It almost seems as if 1776 is replaying itself at Buckingham Palace today except in reverse. The subjects of Queen Elizabeth are hitting the polling booths today to literally determine their future. 

The big question seems to be (when you boil all the political spin out of it) “do we as Britain reclaim our heritage and sovereignty or do we become part of the big melting pot and permanently lose our identity forever“? At least this is the way I see it from this side of the big pond. 

This story from Reuters is breaking and as up to date as is available until the polls close. More to come when the finals numbers come in.

I do find it interesting, though, that in the “era” of “multiculturalism“, Great Britain is all of the sudden saying “enough is enough“. I think it is safe to say that the recent high-profile terror attacks in Paris, Brussels, Orlando and so many more if I had to wager on today’s outcome, I think it very well might be; “Get us the heck out of the EU”!