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Troops quarters at Valley Forge. Defend what these great men did by creating this nation. Fight to keep our America Free!

For those of you who know me personally, then you know that for nine years I have done as much as I can to educate the American people of the truth about our situation as a nation. Through promoting, advocating, speeches, and hard work, my mission has been to teach as many as I possibly could about our national heritage and our sacred documents. I believe that it is all devoted Americans duty to teach, share, and learn these treasured tenants about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

To me, this article is no less important. In fact, I believe this article and this message is the most important political message and call to action I have given to date. In terms of self-education about our nation, and the duties we all have as American citizens, this message is vital.

Do not misunderstand, ISIS wants to control the world.
Do not misunderstand, ISIS wants to control the world.

We are in a time where globally our country is at its lowest level of respect in our history. Russia, China, Korea, and Iran are gaining military strength and power in every aspect of world influence. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) number of members and their mission of global occupation have tripled from their beginning. Israel is either being ignored by the world theater or ridiculed by college campuses across our land, and in some cases, our own military is at their lowest strength level since WWII, and some places lower since WWI.

On Capitol Hill, we have witnessed the Constitution being sidestepped systematically by our legislators for the past several decades. In our schools, U.S. History is only a segment within Social Studies. Our borders are disintegrating before our very eyes, and through the vision of open borders, citizenship is falsely being promoted as a democracy, while our nation’s flag and anthem are disrespected, even ridiculed.

The urgency to protect the values that we so cherish in our country forces us to look at this election cycle in a different light.

Some have not only noticed this urgency but have accessed their talents and resources to do something about it. To combat, these dire circumstances we find ourselves in, dedicated individuals such as Burt Keefer of ‘the America Working Organization’ has decided to get involved. His organization is passionate about educating Americans about the dangers to our freedoms, and the consequences of being spectators in a democracy. Instead of just being a citizen of our Constitutional Republic, his efforts are now being directed to the written word, creating and producing educational videos.

Mr. Keefer came to me about a year ago, (when he was first putting this message together for a video) for input and consulting. His message in this video is almost overwhelming as it is so powerful. I cannot recommend it highly enough and am requesting that you share it as much as possible prior the election on November the 8th. The video is only 37-minutes and will almost certainly have an emotional impact on you.

Before viewing this video, I want you to hear from Mr. Keefer and what he says about the America Working Organization:

“Together let’s show the Nation we have a way out. We’re going to take back our Country and restore her to greater heights than ever before—Of the People, By the People and For the People, as One Nation under God.

 I’m 56-years old, and I have wasted the first 38-years of my life not being the man I could or should have been, but not anymore. I want to be able to say I gave it my all and my best and I’m sure you want that too.

That is what it’s going to take from us -–our very best to get us out of this mess. We all have done wrong in life. Let’s forgive and help each other to lift our spirits, encourage our hearts and build upon the foundation of Jesus Christ, to love, bless and protect all of Israel, to put hope and pride back to our people and to rededicate our Nation to God Almighty.”

As you watch this video, please remember those words from above. At the forefront of your mind, consider that whoever wins this Presidential election will be appointing Justices to be sent to the United States Senate for confirmation. If the Republicans and Conservatives fail to hold the Senate, this could potentially be catastrophic for our liberty and freedoms for generations.

Enjoy this video and then finish reading this article for the short wrap up. 

If you watched the video, you could see the information in this very short recording needs to be shared with any and all networks you can access. These four documentaries should be viewed and shared as much as possible. Two of them are free, and both are on YouTube: “America: No Documents Needed,” which is the one you just watched by Burt Keefer, and “the Border States of America,” by the Tea Party Patriots. Then there are two for sale; one is “Hillary’s America,” which you can find at, by Dinesh D’Souza, and “The Enemies Within,” by Trevor Loudon, which you can find at

Finally, your call to action, which I pray becomes your best practice, which is also your duty to your Republic; communicate these important messages in every avenue thinkable.

Phase one: Watch this incredible video and take good notes, and if you have any questions about any of the information you saw, send comments and questions to;

Phase two: Make a list of every network you belong to, such as grassroots groups, organizations, civic groups, churches, schools, all social media groups, individuals, families, friends, neighbors, and for each of these networks.

Phase three: Share this article or write up your own introduction to the video and send it out via email, phone, and by face-to-face meetings, and please encourage all those you talk to, to do likewise. As that is E Pluribus Unum in action.

Phase four: Get out the vote and take others with you to vote, make a conscious effort to make sure everyone you know is exercising their right to vote.

Thank you for making America’s Republic stand true once again.

“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)

Gregg C. Cummings


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Written by Gregg Cummings

Gregg C. Cummings is a Veteran of the U.S. Army, he served as a Paratrooper, Ranger, Engineer, Small Arms Specialist, and instructor for 3 different combat oriented schools over his 12 years of military service. In the civilian sector he has served as a Family Counselor, Police Officer, and an Executive Director for a state education program. In the political world he is the founder of We The People Tea Party of Southern Iowa, a Co-Founder of the Iowa Grassroots Coalition (Which networks with all the grass-root groups throughout the state of Iowa), a Regional Director for Strong America Now (Focusing on and promoting Lean Six Sigma, a plan that would pay off our nations debt if implemented), before going to work with one of the largest conservative organizations in the country with Tea Party Patriots where Gregg travels in all 50 states speaking, networking, aiding, and assisting grassroots efforts on ground zero in today’s fight for Liberty. Many know Gregg from his inspiring military term in which he serves by, “Charlie Mike” which means, “Continue the Mission.”


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