Patriot Bonds for conservative causes.   Depending on which option is used, the amount donated will be either $2 million or $20 million each time there is a new bond issuance.   Here are the two options available:

Example # 1: A business leader who is a friend to conservative politics has a company of his/her own that needs a $100 million expansion of their business, and uses American Patriot Bonds (APB) to fund their expansion.  In this case, APB will donate $2 million dollars to a pre-determined conservative cause from its own profits on that transaction.   That’s it.  It’s that simple.   (Note:  The Bonds can be used for many business purposes by many types of companies…such as manufacturers looking to build new factories or expand; real estate developers of malls, resorts, hotels, housing communities, office buildings, etc.; traditional or renewable energy companies; even municipal governments with infrastructure projects, along with many, many others.)

Example # 2: A conservative-friendly donor sponsors the fees ($500,000) to do a bond issuance to be used to expand American Patriot Bond’s gold mining operations.  In that case, APB will make a larger donation of $20 million to the designated conservative candidate, political party, or patriotic cause.    Note:  The sponsors $500,000 is protected against loss by an insurance policy.

Q:  Is there a cost to prepare the bonds?   What is the cost?  And what is the risk to the sponsor/investor?

A:  Yes, there is a fixed cost to prepare the bonds.  The cost is $500,000.   Those costs include legal fees, preparation, and registration of the offering memorandum, marketing, insurance, administration, etc.   The best part is that the $500,000 fee is returned to the sponsor from the bond sales.   And the investment is insured against loss by an insurance policy.  Thus, the sponsor’s money is never at risk.

Q:  In the case of Example # 2, what does Gold Backed Bonds do with the money raised? 

A:  Use it to acquire more mines and expand mining operations in order to be able to assist more conservative Tea Party or Republican Party candidates and conservative causes. In a very short time, this will infuse hundreds of millions of dollars into conservative causes around the country.

Q:  How “fail-safe” are American Patriot Bonds?  How safe is the entire process?

A:  For all parties involved, they are arguably the safest financial instrument in the market today, period.  APB is the only company in the world today issuing bonds collateralized by gold.  (Ask yourself this question:  Would you rather buy a bond issued on the “good faith and credit” of a nation that is $20 trillion in debt, and whose collateral is…more debt-backed paper, like mortgage debts?  Or would you rather buy a bond collateralized by physical gold?   Exactly.  That’s what I thought.)  There are numerous fail-safes built into the process.

Usually, I don’t write articles about business news, but in this case, I believe American Patriot Bond’s operations present an ingenious way to do good business while also funding patriotic programs that are a path to restoring the America we love.   I believe conservative investors that need project financing should look into using American Patriot Bond’s safe, smart, patriotic investment instrument.

Interested parties should contact Ralph Wunder directly at Ralph@goldbackedbonds.com.   While the American Patriot Bonds website is currently under construction, useful information may be found at the website of APB’s parent company, Gold Backed Bonds, LLC at www.goldbackedbonds.com.

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