As if Donald Trump has not yet spoken tough on the campaign trail, in West Palm Beach, Florida today he amped it up even more. THE FULL SPEECH IS BELOW!

Mr. Trump often speaks of bad trade deals, but today, he launched into and all out attack on the corruption levels within our government. After he attacked the government and major corporations for their bad trade deals, he then wades into the global concerns which he then weaves into the Clinton Foundation, their donors, and her campaign.

This was not just spewing rhetoric; Trump was more like two pit bulls attacking a roast beef. For the next 50 something minutes, Trump doesn’t just defend his reputation (over the latest New York Times article), he announces a possible lawsuit against the Times for lying.

Donald Trump has clearly decided how he is going to invest the last three weeks of his campaign. He is going nuclear against our current government, the media, the ties between mainstream media and the Clinton camp.

Trump on many occasions in this speech called Hillary a criminal, the media corrupt, and called out the Obama Administration for covering up criminal activity performed by the Clinton’s and their Foundation. He spent an extended amount of time on “HOW” the Clinton’s timed their “Trump and Inappropriate Behavior” stories around the WikiLeaks release of thousands of emails by the Clinton team.

Get ready patriots; this campaign between these two contenders is going to get bloodier if it is possible. History tells us the Andrew Jackson election was the dirtiest in our history, I honestly believe we just surpassed it and we are not finished yet.

I am honestly expecting to flip on my television and hear a speech by one of these two that the other one eats baby puppies for breakfast.

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