Believe it or not, Iowa can and might very well be a very pivotal state in the upcoming Electoral College count for the Presidency. According to most experts such as Larry Sabato at the University of Virginia Center for Politics, he is not optimistic for Mr. Trump pulling this off. Currently, he has Mr. Trump losing worse than Mitt Romney did to Barack Obama. Larry Sabato Electoral Map

Keep in mind; Sabato is right way more often than he is wrong. This guy analyzes everything down to precincts within possibly close voting districts. With this said, then why is the Trump campaign allowing Hillary to run virtually uncontested in many potential swing states such as Iowa. This is one ad that is currently running in Iowa with absolutely no rebuttal from the Trump campaign.

Whether you’re a Hillary fan or despise Hillary is not relevant to this ad. This advertisement is one of the reasons the pundits (such as myself and most nationally known ones) were groaning so loudly during the primary. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that some of Mr. Trump’s antics on stage would come back to haunt him, and now they have. This, my friends, is a very compelling advertisement.

Number one; The advertisement has children in it. It is human nature to want to protect children. These kids are being exposed to less than mature behavior while watching television. See where this is going? This is why this advertisement is so devastating. And it is currently being run very frequently with zero rebuttal from Team Trump!

Then we have this new one that just hit the airwaves a couple of days ago, and it too is a direct hit at Mr. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

Once again we have a powerful ad and to make matters worse, we have Mr. Trump performing one of his many facial expressions at the end of it.

Now would be a good time to put out advertisements showing how many jobs Mr. Trump has created on a personal level. The ad needs to show Trump’s economic plan, not just say “we are going to rebuild our economy,” SHOW US HOW YOU PLAN ON IT!

Ad’s need to be created on “Hillary sleeping through the 3 AM wake-up call” when Benghazi was being burned and our Embassy personnel were being murdered. We need ads showing the links between the Clinton Foundation and nations funding it that fund terrorist who kill Americans. In other words, flood the airwaves with Clinton corruption.

The problem becomes that; statistics dictate that the bulk of America makes up their minds about who they are voting for around Labor Day. The stats show that some 90% do this. Currently, only 70% of the Republicans surveyed are supporting Mr. Trump while 90% of the Dem’s are supporting Hillary.

We have work to do Republicans and it is way past time to get this done. We all need to motivate each other and work our tails off if we are going to win this. If anyone is listening at the GOP and the Trump Camp, could we please get some ad time purchased and get these Hillary ads countered? Thank you!

This blockbuster is exposing the corruption that you never knew about.

This blockbuster is exposing the corruption that you never knew about.


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Secure your retirement patriots with a great company.