In case you happened to be on Jupiter and missed Director James Comey’s laying out of the allegations against Hillary Clinton and her email servers, here it is again. Pay particular attention to the portion where he is discussing the possibilities of her servers being hacked by foreign entities.

By now, most if not all have heard the acronym “Guccifer”. Guccifer is a Romanian hacker known to the IT world as one of the premier computer hackers on planet earth. He is currently residing in a Virginia jail cell. (NO, he is not dead, this is a current hoax being spread across the Internet) Guccifer has already admitted to hacking her server as a side note.

Personally speaking, I am probably not a good one to explain this, but I am going to give it my best shot.

A couple of years ago, I traveled to Florida for an interview on our dear Patriot’s television show hosted by Tom Trento. The purpose of the interview was to introduce to the world (Tea Party which is a website set up much like Facebook, except for Tea Party, Conservatives, Grassroots types of folks that want to read conservatism and not liberal bias on Facebook.

This broadcast was being shown on Tom’s network ( as well as Tea Party, YouTube, and several more. This broadcast was being done live. Unbeknownst to me, George Soros (the liberal villain billionaire) has a group of hackers that go by the name of “Something Awful” and these fellows are apparently very talented.

The short story is, as we were going to live to broadcast, our systems began absorbing something called a DOS (Denial of Service) attack by this group. The attack was so massive that it shut down our broadcast and even took YouTube down for a time. That is how talented these guys are. I have to throw in one bit here. The fellow that set up ( is named Tim Selaty Sr. and between him and his son (who is a premier IT guy) had firewalls that you can not believe to protect this website. We won’t even discuss YouTube as they are a monster to attempt to attack. Yet it was done and done very efficiently.

The point of this story is that Hillary Clinton did not have near the protection that YouTube has nor Tim Selaty has, of that, I can all but guarantee you. These guys are pro’s and they are very good at setting up protection mechanisms to protect a website, yet they were bombarded to the point of shutting down.

While James Comey’s statement did not outright say “Clinton’s email server was breached” he said exactly that “Clinton’s email server was breached“. Guccifer is but one hacker, there are many that are just as good if not better who work for the Russian government, Chinese government and many more who are “freelancers” and work on their own.

Now, allow me to paint a very real possibility for you.

Hillary’s Chief of Staff walks into the Oval Office.

COS; Madam President, on line 2 is a fellow I think you may want to talk with.

Hillary; I don’t really have time right now.

COS; No ma’am, you need to take this call.  

Hillary; Picking up phone~ This is the President  

Voice on the other end of the phone in a foreign accent (possibly Russian); Madam President, I need you to approve the sale of 100 Stinger Missiles to my brother Taliban fighters in Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan. As a matter of fact, I want you to not just approve the sale, but give us $1 Billion dollars along with the missiles, then don’t send us a bill for the missiles.

Hillary (doing her famous cackle laugh); I don’t think so, just who the hell is this?

Voice; I don’t think you understand Madam President. I am in possession of 225 emails that provide all the evidence needed to convict you of a very large number of American felonies regarding your Clinton Foundation. I will begin releasing them to the New York Times, Washington Times, Post and 200 other news outlets beginning tomorrow morning. You will either capitulate to my demands or you will be Impeached and thrown in prison. Your choice!

Does Hillary have emails linked to these donors?

Does Hillary have emails linked to these donors?

Lest you think for a moment this will not happen, think again. How much are those emails worth to an enemy in the Middle East? How much do you think a member of the Royal Family is willing to pay for those emails? How much do you think ISIS is willing to pay? Do you honestly believe for a moment that a dozen or more people right now are not in possession of emails between Sidney Blumenthal and Hillary?

America; the simple fact is, Hillary (because of her own greed and negligence) has become a threat to our national security. If not for what is in those emails directly, but certainly for the threat of “blackmail”. Do you honestly think that Hillary (in the event this happens) would be willing to walk away from the Oval Office, face jail time and do it all to protect our vital national interest?

Think about this for a moment. This same caller say’s, “we have the emails, approve Iran’s finalization of nuclear weapons now, then assist Iran in mounting them on rockets“. Now, what?

Can you see the threat? Can you clearly see how dangerous this is?

Hillary Clinton needs to do the right thing. She needs to recuse herself from this campaign, step aside and let Debbie Wasserman “what’s her name”, appoint another candidate to run against Trump.

This is the only course of action that guarantees America’s safety.

This blockbuster is exposing the corruption that you never knew about.

This blockbuster is exposing the corruption that you never knew about.


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