One of the core principles of the American justice system is, “equal justice under the law“. Throughout our history, America has held to the premise that “nobody” in our nation is above the laws of our land.

With Hillary Clinton’s recent dodging of prosecution by Barack Obama’s Justice Department and our country’s highest law enforcement official Loretta Lynch willingness to look the other way, our citizens have lost more faith in our government yet.

Once it was discovered that Hillary Clinton failed miserably in Libya and allowed for our Embassy to be burned out and four of our citizens to be slaughtered at the hands of terrorists, hearings were held on Capitol Hill. Clinton appeared and lied to Congress, and the world knows it. The nation held their breath thinking and wanting her to be made accountable by the Justice Department, the President, Congress or a prosecutor down in Alabama. We did not care; we just wanted this monster to be held accountable for allowing these brave people to be humiliated and slaughtered in the manner that they were. We wanted justice!

It became clear early on that justice was not coming, and America lost even more faith in our government and our legal system.

Then came the discovery of the former Secretary of State having a private computer server system in her bedroom closet or garage or wherever it was at her home in New York. This server was not just in her home to handle private emails between her family and herself, but it was also processing classified emails from the Secretary to her staff, foreign leaders, and officials on a global scale.

When this very apparent breach of the law began surfacing in the media, 33,000 of these emails mysteriously got erased from the server. The House and Senate managed to persuade the FBI to launch a major investigation into the matter. Millions of tax dollars and years later, the issue was resolved.

Hillary Clinton did (according to the FBI Director) break the law by utilizing this server to conduct official State Department business. Hillary Clinton did transfer classified information via these servers (it ended up with her having more than 1), and it now appears that her servers were in fact breached by foreign governments.

After a very “shady” meeting between the former President (Hillary’s husband) and the Department of Justice Attorney General of the United States onboard a private plane in Phoenix, Arizona, we learn that no recommendations for charges should be brought against Clinton.

Donald Trump has on more than one occasion telegraphed, he will appoint Gowdy as Attorney General

Donald Trump has on more than one occasion telegraphed, he will appoint Gowdy as Attorney General

Because of the Benghazi issue, Whitewater, Travel-Gate, the Email-Gate, and so many more issues revolving around Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump has now nicknamed her “Crooked Hillary”. As far as I am concerned, it is a very applicable moniker for her. The question now becomes, if Hillary Clinton were to be defeated by Donald Trump, would Mr. Trump (now President Trump) ask the new Justice Department to look into bringing many of these issues before a Grand Jury? Would Donald Trump choose a Special Prosecutor to look into these allegations of deception and fraud and (some argue) treasonous activity?

A bigger question has to be asked. Is the United States truly prepared to put a former First Lady, United States Senator and Secretary of State on trial for what very well could be the charge of “treason” against our nation?

If elected; Trump has some serious soul searching to do. On the one hand, nobody in our land is supposed to be above the law. On the contrary, we are talking about arguably one of the most influential people in America with global recognition. We are also talking about possible State Secrets being revealed, and the ties to this current administration could very well lead to dragging in many more very high ranking officials.

To add more salt to the wounds, because of these possible trials, if there was Quid-Pro-Quo transpiring and she is found guilty, does the guilty verdict negate and nullify many foreign agreements and deals with other nations?

Many want Hillary prosecuted for Crimes Against the State

Many want Hillary prosecuted for Crimes Against the State

We on the far right scream “we want justice”, “lock her up”, “jail Hillary”, and “handcuffs for Hillary”, but as you can see, it becomes a little more complicated than that.

Before Loretta Lynch’s affiliation with Barack Obama and the same can be said for Director Comey, they both had stellar reputations. I fully realize that this latest episode in the drama called “The Life of Hillary,” these stellar reputations have been besmirched to some degree. But is it justified?

Not to sound or come across as a liberal (for I am not), I am trying to think outside of the box here. Something inside me tells me that there is much more to this story than we are being allowed to know because the pieces to the puzzle (that we don’t know) is so highly classified. Meaning, the pieces cannot be put on Fox News so we can all say “oh, o.k., maybe we should not prosecute after all“.

To give you an example, in fact, I will use Donald Trump as the example. Most people that declare bankruptcy do so because they are broke. As the adage goes, sometimes, some are in fact “too big to fail”. In Trump’s case, years ago, he owed so much money to Chase, that they could not let him fail. Had he failed, he would have crippled the mega-bank for years to come. They kept lending him money until he could turn everything around. At least this is how the story goes.

Can someone in America, in fact, be too important to prosecute? We have never (as a nation) been faced with this question before. Can or should we prosecute a President, Vice-President or Secretary of State? At what point or rather, what should the line be that we prosecute?

One thing that can be said for certainty, if Donald Trump began campaigning on this topic and promising to “open an investigation and present evidence to a grand jury” it would without question “guarantee him a victory in November”!

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This blockbuster is exposing the corruption that you never knew about.


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