Was there a Big Bang? It is a theory that has overwhelming evidence and accepted by most every scientist.  I do understand the doubts of strict Bible students, but maybe I can convince even them.

Before the Big Bang, there was Nothingness. No time, no matter, no energy—no nothing.  And then there was light! Instantaneously there was the beginning of time and all energy and matter. The total of matter and energy is constant in the universe and the conversion of matter to energy is in the equation- E=MC2.  Nothing = no nature or time.  So by definition, the Big Bang is a supernatural event. You ask “ how did this happen?” And what about that very first strand of DNA which decided to replicate with enough passion for inhabiting all the earth (when there was no organic food at that time)?  Four magic compounds that make up DNA in a helix that is surrounded by a cell structure. That takes more faith than I have to believe it just happened.

To me, this would only be possible by a supernatural being (or consciousness).  I choose to call Him God. I think mother nature and father time had a creator. Do we ever see supernatural acts?  Yes. They are called miracles. I know a person who was miraculously cured of fractured bones as seen in before and after x-rays.  People with “near death” experiences seems to be another. 

I can understand a questioning agnostic, but I can’t understand the logic of the Atheist. 

Given the above, I do believe that we have “God Given Rights.”  If not, aren’t our rights only given by the king (government)? History shows that freedom is easily restricted by the government even or especially when religion is predominant in its influence.  The more power that is given to administrators, the more power they use.  How do they get more and more power?  From what I see it is “good intentions” or to bring peace and equality to the masses.  I don’t like being classified as one of the masses.  It implies that there is the elite who are above the masses.  Human nature being what it is, power will be grabbed by a few usually led by a megalomaniac.  Often these people feel the need to expand their empire by conquest, but invasion by immigration also works extremely well. 

Now we see the invasion by immigration over much of the West. I am confused by the policy of the POTUS that enables and encourages infiltration of Muslims that adhere to Sharia law, and also those from south of our border that has discovered our streets are not paved with gold, but they can apply for free a  standard of living equal to most Americans without effort.  That level of living is available to residents as well as illegals. Somehow I think that the good intentions have been hijacked by those who greedily grab more power.  Or are buying votes to hold their power.  Government workers and their supporters (lobbyists).  

If you are an atheist (or radical), by any means necessary would be the only rule.  Our Republic requires that we choose representatives that are honorable and honest.  Aside, how have politicians become multimillionaires while on an under $200,000 salary? Not the one who promises the freest stuff that is not free but taken from someone or borrowed from the future.  “Investment in the future” is used to give money to cronies who will give back to the politician.

So what do I propose? Vote for principled representatives and hold their ‘feet to the fire.’  Stop the immigration until the legal immigrant is proven to be vetted and rejects loyalty to their country of origin and understanding and agreement to our Constitution.  Yes, loyalty.  Currently, the enabler in chief has ordered his minions to ignore any law that he doesn’t like. Maybe all Democrats are his minions!  And who is pulling his strings? With his background as thin as it is, someone must be directing his thinking and actions. 

Now we are presented with a choice of who will lead our country for the next four years and then who will decide if our constitution is to be followed or distorted. 

Is character of the candidate to be analyzed or do I (we) accept the party’s choice?  How about their philosophy?  Democrats philosophy is proclaimed to be socialist, progressive massive government with ever restrictive regulations imposed by czars without review of our elected representatives in Congress.  Do you think that European countries should be our model? Do you believe that we should bow to Saudi Arabian kings like Obama did? How much money has been ‘contributed to Hillary’s campaign or her ‘charity’ without strings attached by those same Sheiks?

Republicans have presented a candidate that is brash but who understands that citizens of US should come first. Ahead of other countries, peoples, governments, unions and the UN.   His philosophy is conservative and protective of the US and her citizens which are at the extreme of the Democrats. Dems sign on to 2030 Agenda (Agenda 21) which seeks to take from the rich and give to the poor until an equal standard of living is universal. (Except of course the Leadership as exemplified in communist countries.  I don’t think that the top 1% will lose their fortunes even though that is what is said). Does the standard of living go up or does our standard go down, down, down?  Patriotism and loyalty to our Constitution should be guiding our choice of the president down to precinct delegate. 

Does the standard of living go up or does our standard go down, down, down?  Patriotism and loyalty to our Constitution should be the guiding force in which we choose our president and it should remain the same all the way down to a precinct delegate.