Seven years ago when the International Olympic Committee awarded Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the nation and city had bright lights, a bustling economy and no dreaded diseases that athletes feared. Because of an almost undetectable flying vermin and plunging oil prices along with political strife, all the above has changed the landscape for the 2016 World Olympic Games.  

Unless you have been to a foreign nation with economic woes, you really cannot get a true flavor of poverty. Brazil is one of those nations where the “upper-crust” of society lives as royalty would live and the poor make Americas poor appear to be upper middle class. The poverty in nations such as Brazil is truly gut-wrenching to witness. While I have never personally been to Brazil, I have travelled to the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico and other nations where it is equally as bad and worse in some cases.

The Olympics Venues are being threatened by poverty, mosquito's and athletes staying home.

The Olympics Venues are being threatened by poverty, mosquito’s and athletes staying home.

As if the unstable economy, political strife (complete with Presidential Impeachment) is not bad enough to give the world an even dimmer view of Brazil, now Rio is plagued with a mosquito that is threatening the games integrity for who is truly the best of the best.     

The Zika Virus which is making headlines globally is not necessarily that deadly in terms of plagues (such as SmallPox or the Black Plague), but it is very uncomfortable and is highly contagious along with sterilizing women and causing major birth defects in unborn children. Aside from causing immediate discomfort for those bitten and affecting pregnant women, the disease can also be spread from men to women through sexual relations. In other words, an athlete can go to Brazil, compete, get bitten, go home and be sick for a while, then have sex with their significant other and transmit the disease to them back in Ireland. This is not something the Rio Chamber of Commerce is happy about, I am pretty sure of that.

Rio's Slums are plentiful and not very tourist friendly.

Rio’s Slums are plentiful and not very tourist friendly.

Combine the little Zika flying bloodsucker with the open sewage rivers next to the golf course where the Olympic golfing venue is and you have even more reasons not to attend. Particularly if you’re one of the top golfing millionaires in the world.

Yesterday golfing superstar Rory McIlroy of Ireland announced he is pulling out of the Olympics games amid fears of the Zika Virus. Since Rory is actually a newlywed, I cannot say that I blame him much if he desires to have heirs to the young golfers dynasty he is building with his super successful golfing career.

McIlroy is not the only big name sports star who has announced they’re pulling up stakes from Rio and not attending. The list is growing of the “sorry, I have other plans and cannot make it” and is becoming longer on an almost daily basis.

The moral of this story is this. The IOC should strongly consider only holding the Olympic games in nations who are relatively financially solvent, have the proper sewage issues worked out, have low crime and possess HBO in their hotel rooms. Trying to take 3rd world nations and turn them into 2nd or 1st tier countries doesn’t work. And now Rio De Janeiro is paying the price along with hundreds of nations whose youth have worked their hearts out for this opportunity only to be let down. The cost is truly staggering.

This block buster is exposing corruption that you never knew about.

This blockbuster is exposing corruption that you never knew about.



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