So you’re (or a friend you know) going to “vote the almighty conscience” and write in your vote on November the 8th. Oh, you have mentally toiled until you have given yourself sleepless nights and a migraine or two over “what to do, what to do?” Never fear, your self-righteousness has taken over, and you’re absolved of all guilt for the immense stupidity you’re about to commit.

You have convinced yourself that “even if Hillary” wins this much-heated contest, the Senate, and the House will protect America for 4-years. The thought being, we can “get a real conservative elected” after 4-years of Hillary versus 4-years of Barack. (as if this is going to happen after 12-years of unbridled liberalism and government handouts doesn’t change the landscape of America forever)

Patriots and America; I think it is the time we had some cold water thrown in our faces and are slapped across the cheek with some hard truths and sobering facts.

While Hillary Clinton campaigns on her support of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, I believe it is the time to put her thoughts into perspective. Yes, she claims to support the 2nd Amendment, but yet she also seeks to “close all loopholes” (IE; Restrict everyone’s 100% ability to purchase firearms). The second and most frightening part of this is her desire to allow Gun Manufacturers to be sued in class actions lawsuits to bankrupt the companies.

If one studies history, one will quickly learn that the last several major wars the United       States was involved in, they all began with and under Democrat leadership. Franklin           Roosevelt drove the United States into WWII, while Truman sent us to Korea. It was LBJ     that sent over 55,000 of our young men and women to their demise in a horrible little place known as Vietnam. While Hillary runs campaign advertisements attempting to scare America about Donald Trump’s volatility, maybe we should actually fear Hillary much more. In this video, she is threatening war with Russia and Iran.

Democrats (Hillary has not denounced the idea) through Vice President Biden, is actually suggesting that the CIA launch a major cyber-war against Russia. Hillary has yet to denounce these statements by Biden. While this video is not one of the major mainstream outlets, it is accurate as this story has been on Fox News and other major outlets. It is that nobody has posted these statements yet on YouTube and this is the first one up.

WikiLeaks has released thousands of emails verifying Hillary’s disdain of “we the people.” This New York Post article today, list many of the emails and the offensive content. I would list many of these, but to be candid, there is just too much. Read it for yourself and if you can still justify this lady being President, then, by all means, vote for her.

The somber reality is Hillary Clinton is without question the most corrupt, deceitful, and morally deficient candidate that any party has ever nominated in all of America’s history. In this article by David Horowitz’s Frontpage Mag, the author lay’s out an overwhelming case for her not winning this election.

If you’re willing to withstand Hillary’s criminal behavior involving “secret unsecured servers,” her lying to Congress, lying to the Senate, lying to the American people, then maybe this will sway your vote.

Hillary Clinton recently gave an interview with CBS Face the Nation program. In this interview, she clearly stated her desire to receive some 65,000 more Syrian refugees.

I honestly do not have the words to express how dangerous this is for our nation. Last year ISIS put out the word that they would be infiltrating the refugees to come into America. What the Liberals do not want to accept is the fact that ISIS is a religiously driven terrorist group. This group’s fundamental reason for existence is to exterminate Christians and Jews to carry out the directions given in the Quran by Mohammed himself. You will not hear this on the evening news, but it is the truth. Over 109 times in the Quran (the Muslims will deny this, but it is there), Mohammed for the death of Christians, Jews, and Infidels.

We have all seen what two or three terrorists can accomplish if they are successful. Now imagine three hundred or one thousand of these Jihadist making it to American shores? The truth is, there is almost zero way to investigate or vet these refugees. Since most were born in private huts and homes in the deserts of Syria, there are no birth certificates, no driver’s licenses, school records, church records. We are virtually compelled to “believe” them when their being questioned.

Hillary Clinton is willing to expose our nation’s citizens to the potential of a major ballgame being attacked, a mall being attacked by a dozen of these guys driving bomb-ladened cars and carrying AK-47’s when they walk in. She is willing to expose our people to schools being blown up and killing 400 hundred young children. Why? Why is she willing to do this?

The secret the Democrats and Hillary are trying desperately to hide is, their willingness to accept vast numbers of refugees and immigrants to expand their voter base. Yes America, Hillary is willing to bring unvetted refugees (which most are not actually refugees) in order to expand a voter base by allowing these people to vote in elections. Do I need to go further? This is nothing short of reprehensible!

America, we all need to ponder the gravity of this election. It is almost a given that 3 and maybe more of our Justices will be replaced in this next term. Are you really willing to have someone with Hillary’s political beliefs sitting on the Supreme Court for the next twenty or thirty years? How many rights do you think we will lose because of this? What do you think the Constitution will look like a dozen years from now if Hillary appointments are placed on the bench? Do you need any more reasons to vote for Trump?

I have said it often; Donald Trump can be crass, he can at times be a bit of a loud mouth, arrogant and let the world know his ego. I do agree that these are not typical traits we want in a President but come on America. He loves our people; he loves our land; he is a proud American who believes in our sovereignty as a nation. Moreover, he knows how to rebuild our economy which would create countless jobs for our people. He knows how to renegotiate trade deals, bring corporations back from overseas all the while Hillary would not.

I ask again; are you willing to risk two or three generations worth of Hillary’s policies in order to prove a point that since you don’t like Hillary or Trump, you are going to vote for XYZ candidate? Are you really that short sighted?

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