For those who want to claim that Donald Trump and his followers are racist against Muslims, need to look no further than the recent events in Turkey to understand his rationale.

Apparently, a 12-14-year-old young man walked into a large wedding, set off a suicide bomb and murdered over fifty people who were celebrating the martial vows of a couple.

Another ISIS bombing and another mass blood shed. When will the Liberals understand?

Another ISIS bombing and more mass bloodshed. When will the Liberals understand?

It is not just this recent event in Turkey or Nice, France or Paris, Germany, Orlando, and more that has me very disturbed. It is all of them going back to 1983 (Beirut Marine barracks bombing) that has me fuming angry along with the mindset that is bringing this activity to America.

The 1983 Marine barracks killed hundreds in Beirut, Lebanon.

The 1983 Marine barracks killed hundreds in Beirut, Lebanon.

When Donald Trump campaigns on the mantra of “America will perform extreme vetting”, I am not so sure that this is even robust enough to stop what is most likely coming to America’s shores in a violent way. To prevent these mass bloodsheds in our homeland (beyond what has already happened), we might very well need to begin taking a hard look at deporting Muslims out of America. This is just the hard cold truth of the matter.

America’s first run-in with the ugly radicalized version of Islam came when the Shah of Iran was overthrown and came to our country for medical treatment as he was dying of cancer. Then President Carter invited the Shah to Houston to be treated at the Methodist Hospital (A world-renowned medical center). The Ayatollah and hostage takers (who seized our Embassy) wanted the Shah back to be tried, beheaded or whatever they had plans for. Carter refused, and the 444-day ordeal began in earnest. America suffered for a year and a half nothing short of humiliation as Carter tried in vain to negotiate, appease, and any other trick his foreign attaches could come up with to free the hostages.

It would only be when the newly elected Ronald Reagan sent word to Iran what his intentions would be if those hostages were harmed and were not released when he was sworn in as President. As Ronald Reagan strode up to the Supreme Court Justice to take his oath (In January of 1981), he was given the word that our embassy personnel were now on an airplane and headed out of Iran on their way home.

This one instance should be the example for all dealings with radical Islam from this moment forward. This historic event is most likely what Donald Trump is referencing when his thoughts turn to terrorism. The reality is, Muslims, Islam, and Terrorist do not respond to kindness. They only fear and respond to strength. Scream to the heavens all you like, but this is the truth. You can negotiate, and they will lie for their ultimate benefit. You can offer to pay, and they will come back for more as evidenced by the recent situation in Iran. You can provide aide; you can build roads, and water systems and then they will turn and kill you for your efforts.

Until our United States leadership understands that these people have no respect for America, nor do they care to, we will continue to die.

Here is the root of the problem my fellow citizens. ISLAM! Islam is the problem and will always be the problem. Islam will always be the problem because their faith teaches them to be the problem until the world is conquered for Allah.

I do not say this lightly. Most Islam experts agree, the Koran teaches in over 109 different verses that; “followers of Muhammed are to eradicate infidels if they cannot be converted to Islam.” In other words, if you are a follower of Judaism, then you are to be put to death for this belief if you won’t become a believer of and a follower of the Prophet Muhammed.

This is far more complicated than I am laying it out here, but in short, this is the issue. There is also the issue of world domination and the return of their 12th Imam. As I am told, the problem is as simple as, if the followers of Muhammed can create a global caliphate (wars and bloodshed globally), then the 12th Imam will return to earth. Once this happens, they all get to rise to paradise and are awarded their virgins for their hard-fought efforts or something akin to this.

This be the case, now what do we do?

The first thing we have to do is to rid our nation of potential threats. When you have a cause that a 12-year-old boy is willing to blow himself up over, then you have a problem. For the Democrats to not be ready to see this for what it truly is, is absolutely frightening to me. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are willing to bring unvetted refugees to this nation not having a clue who they are bringing in.

We think we are getting Achmed while we are actually getting someone named Rashid who is, in reality, an ISIS plant in this particular group. The problem is as simple as, they have no records, no identification, no birth certificates, no anything. They are refugees with the clothes on their backs, and that is it.

Barack Obama has already allowed tens of thousands of refugees to be brought into our nation. Minneapolis-St.Paul Minnesota has an area of their city, where an estimated 50,000 Muslim refugees from Somalia are now residing. Remember some of our ships being hijacked by Somalian pirates? Somalia is also one of the homelands to Al Qaeda. Somalia has no love lost for the United States, let me assure you.

Are you ready for a 14-year-boy to walk into your family wedding in St. Louis, Missouri and blow himself up? Are you to witness a mass killing spree at the Mall of America this Christmas? Are you ready to attend a Cubs game and have some zealot scream “Allah Akbar”, reach into his coat and pull a trigger? Then a fourth of the stadium suddenly disappears as bodies are shredded and thrown across the infield? These are the things and much more that we are all going to witness in our land if someone doesn’t get a handle on this.

Donald Trump realizes the issue. Hillary Clinton is willing to sell our safety out so that the Democrats can garner more voters for the left side of the aisle. This is how the Democrat Party is recruiting new voters. It actually sickens me that this is happening, but it is. Until we recognize what “REALITY” is in all of this and the fact that this is a religious holy war, we are not going to be safe. We didn’t start this war, but we are a part of it anyway. We might as well do what we have to do to protect ourselves.

Voting for Donald J. Trump for President is a good start to solving the problem!

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