Just when you thought you had seen it all, the camera pans over to the “God of Olympic Swimming Pools”! If you haven’t seen this, you need to, then I will explain.


The story begins with Michael Phelps (in blue and sitting) leaving his 3rd Olympics in London as the most decorated (23 medals of which most are GOLD) Olympian athlete in the history of the ancient Greek games.

The one race in London that Phelps did not receive Gold was the 200M Butterfly and this young buck (in green and gold practicing his Rocky Balboa warm-up routine) named Chad le Clos from South Africa was the guy who won the coveted gold medal.

Last night in Rio, the men were waiting to race the final qualifier (for the 200M Butterfly) when Chad decided to saunter over to Phelps (his apparent nemesis in the pool) and begin his warm-up ritual or whatever it was he thought he was doing. As you can denote from Phelps facial expressions, he was not impressed.

The young Balboa of swimming thought he could intimidate the “old geezer” (I guess) but in the end, it was Phelps who gracefully exited the pool without incident leaving the young pup to lick his wounds.

If I were Phelps, I would have probably walked over and told the young lad, “hey punk, learn some respect for your elders”, but the ever graceful Phelps, did not. He did a quick interview with the NBC Reporter and went home to his fiance and baby.

Oh, by the way, Phelps did qualify for the final and here is the race. Enjoy!



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This blockbuster is exposing the corruption that you never knew about.

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Secure your retirement patriots with a great company.

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