When President Barack Obama first uttered the quote; “In Jakarta, the morning call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds I’ve ever heard“, nobody had any idea what message this would send. Or did they? 

Either knowingly or possibly unknowingly, what Obama did was send the message to the Islamic world that he was sympathetic to their plight, cause and efforts. Some of the facts that we do know without a doubt are, Barack Obama knows the Koran and probably better than most. Obama knows that America is and has been long hated by Islam and is standing in the way of the 12th Imam’s return to earth. Obama knows for a fact that America was founded by Christians to be a Christian safe haven nation, free of religious oppression. Obama also knows that one of the commands of the Koran and Muhammad’s instructions is to eradicate Christians and Jews.

Barack Obama has invested the past 8 years attempting to show the Muslim world that he is compassionate and empathetic toward their belief’s and goals. He (to the shock of the world) even bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. This sent the message to the Muslim world that he was subservient to the faith and the leader of the faith. (Lest you think I am making this up, I was told this by an Al Jazeera reporter who was also Muslim)

This act alone was nothing short of broadcasting to the entire Muslim world that Islamic radicals could basically get away with whatever they desired to do without impunity.

Think rationally about this for a moment. For 8 long years, we have suffered dozens of attacks on American soil at one level or another. Some have claimed several lives and some have claimed dozens and as of yesterday, several dozen lives. Meanwhile, this president has given billions of dollars to nations that he knows full well sponsors terrorism and has pledged to eradicate Israel and the United States. He sponsored the overthrow of a 30-year ally in Egypt only to install a Muslim regime. He has pledged to receive hundreds of thousands of undocumented refugees which we have zero idea “who they are, where they’re from or what their intentions are“.

Barack Obama’s orders have forbidden anyone from the White House from uttering the words “radical Islam”. He won’t do it, and Hillary Clinton won’t utter these words either. In the face of mass bloodshed, this president knew by the time of his press conference yesterday, this attack in Orlando, Florida was indeed ISIS-inspired at the very least. American blood is being shed and Christians are being tortured and murdered and our President refuses to label the perpetrators for what they actually are! 

WHY? Why won’t this president destroy ISIS? Al Qaeda is still running largely unimpeded across Northern Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and many other nations. Why won’t this president destroy Al Qaeda? Why won’t this president come to the defense of Israel?

You decide the reasons, but these are the facts. Radical Islamic terrorism has murdered our own soldiers on our very own military bases. Radical Islamic terrorism has murdered military recruiters in their offices, murdered innocent workers in factories in Oklahoma, murdered innocent workers at offices in California not to mention pregnant women, children, Americans watching a marathon, and now citizens minding their own business in a night club.

After all the above and much more, this president still can’t utter the phrase “Radical Islamic Terrorism”!

My fellow Americans; It is my humble opinion that this president refuses to attack and destroy ISIS because he is, in fact, sympathetic toward Islam. Because of his childhood and the fact that his father and grandparents were all Muslim, he is in all reality a Muslim himself. This by definition labels him a traitor to our nation. He is not just allowing our enemy to survive, he is actually allowing them to flourish.

This president did not just support terror groups, he has actually assisted in the funding and arming of these groups. It is widely known that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were the very ones who created ISIS to overthrow the President of Syria. Afterward, they were openly arming this groups and now we have the monster known as ISIS who has slaughtered (yes, committed genocide) hundreds of thousands of Christians. Why won’t he destroy his creation?

One of the hallmarks of this presidency has been political correctness. I am not going to be politically correct at this time. I am going to tell the truth. Here is the aftermath of the worst presidency in American history.

  1. Barack Obama has brought even more terrorism to American soil because of his aiding and abetting the enemy. That is a fact.
  2. When one wants to discuss Marxism or Communism, consider this. This president early on seized control of our entire auto industry. Through lies and deceit, he managed to seize control of the healthcare industry as well. He has burdened our industrial base with overwhelming regulations which has caused millions upon millions of our job base to be sent overseas.
  3. He has lost the faith and support of dozens of our ally nations which we have been trusted and friends with for many decades.
  4. He has driven wedges between entire segments of our society which has caused race relation problems in our nation. He has driven wedges between socio-economic groups which have further caused issues in our society.
  5. Through his pushing of agendas, we now have more sexual assault in our military than we have ever have. These are only a few of the acts this president has committed to dismantle our nation. These don’t include his attacks on our faith-based community, schools, education, military, national defense, borders or our border security and so much more.

Prepare America; Until this president leaves office, if he leaves office, we will more than likely face more bloodshed on our soil. Will it be the Mall of America next or will it be an NFL ballgame? One thing is for sure, with Barack Obama, we will no doubt lose more innocent Americans. These terrorist have no fear of this president or of any ramifications to their overseas brothers.

 Our history, our passion, our makeup and our future. From an original "insider"!

Our history, our passion, our makeup and our future. From an original “insider”!


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