The strange and bizarre world of WikiLeaks Founder and Australian Refugee (currently living in London at the Ecuador Embassy) Julian Assange just got even stranger.

Two days ago Assange promised to (my words not his) “put the hurt on the Clinton campaign” by releasing very damaging emails. This came on the heels of several interviews he gave to other high-profile news shows last week. In an interview with Sean Hannity, Assange said his releases would be nothing less than earth shattering for the Democrats and their election hopes. (again; I am paraphrasing, you can watch for yourself)

~Assange begins at the 29-minute mark~

The day before yesterday, Assange (who was scheduled to stand on the porch) of the Embassy and release this devastating classified information, sent out a press release that he could not, because of death threats. He then promised a news conference the next day. That was cancelled, and he said he would do a televised release in Germany.

The Ecuadorian Embassy Porch in London where Assange often spoke from. It is now to dangerous.

The Ecuadorian Embassy Porch in London where Assange often spoke from. It is now too dangerous.

True to his word; Assange gave statements in Germany in the early morning hours (American Time) from Germany.

The topics of that release were published by THE VERGE and are below. 

WikiLeaks plans to release documents pertaining to Google and the US electoral system over the next ten weeks, the organization announced today. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announced the planned release schedule in a video address at the end of a press conference in Berlin on Tuesday morning, where the organization was celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Assange said the forthcoming documents will pertain to Google, the US presidential election, arms trading, war, oil, and mass surveillance. The organization plans to release them on a weekly basis over the next ten weeks, with Assange saying that all information related to the US presidential race will be published before election day on November 8th.

There was a lot of build-up to today’s press conference, in anticipation of what had been billed as an “October surprise” that could swing the US presidential election. Instead, WikiLeaks devoted most of the event to recounting its most notorious releases and responding to criticism levied against it. Assange acknowledged the anticipation of a bombshell release in a winding address to reporters, though he declined to say whether the upcoming leaks would tilt the election toward Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

“There is an enormous expectation in the United States,” Assange said of the forthcoming leaks. “Some of that expectation will be partly answered; but you should understand that if we’re going to make a major publication in relation to the United States at a particular hour, we don’t do it at 3 AM.”

I would guess at this point in time, we have to hope for two things. The first being that Hillary doesn’t get to Assange and promise him asylum in America if he releases negative Trump information. The second being, we have to hope that she doesn’t purchase him his own island and put up $100 million in cash to be delivered by private jet in the middle of the night in London if he cooperates. Any or all of which the Clinton’s are now known for.

Keep your fingers crossed that he releases negative Hillary and our side has time to turn the information into some fabulous television advertising.

You gave an OATH, tell the world!

You gave an OATH, tell the world!


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