I continue to be utterly dumbfounded by our nation’s tolerance of the blatant corruption displayed by Hillary Clinton. Most American’s seem to know that neither of these candidates (Trump nor Hillary) are the cream of the crop for the presidency of these United States. With that said, in no way does that mean I consider them to be equals in this race.

Both candidates have very different ideologies and entirely opposing methods of taking care of business. Along with that they bring with them two completely different party platforms. Party platforms are typically the leverage with which “We the People” hold our elected officials accountable. The most important aspect that differentiates the two is that one of them, Hillary Clinton, is in total harmony with her party. She is a classic example of a politician. Clinton has proven to be the embodiment of Democratic Socialism (fascism).

The mantra we heard from the DNC National Convention in Philadelphia was “Progressivism.” Just like a male donkey and a female horse makes up a jackass, progressivism is nothing more than Socialism and Communism bred and packaged under the label of progressive. Both are being pushed by the democrats, and Hillary Clinton wants to continue to fundamentally change the concept of this Great American Experiment (known as a Constitutional Republic) into a system of government no longer governed by “We The People.” Hers would be a government completely unrecognizable to our courageous forefathers

Donald Trump belongs to a party that is currently divided into three separate factions: The “Establishment,” which is made up mostly of those in leadership of the Republican Party. This leadership has been infected by the progressive movement. I call them Progressive Republicans. Then we have “The Fed-Up Grassroots Tea Party,” activated approximately nine years ago, trying to recover what has been lost from our Constitutional Conservative Republic. Finally we have “The Fed-Up Grassroot Trump Supporters.” This is another wave of grassroots tea party-like citizens who support Trump for being the non-politician. They are praying he will defeat the status quo and destroy the corruption that has plagued Washington.

It is crucial to understand what is developing and changing in our nation. What we are witnessing is the fundamental changing of what Americanism actually is. My personal observation: To be candid, I blame ourselves (we the people and the GOP) for allowing what has been transpiring for decades!

Recently, when I was asked about the character flaws of Mr. Trump, my answers did not seem to resonate well. My first thought was Biblical and a quote from Jesus Christ when he said Let anyone who is without sin cast the first stone.  My actual comment was, “Yeah, sometimes Trump’s statements and character can be difficult to defend.”  But finally said, “Why on earth are you so focused on clearly set-up, well timed, alleged offenses obviously aimed at distracting you from the facts: actual email messages that prove Hillary and her staff clearly lied, purposely deceiving the American people for the past eight years?”

It is a known fact that she lied to United States Congress. FBI Director Comey himself capitulated in her favor. He is now under fire from his subordinates, who are saying that everyone of them involved in the investigations are angry and that anyone else in our country would be charged for a fraction of what Hillary has done.

Look, we have Iranian backed Yemen missiles being fired on American ships in the Gulf of Aden, with both Russian intelligence ships and Chinese destroyers now there as well. Tensions are building; we have the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) at war with the west. We have multiple evidence of Radical Islamic Terrorism around the globe and here in our country, which we are ignoring to report and are instead deflected by a very bias media, actively digging for character assassination on Donald Trump’s personality faults from the past and ignoring substantial stories on Hillary’s treasonous governing?

I have said it before, “It is not about the candidates themselves, it is about the systems the candidates will bring with them to make our nation better, stronger, and safer.”

What Hillary Clinton brings with her is the continual flooding of our states with refugees from ISIS territories, without a revamp vetting system. Trump brings with him a temporary halt to refugees of any race, color or creed, from those areas until we are able to make a better vetting process before “reopening” the entrance for said refugees. Hillary Clinton brings with her absolute open borders policy with no ID voting mandate which is ludicrous.

I visited with Laura Wilkerson, a friend, whom I met through Maria Espinoza, the founder of the Remembrance Project. We all three spoke this last Saturday at an annual Minutemen Immigration Forum in Des Moines, Iowa. Laura, an Angel mom, gave me a quoted paragraph for this article, which I want to share with you here:

“The vicious and horrific murder of our youngest son, Joshua, who was brutally, beaten, tortured, strangled to death, tied up and was set on fire. No one, except for Donald Trump has reached out to my family. He is the only candidate who has listened, asked questions or shown any compassion or care about the vicious murder of my youngest child.” This vicious and horrific murder that began with a kind deed by my son when he gave a classmate of his a ride home from school, has brought my family to its knees. From our deepest and darkest sorrows, I have learned through all this is just how extremely crucial it is to simply uphold the current laws of our nation. If current laws had been enforced, Josh’s murderer would have been detained when the murderer was standing in our own American court and in front of an American judge 2 weeks before he murdered my son. Josh would still be here today with us, with his brother and sister. You see, as a mom, I stress to you the importance of this presidential election and the safety of your family. There is only one clear choice for the safety and survival of America. I remind you that Sec. Hillary Clinton has shown over and over that laws do not apply to her; that she will reward illegal aliens with amnesty and more welfare benefits to those who have not even paid into our system.

This is so very wrong and we have to be very strong in voicing our disapproval of her corruption. Remember, Clinton is a woman who had no qualms to ignore a congressional subpoena. She cared nothing for her good friend Ambassador Stevens who sent over 600 pleas for help. Clinton will be a disaster for all Americans.”

Lets pay close attention from now till Election Day on the problems globally, and what systems of American sovereignty each candidate brings with them that actually helps our largest obstacles that prevent our sovereignty.

“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)