Ask any cowboy (that would be a real horse riding cowboy, ranch working type) what they value most in life and this is the answer you’ll get more often than not. I want an honest horse, fresh air, blue sky’s, belly high grass, clean water and a true friend. It all begins here; 

Three days after the vicious attacks on our Embassy and Compound in Benghazi, Libya, Hillary Clinton stood in front of America and knowingly lied to not just the American people, but the families of the victims who were being brought home. Both the President and Secretary Clinton wove a tale of how some third-rate filmmaker in California had created an animated movie which was less than flattering about the Muslim Prophet Muhammad. The tale supposedly involved how these rag-tag militias in Benghazi became enraged when they watched the cartoon movie and decided to vent their frustration by lobbing grenades, RPG’s and high-powered machine gun fire into an American compound and kill our Ambassador to Libya.

Before continuing, I do want to give a little benefit of the doubt to both the President and Secretary and say, “I do understand national security” and I do understand the fact that sometimes you cannot stand on television and explain the highly sensitive subject matter to the world. I get that! I also get that the bogus story of the video should have immediately been recanted when speaking privately to those families.

The fact is, Hillary Clinton met privately with the parents and siblings to the victims. When meeting with them, she once again wove the elaborate lie. In reality, all she had to do was to say that the circumstances surrounding the attacks is highly sensitive and details cannot be released at this time until the State Department and White House has an opportunity to review the events. She did not have to lie and guess what? The American people understand government top-secret subject matter.

The intent of this is to “NOT” retry the events of Benghazi. The sad truth is, most of it is “top-secret” largely because of the illegal activities that were transpiring and will be covered up by the Obama administration. This, we all know.

This old-cowpokes view is this. Hillary LIED! This we do know for a certainty. She did not just lie to the American people, she lied to Congress, she lied to the media and the worst part is, she lied to victims families. Any person who can stand in the face of a grieving mother and tell such bald-faced lies and do so without reservation should never be trusted as President of the United States.

Yes, Hillary lied to the families of these fallen hero's!

Yes, Hillary lied to the families of these fallen hero’s!

This is not just a minor issue, this tells of a deep-seeded character flaw deep within her core. She is a mother and for her to stand and look into the eyes of a grieving mother and be so heartless as to do this is beyond pale to me. She knew that mother needed to know the truth about how her child died. Yet, she did not have the courage nor the moral conviction to be able to at least offer a carefully crafted brief explanation. Then on top of that, she told the parents that she would be in touch with them after they learned more. The call never came!

Lastly; this incident also tells me that Hillary is without empathy. She simply doesn’t have it within her inner self to have any compassion for anyone other than herself. This is a very dangerous character flaw as well. Not only is she A-moral, she is a sociopath and this is even more frightening.

Forget the fact that she was fired in 1974 for lying when she was on the Watergate Investigating Committee. Forget the dozens upon dozens of scandals the Clinton’s (and particularly Hillary) have been involved in. Names like the Rose Law Firm, the dead bodies, Whitewater, Cattle-Gate, the White House Travel Office (Travel-Gate), the women, the rapes (covered up) and so many more. “Yes, we arrived under sniper fire and ran for our lives“, remember that famous quote? Even though, nothing was further from the truth as evidenced by the Air Force pilots and videotape. And now we have the Clinton’s selling off favorable treatment by a sitting Secretary of State for donations by foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation.

America, this lady gives an entirely new definition to the term corrupt. She is beyond corrupt with zero compunction for her conduct. She will do anything, say anything and will sell out America as a whole if it benefits her agenda and her ultimate goal. She is the epitome of dangerous and evil, not just as a President but as a human being as a whole.

All of that aside, simply think about what type of person (as a mother) would it take to stand in front of a weeping widow and mother and lie the way she did. What type of character does it take to that? What type of person will lie to Congress, lie to the parents, brothers, sisters and loved ones?

Think America! As for this old cowboy, had I had a horse that was this dishonest, I would have fed it to the wolves.

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