The Democrats just spent a week in Philadelphia spewing rhetoric about how Donald Trump only loves his crony billionaire buddies and not the middle-class and poor. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Over the next 100 days, you will be feeling as though your being force fed political advertising with a fire-hose. Sadly much of it will be only partial truth, while most will be outright lies. Without a doubt the biggest lie will be “Donald Trump only loves Wall Street and his Billionaire Buddies“.

Consider this; The richest of the politically active billionaires would be The Koch Brothers. Charles and David Koch (who collectively are worth some $100 Billion) are wrapping up a conference with 400 of the richest donors in America and managed to convince them all not to help the Donald J. Trump for President campaign. Why? Why would these brothers who have spent decades pushing for free trade and unrestrained capitalism have this level of disdain for Donald Trump?

Charles Koch tried to convince the reporter from AP that the reason he has rejected Trump is that of his position on “crime in America” and Mr. Trump seems to be out of touch with the real statistics. Give me a break!

The Real Reasons; Remember NAFTA? Remember how NAFTA was supposed to be so good for America? Remember those H1B Visa’s you hear so much about? When was the last time you called your cable company in the middle of the night with an issue, only to be talking to someone who barely speaks English and lives in Bombay? For that matter, call most large companies in the middle of the day and you get someone in the Philippines answering. Are you wanting to know “why” this is happening and what it has to do with Warren Buffett or David Koch?

Not long after President Clinton signed NAFTA (it was one of his first bills he signed as a payoff to Ross Perot for running) lobbyist from the corporate community descended on Capitol Hill. Several years and millions of lobbyist dollars later, we now have the perfect storm for the beginning of the gutting of American jobs to begin.

Since Bill paid off his buddy Perot, America has indeed lost millions upon millions of Union jobs. While we on the right dislike the power and politics of the Unions, the truth is, they had provided a service to our nation in stabilizing and creating Middle-Class America. Hundreds of thousands and millions of manufacturing jobs have been set up over the decades. Lest you think the outsourcing has not had an effect on our nation, take a family vacation to Detroit, Michigan.

Hewlett-Packard has been one of the biggest outsourcing criminals in recent years. The computer giant has sent some 30,000 jobs in the last few years to India while creating almost no jobs domestically.

The first years of the Tea Party movement, one of the biggest proponents of the movement was AFP (Americans For Prosperity). The organization was largely funded by “The Koch Brothers” who saw an opportunity to capitalize and utilize the grassroots movement for their benefit. What was their end game? As the old saying goes, “FOLLOW THE MONEY!

Encapsulating the game, this is what you have. We have America’s wealthiest corporate sharks obtaining their dream of NAFTA to expand their global footprint. No problem right? Wrong, because what they did next was to get the tax laws changed, the trade deals altered and sweetheart deals such as H1B Visa’s to allow them to cut their overhead dramatically both domestically and then when they moved overseas.

To prove my point, simply take a gander at the DOW. Do you honestly think that America’s unemployment is less than 5%? Do you honestly think the DOW Jones would be approaching 19,000 on normal profit margins? No is the answer! These corporations in the past 10-15 years have made incredibly obscene profits on the backs of the American workforce. This is what Bernie was preaching and he was right. Why pay a Union Textile worker in North Carolina $17.50 an hour plus health benefits and a 401k, when you can pay Rashid in Bombay, India $1.50 an hour or even less with no health benefits or 401k. All you have to do is relocate the factory and you get tax benefits for doing that also.

What do you think Ford pays Pablo in Monterrey, Mexico for building an F-150 SuperCab? I can promise you it is the not the same package they paid Tom in Flint, Michigan 15 years ago. Today, Tom is barely getting by working two jobs at WalMart and a Convenience Store just to make ends meet.

The next advertisement you see where Hillary and her cronies look into the screen and explains that Donald Trump is in bed with his billionaire buddies, refer them to this article. This is why they have desperately tried to stop him from becoming President. Trump has pledged to begin closing those tax loopholes that have allowed for this and is promising to force these companies to bring those jobs back, and HE IS SERIOUS, AND THEY KNOW IT!

Hillary, on the other hand, is receiving enormous donations from these same corporations as are most of the politico’s who are supporting her. Think about it folks! Forget the advertisements, think about who hates Trump and follow the money.  It is that simple!

This blockbuster is exposing the corruption that you never knew about.

This blockbuster is exposing the corruption that you never knew about.



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