There seems to be a growing division among the grassroots conservatives across America. My understanding is that both the #Trump and

#NeverTrump (more accurately, the #NeverCruz vs. #NeverTrump) folks are Republican and Independent Republican voters. Much confusion has ensued therefore dividing more of the genuine grassroots movement. That’s a shame since they have been fighting the GOP establishment for years!

In fact, I’m quite sure establishment Republicans such as Mitch McConnell are sitting back and grinning at this occurrence, along with the progressive left. But I digress.

My answer to this debate is simple. I don’t stand on either side of these two factions. Now, if you want to know who I’m voting for in the presidential race, it is clearly and deliberately Donald Trump. Not because I totally support who he is, not because I sold out my principles, not because I agree with him on all issues and not even that I am choosing between the lesser of two evils. Instead, it is very much a strategic, long-term decision that will dictate our battlefield in the near future.

Allow me to explain. I have been and still am today a hardcore Ted Cruz supporter. I have had the privilege of standing shoulder to shoulder with the man on many national stages. He is a true champion of the people and will continue to battle the progressives on all fronts, going where others fear to tread.

All Patriots Need to Come together to defeat Progressivism!

All Patriots Need to Come together to defeat Progressivism!

Cruz decided to accept a prime-time slot at the GOP convention, which by the way, under the convention rules he had enough votes to do so. Furthermore, under those same rules, he could have had two additional persons speak on his behalf, but he chose not to because he wanted to unify. This is the same reason why he chose to congratulate Trump on his nomination while not formally endorsing him. He went on to promote the border wall and other Trump plans during the speech.

It seems obvious to me that Cruz made his decisions for the unity of the overall movement. He accepted the people’s choice through the set process, which gave Trump the nomination. He did all of that to get voters to see that it is not about “candidate worship.” Instead, it is about the system that is in place and, again, the unity of the grassroots movement. You see, if Cruz endorsed Trump, the #NeverTrump folks would divide the movement even further while hurting the Republican system by saying he sold out, or if he chose to stay home in defiance like John Kasich did, he would have divided the movement still even further while hurting the system in place and he would have been shunned by the #NeverCruz folks worse than they are still doing today. So instead, he congratulated Trump and then focused the rest of his speech on the very issues all have fought for in the movement of the people for the past eight years.

Sadly, the #NeverCruz and #NeverTrump groups ignored the message and continued down the road of division and attacks on the others, blinded by their own “Candidate Worship”. That is exactly what I believe Cruz hoped he could prevent and why he focused mostly on the principles and things that we the people have championed.

Understanding all of that, and for the same reason of unifying power, I am voting for Trump, not because I want Trump, but because I am voting for the seat that will put the GOP platform into a strategic position that we the people can use as a leverage of accountability. I am voting Republican and not Democrat because this election means we can have a new Administration Cabinet across the board: Attorney General, Secretary of State, Department of Education, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Energy, and most importantly, a new Secretary of Homeland Security! These replacements will include a better caliber of conservative ideologies that we the people can better relate to. A good example of this is Trump’s vice presidential choice, Mike Pence, very much the Christian conservative. He appeals to a large base of the Republican party.

Each of these areas plays a vital role in our fight against progressivism, and yes, voting for Trump means that we will NOT have 4 to 8 more years of Hillary Clinton, and her freedom to name Supreme Court Justices. With a Republican sitting in the presidential seat, we the people have a greater advantage. The fulcrum of the GOP platform is the most conservative/tea party minded platform in over a century! Victory will arm us with the tools needed to exercise the authority of our Republic to hold the Executive Branch accountable. Without this in place, and, heaven forbid, a democratic president, we the people will have nothing. With a Democratic platform complete with cabinet positions and justices who are of opposite ideologies to George Washington’s “Great American Experiment,” we will have no leverage and no tools of authority… only the voting booth.  It’s the only power of democracy, not a Republic.

We must get away from our self-heightened pride of candidate worship and unite in brotherhood under the GOP platform! Stop dividing ourselves while the progressives are organizing non-stop. Their differences of socialism, communism, progressivism, all work side by side perfectly. They are always willing to work together to defeat our Conservative Constitutionalist base.

We can win this for the long term if we the people continue to work with a majority in the House and Senate, with good, strong Supreme Court Justices in place, and a more conservative based Administrative Cabinet, working with our state governments, not against them.

We can turn this around for the betterment of our nation. Do not allow the seriously corrupt Hillary Clinton to win this election! The ramifications would cause us to be generations away from ever gaining back any ground for the good. The “Great American Experiment” depends on your Republican vote.

“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)

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