What once held so much promise for America, seems to be fizzling out and dying a slow painful death. The great American Tea Party movement no longer has mass rallies attracting tens of thousands of ardent supporters. They no longer have big name-plate leaders such as Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

Back in 2010, the Tea Party was primarily responsible for the groundswell that ushered in a Republican House with numbers never before seen. No name and first-time candidates stood on stage with Patriots like Palin, Beck, and Levin then pummeled liberal Democrats to punch their tickets to Capitol Hill.

Gone are the large rallies where the constitution and conservatism was preached.

Gone are the large rallies where the constitution and conservatism were preached.

While the House did well in 2010, the Senate did equally as well in 2012 by stripping the smarmy Harry Reid of his Senate President title. So where is the enthusiasm this cycle? Why have there not been any major marches, rallies or at least a weenie roast on the front lawn of the Capital?

One question I would truly like answered is, why are all the conservative Tea Party esque candidates getting clobbered in the primaries? Have you noticed that the candidates preaching the constitution, ultra-conservative values are winding up being slaughtered by the more moderate candidate in the primaries?

To prove my point, Donald Trump barely mentioned “constitutional topics” in his primary slaughtering of Ted Cruz who said the words “Bible, Christ, Constitution, Liberty and Freedom” in every sentence. The campaign themes and messaging that took Cruz from a no-name Solicitor General in Texas and gave him his Senate title, was the very message that got him embarrassed in his bid for the White House.

Paul Nehlen got crushed by Speaker Ryan and he campaigned on Tea Party values. Why?

Paul Nehlen got crushed by Speaker Ryan and he campaigned on Tea Party values. Why?

Paul Nehlen in Wisconsin ran on almost the same themes that Cruz did in his challenge to Speaker Paul Ryan. Nehlen promised tougher voting records, more conservatism, supporting the constitution (while all but calling out Ryan for being a commy-pinko, gay supporting, Bible-hating, baby-eating liberal), less spending, little to no income tax (for the middle-class) all the while waving his bright yellow Tea Party flag and he still got crushed. Nehlen didn’t just get beaten; he was totally eviscerated to the tune of 85% to 15% by Ryan.

Image of Mark Callahan

Mark Callahan of Oregon has been abandoned by the GOP and he too is a Tea Party candidate.

Go out West to Oregon and again you have a Tea Party candidate running for the United States Senate. Mark Callahan (nice guy, I know Mark) is campaigning on the very same themes as Cruz did. As a matter of fact, he was a huge Cruz supporter during the Presidential primaries. In a three-way race in the primary, the other two candidates beat each other so badly that Mark slipped up the middle and won the Republican primary.

The downside to that success was that the Republican Party has not assisted Mark at all, and his campaign is failing because he has no support from the GOP in Oregon or nationally. Again, Mark is a self-professed Tea Party candidate, and he preaches the Tea Party platform with all the buzz-words.

Senators Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Cruz all were beaten and beaten badly. Across America, in the past four years, we have literally dozens and dozens of candidates who tried to campaign on a Tea Party mantra and all were taken out early or embarrassed on election day.

I delve into the “why’s extensively” in my book “Ego in a Tea Bag“, but in short, we in the Tea Party have several major problems which have led to these less than stellar performances in elections.

One of the primary reasons is “lack of trust”. Since the Tea Party’s inception or rapid growth period back in 2009, we had a couple of people who “claimed” leadership roles but did not lead or lead with authority to create actionable results. They led but only to fund-raise and make millions of dollars off the backs of the grassroots patriots. By 2012, tens of millions had been milked from the Patriots, and when the movement largely failed in the 2012 elections, the Patriots (your average grassroots supporter) gave up and withdrew from the campaign.

The major groups were all listed as 501(C)3’s and could not endorse anyone. They could only take donations, but could not do any actionable endorsing or supporting of a candidate. This caused millions upon millions to scratch their collective heads and say “well what good are you then.”

To give you a prime example of how bitter these Patriots are, the other day, I posted an article about the differences Crows Nest Politics has made in the conservative landscape in America. I only requested a little help because I fund this website out of my pocket, and it has become very expensive to do so. I received not one donation. Not one! Not one dollar was sent to help me absorb the cost of this site which has become very costly. Anyway, that is another subject, but this example gives you a clear insight into just how jaded our average patriot has become. And it is all due to the few who scammed millions of patriots across our land.

The second major problem is, most conservative wannabe political folks simply have no idea how to manage a campaign or even how to campaign for that matter. They don’t know who to hire, and they don’t usually have money to get started. The bottom line, you will not win a campaign (except maybe dog-catcher) by grabbing a microphone and hurling insults at the incumbent and saying, “I can follow the constitution better than that guy.”

There are many more reasons for the demise of the Tea Party that I list in “Ego”. The question now becomes, will it survive? Chapter 19, I lay out the plan. The reason for this is, I believe that without the Tea Party, the Republicans will once again drift to the left even further than they have. The Tea Party is the national conscience of conservatism in America. Parts of it, I love and parts of it, I detest. IE; One of the biggest mistakes the Tea Party makes is taking on social issues like “gay marriage”. Nobody within the movement seems to understand that to attack gay marriage; you’re now attacking over 75% of the voters. I don’t like it any more than anyone else in our movement, but to attack the subject is a losing proposition in political terms. That horse left the barn and we lost, we need to get over it.

It now appears that 2016 might also be a bust in terms of electing hard-charging Tea Party esque candidates. I don’t personally want to see this again. WE need to get organized for real this time and create a sustainable organization which can make a difference. I want candidates “who can be trained to be quality candidates“. Yes, they would go to a two-week school on how to become a good candidate. I want candidates who will listen to their managers, take notes then go out and apply what they have learned. I want quality managers, quality press secretaries, quality opposition research folks and a board that selects who we will support and who we won’t support. Again all of this is laid out in Chapter 19!

Until we can get this started after the first of the year, get with your local Republican offices and support Trump. Get out and work on a Saturday or two between now and the election. Don’t put your “holier than thou” hat on. If you think it has been bad for the past eight years, imagine what this liberal can do over the next four. I shudder to think.

It is now time we brought some political savvy into the Tea Party movement, and it is now time we get rid of these money scammers. WE need to set up a national organization with proper leadership. We need selection boards for candidates, we need political operatives, we need a 527 Super-Pac which can adequately fund candidates, and we need to do it all under the Republican banner. We need to become the most powerful voting bloc within the party to move the party in whichever direction we want it to go.

Lastly; We need to stop being ideologues and start being politically smart. There are things we can get done today, and some things might have to wait for a bit before we begin pushing. By attacking certain issues today, we alienate large bloc’s of voters; this is not smart. Even though we believe in this item, it simply won’t get done now, and we need to be smart enough to recognize it when it rears its ugly head.

This blockbuster is exposing the corruption that you never knew about.

This blockbuster is exposing the corruption that you never knew about.



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