The Democrats scream from the mountain tops that Trump is a racist. They scream that he is a misogynist. They howl that Donald Trump is a bigot and hates gay people. Then they scream that he hates Muslims and anyone who isn’t white, male and wealthy.

Granted, this video might not have the far right jumping with joy, but what the video does reflect is just how deeply rooted Hillary Clinton’s pension for bold-faced lying and hypocrisy is.

While precious little has been said this election cycle regarding abortion, for eons the left has been a proponent of abortion. This we can all agree on. They (and Hillary also) will turn right around and say that guns should be restricted because guns kill people.

At what point does the title of “hypocrite liar” apply to the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton? At what point will the Democrat constituency acknowledge that their very platform is based upon hypocrisy? At what point will they admit that their nominee is not just a liar but a compulsive fabricator who will say anything to anyone to achieve her personal ambitions?

The hypocrisy doesn’t just begin and end with Hillary Clinton; it includes the entire Democratic Party. Remember this little clip from Barack Obama’s campaign?

Never mind the fact that over 3,000 Americans had just died in the World Trade Centers, Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania when Bush had just been sworn in only eight months before 9-11. Never mind that America had no choice but to go hunt terrorist for our very self-preservation and to prevent another attack. Obama used a national crisis to bolster his position of being moderate when it came to economics. Of course, today we know differently. While Bush had spent $4 Trillion, Obama has more than doubled our national debt by rolling out trainloads of cash to sweetheart political donors.

Then we have probably the most hypocritical of all Democrat lies. “THOSE EVIL REPUBLICANS DON’T CARE ABOUT THE POOR AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE”! Let us examine this one for (32 paragraphs) a moment.

Has anyone been to Detroit, Michigan lately? After World War II, Detroit became the global hub for prosperity. Anyone or almost anyone, could move to Detroit, land a great job paying top wages, buy a home and live life happily ever after. Detroit was the place where dreams could come true. All through the Eisenhower administration, Detroit turned out those great 57 Chevy’s and T-Birds. Then came the Mustang and Corvette. (Yes, I know, they didn’t all come at the same time, but you get the idea here)

Somewhere in the midst of all that was good, a Democrat President by the name of Lyndon Johnson decided to begin passing out “free money” if you were lower income or no income. On top of that, he rewarded you even more if you threw your husband out of the house, had more babies and were willing to relocate to government housing.

After a generation or two of this then comes Bill Clinton who signs into law a little something titled NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). Now we have a Democrat President setting up and enslaving an entire voting bloc of society to the party. Then we take away that bloc’s ability to earn any sort of living at all. And we wonder why these citizens are so angry at Washington?

It isn’t just Detroit either. It is the entire upper Mid-West which supported Detroit. The steel coming from Pittsburg, the tires from Northern Ohio and more steel from South Chicago and Gary, Indiana.

The factories that hummed life for tens of thousands of square miles and provided hundreds of thousands of jobs for state after state is now all gone. Hundreds of thousands have fled to places like Charlotte, Atlanta, and Dallas, but hundreds of thousands remain living in conditions that most would not want to live in.

Was it the Republicans that committed these indecencies against the middle-class? No, it is the Democrats and yet they still have their support base. Why? Why can’t the residents of these upper Mid-West states understand that it’s Democrats who created their plight to just “try to survive” rather than prosper?

This election is indisputably the most important election in our lifetimes. You know and I know that books regarding liberalism’s hypocrisy can be written. What I am simply attempting to accomplish here is to take a couple of the major ones and put them front and center for all to read.

America, it is up to you. Do we elect a known lying hypocrite or do we elect someone that is politically unknown but at least loves our nation and our people. Trump might be loud and he might say things at times that are less than flattering, but there is no disputing that he will love our country, protect our country and at least respect those around him.

God bless for reading and let’s go win for our children and grandchildren.

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