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Republican National Convention 2016


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Cleveland Republican Convention News

The second day of the convention has come to a final close, with more controversy left over form yesterday, giving the likes of Clinton News Network more rank garbage to fill the airways with. The melodrama is quite astonishing. After watching the cable news stations, I can tell you there is no comparison to what is actually taking place. The entire event takes on a not only a 3 dimensional element but also an honest and inspiring quality that is otherwise missed by the so called progressive media outlets


Members of the group Bikers for Trump watch during a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at Settlers Landing Park on Monday, July 18, 2016, in Cleveland. The Republican National Convention that starts today. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
Members of the group Bikers for Trump watch during a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at Settlers Landing Park on Monday, July 18, 2016, in Cleveland. The Republican National Convention that starts today. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

The city of Cleveland is rockin’ and rollin’ as the host of the 2016 RNC Convention opening its red, white and blue doors for the second day of events. As many had anticipated, the security measures are overlapping yet very seamless and well designed. The Cleveland police are largely responsible for this as they have done moths of pre-planning and coordinating with the top secret service assigned agents. The avenues of access inside the arena are impressively designed for ease of ingress and egress, even assigning security level access to the elevators and stadium floor levels.


More than 3,000 protesters have shown up in Cleveland to assert their favorite Constitutional right, freedom of speech, yet their second favorite right has been held under wraps of a safety holster. These groups have been numerous and in a spectrum of diversity and unusually pretty quiet and peaceful. I have heard there were police scanner reports of greater raucous further from the Quicken Loans Arena but there is no conclusive report to suggest they had anything to do with the goings on of the political process of this 2016 Republican Convention.


Yet for all the necessary precautions, there is still no real solution to convenience and expediency. Many reports of people caught in checkpoint bottlenecks or high traffic areas, were exhausted by the fight of getting to and from in a city that now has 30,000 more residents for the week. “Security is beyond comprehension” says, Ken Crow, our Crow’s Nest Politics political captain.  However loud  the scares and the screams from the left wanted to dampen the actual fun times, two days into this convention has already proven all of the fear-mongering deceptive propaganda from the left all wrong!


Check out this interesting pic of your average citizen walking calming together in peace:


The streets are lines with crowd barrier gates, fencing, barricades, bollards, razor wire might sound ominous but the glow of the Convention activity has it taking on more of a Disneyland line for Indiana Jones rollercoaster ride. And a rollercoaster ride this will be. The events last night, felt like the ratcheting of the chain as the coaster cars are heaved to the top of a week of excitement right into the balloon drop this Friday.


Rivaling Black Rock City is Media Row. Reporters from every cable news network to 100’s of radio news booths streaming live, forming a small city, not much unlike “Burning Man” but with more the patriotic accessorized outfits and less glow sticks and bracelets. In the midst of bustling craziness and your typical convention commotion there is to be found a never ending supply of swag and souvenir merch. The array was predominately elephants, upside down elephants, RNC or GOP buttons, badges, shirts, hats, essentially everything from glass blown items to neck ties.

IMG_0670GOP bracelet

In the background is Don Trump Jr. warming up on stage in rehearsal. The list of speakers will be amazing as it was yesterday. On the list are Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Ben Carson and many more in the political seats. My prediction is Don Trump will not only be influential and charming as always but he will charm the heck out of any lingering crybaby nay-sayers. We can and will make America great again! It was a neck tingling moment when the delegates called out from each state how many votes they had for the NEXT president OF THE UNITED STATES< DONALD J TRUMP!

‘And the beat goes on in Cleveland the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the evening’s headline is Make America Work and Again!

Nikki Fuller

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