Get ready America! In the wake of the New York Times releasing Donald Trump’s 1995 tax returns, the liberal media is having nothing short of a shark feeding frenzy. Get ready for Chris Mathews and Rachel Maddow to experience on-air orgasmic bliss as they report all the gory details of the 21-year-old tax return.

As you click on the article from the Times, the second paragraph gives you a clear indication of how badly this article is slanted. From the New York Times;

“The 1995 tax records, never before disclosed, reveal the extraordinary tax benefits that Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, derived from the financial wreckage he left behind in the early 1990s through mismanagement of three Atlantic City casinos, his ill-fated foray into the airline business and his ill-timed purchase of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan”.

Whatever ‘tax benefits’ Mr. Trump may or may not have enjoyed are not described just as tax law. They are described as “EXTRAORDINARY” tax benefits as if Trump was and is the only businessperson in America that has an accountant who could figure out how to manipulate the tax code to help their clients. We then get to read how Trump ‘mismanaged’ his casino’s, just before we are told how stupid Trump was for purchasing his airline and the world-famous Plaza Hotel.

To save all of you time and energy here is the bottom line to the article that is causing earthquakes across the political spectrum. It is horribly skewed to make Donald Trump appear as though he is a bumbling business person. Then the Times wonders why they are hemorrhaging cash and going bankrupt.

The article does potentially pose some severe issues for Mr. Trump in this very close presidential contest and could sway many millions of voters. Here is the problem from a political angle. 

Middle-Class America, as well as the poor, do not understand much of the “high-end” corporate tax set up in our nation. They do not see that you can purchase hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment and “write-it-off” your taxes. They don’t realize that Trump could lose $50,000,000 on a hotel in Atlantic City and use those losses to allow him not to pay taxes on earnings from another property in Nevada.

Optics are everything in a presidential campaign

Optics are everything in a presidential campaign

The media (meaning the 5:30 PM news) on NBC will not bother to explain this to the viewers. They will only report that Donald Trump lost nearly a $1,000,000,000 in 1995 and paid no taxes and probably didn’t pay any for some 18-years. On the flip side, the next story will be Trump boarding his $100,000,000 private jet going to a campaign event, and this is the image the viewer is left with. The message being, Trump is rich beyond belief, rides around in this gorgeous jumbo jet and screws you the poor hardworking middle-class taxpayer out of money. This is why we need Hillary to “stick it to guys like Trump” and make them pay their fair share.

From a political perspective, this story is an “optics nightmare” for the Trump campaign. The major problem they are going to have is, “how to overcome” a complicit media who is going to run the narrative that Trump is part of the problem with our tax code rather the truth that everything he filed was legal and it was all under the Clinton administration tax code at that time. The MSM will stick with “somehow” or “some way,” Trump did something illegal or he manipulated the system to “screw America” over. Either way, this does make Trump look very, very bad.

At this point, the worst thing Trump can do is to ignore this. Ignoring it, makes him appear as though he is trying to dodge this issue. If I were counseling him, I would suggest he purchase some far-reaching ad time and cut a commercial explaining how he simply “used” the tax system in place that Bill Clinton gave him and all Americans. The script should read something along these lines.

My fellow Americans, the Democrats, and Hillary Clinton in conjunction with the New York Times have illegally released my individual tax returns from 1995. They have charged me with being less than American because I did not pay taxes, and on top of that have stated that I did not pay taxes for some 18 years. Nothing is further from the truth.  

What I did do, was agree with my CPA’s, write off losses I sustained from several business ventures “ALL OF WHICH WERE LEGAL”, use these losses against profits at other real-estate locations. Keep in mind, this was all legal at the time and by the way, I was only utilizing the Clinton Administrations Tax Laws at the time. It was Hillary’s husband who made this available to myself and other businesses across our nation.  

If you feel as I do that these sorts of practices are not beneficial for our nation, then I ask you to join me. On my website last year, I posted my proposed tax plan which would simplify our taxes, reduce your taxes across the board and close many of these loopholes which I did utilize.

This is probably the only way Mr. Trump is going to be able to neutralize the damage from this revelation. If Trump takes to Twitter and attempts to flip this back on the New York Times or anyone else, he will fail and this will haunt him until election day.

Lastly, Trump needs to be contrite, simply say he was doing what his CPA’s told him to do, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT say ” I was smart ever again. He needs to explain that he was filing under the laws and rules available to him at the time. He needs to explain that he had a bad run, lost some money and he wasn’t nearly as unhappy as his wife was or something along those lines for losing the money.

Mr. Trump needs to do a couple of things at this time. He needs to “get patriotic” and fast! He needs to begin approaching this from the standpoint that he is “looking forward to serving our nation and our people”. He needs to be humble, he needs to be more statesmanlike and stop with the ego crap. Yes, we know your intelligent Mr. Trump, you do not need to tell us how smart you are.

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Grab some laughs while picking on Clinton.


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