Voters can be fickle in nature at times. Very few voters agree 100% with a candidate’s agenda. While some voters evaluate a candidate across the board, then decide if they can “mostly” agree with the plan, others will be a one issue voter.

Veterans may lean more toward how the candidate intends to deal with the military and the VA Hospital issues, and these “concerns” are very real to this voter. This same voter may not give a rip about the candidate’s position on immigration. However, the next voter’s primary concern is education because this citizen happens to be a 7th grade English teacher and they could care less about foreign policy positions.

This election season, American voters need to do some severe ‘personal inventory‘ as to “how and why” they plan to vote the way they’re considering voting.

While “Abortion, VA Hospital Issues, Education, Immigration, Gay Marriage, Black Lives Matter, and so many more are relevant considerations“, they all pale in comparison to this one issue facing our nation.

Without question, this one issue should be the primary concern for every American this year as they head out to the polling booth to cast their ballots. Allow me to explain, the severity of this critical issue.


Believe it or not, the United States economy is NOT in very good shape. As a matter of fact, the entire global economy is NOT in very good shape. The United States, of course, is not in as bad a shape as some others, but because of debt, credit downgrades (because of Obama loading us up with debt) and massive job losses, we are struggling to expand our economic base.

If you happened to read any one of the above-hyperlinked articles, you then had it explained by experts as to “why” banks, insurance corporations and even the private sector has begun purchasing “negative interest” bonds. The principle reason for these massive institutions to start the practice of buying these negative interest bonds is “FEAR”!

I realize this is not “light-reading” nor is it fun, but it is important to understand the state of our nation and why a “TRUMP VOTE” is so essential.

In the interest of “keeping this simplistic”, I will write the following from a 10,000-foot overview. 

  1. Donald Trump understands economics, understands investing, bonds, quantitative easing, moving money globally and much more.
  2. Due to the fact, that many of our states have been decimated since NAFTA was signed back in 1993, our industrial production jobs had left us with 1/3 fewer jobs than we had when Bill Clinton signed this job-killing legislation.
  3. Since NAFTA was signed, many billionaire’s and multi-millionaires have had the trade (through lobbyist) laws altered, tax laws altered, foreign investment laws changed and created a climate where their earnings increase dramatically by shipping jobs off-shore.
  4. At present, it is estimated that some four (4) trillion American dollars are sitting in off-shore bank accounts. The reason for this is, these companies would be taxed at extreme rates for bringing this money back to our nation. Keep in mind that America has some of the highest corporate tax rates in the world due to the Liberal management of our trade practices.

I can keep going for another 20 examples of why this is so critical. Suffice it to say; we have an estimated 10-20 million Americans that have given up on finding jobs. We have companies like Hewlett-Packard who have shipped tens of thousands of jobs to India. Ford Motor Company who used to dominate the Michigan job market has relocated much of their production to Mexico. More Buick’s are manufactured in Canada today than there are in the United States. The same is true with Chrysler, most of those Ram Tough Dodge Trucks are made in Mexico.

America’s cotton production in the Deep South is beneficial for our nation, but unfortunately, most of it is not used here. Most of it is shipped to Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan, India, and Thailand. Why do you ask? Because this is where the bulk of America’s clothing manufacturers have relocated too. These are jobs (such as Wrangler Jeans) which used to create our jeans and shirts in North Carolina. These employees were paid a real wage (they belonged to the United Textile Workers Union), had excellent benefits and today our Wranglers are sewn in South Korea.

In case you’re curious, Wrangler is owned by a corporation whose name is VF. Yes, those VF Factory Outlet Malls are the same. This mother company to Wrangler and many more is owned by none other than Mr. Warren Buffett himself. Does this now explain why Buffett is anti-Trump? Buffett’s worst nightmare is for him to be forced to bring Wrangler and a hundred other corporations back to America and re-employee Americans at $20 an hour rather than the $3 a day he is currently paying Korean’s for sewing his undergarments and Wranglers.

The sad truth is, America has become a “consumer nation” rather than a mighty industrial production nation. Our national production numbers are far below where they were 20 years ago. This loss has harmed our middle-class to the point where our middle-class is disappearing altogether.

The fear permeating so many of these financial institutions today should send shivers down the spine of every American. The world knows that our DOW Industrials on Wall Street is being artificially propped up through the massive printing of cash. The factories overseas are earning obscene profits because of almost zero labor cost which is also driving the stock market to record highs.

The only way to turn this around for our nation is through almost the same identical process that President Ronald Reagan did when he was elected. Donald Trump knows this. He knows that we must lower taxes to induce the cash to come home from overseas. Give tax breaks to corporations for hiring and creating jobs in America. Impose regulations that make it tougher for our companies to relocate overseas with benefits for coming back to Michigan. Renegotiate our trade deals with many of these foreign nations to be more beneficial deals that help America.

The bottom line is this, if Donald Trump doesn’t win, then it is pretty well conceded that Hillary and her liberalism will lead to an economic collapse. Our debt has mushroomed to the point where it is now crippling our nation.

If our economy is not brought under control, our nation will collapse financially. If this happens, it could very well lead to a civil war and nobody wants that. If for no other reason, Donald Trump must win this election. At this point, education won’t matter, free college tuition is irrelevant, the VA Hospital will be an after-thought and gay marriage will be insignificant.

It is time to begin explaining the gravity of what America is facing in economic terms. It is time to tell your neighbors, friends, and relatives. For 50 years, we have been governed by professional politicians and you clearly see where we’re at today.

It is time for someone who is a business expert at trade, job creation, debt, and deficits. It is time for Donald J. Trump!

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